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ATV and Motorcycle Luggage Soft Rack by Green Chile Adventure Gear

Checkout this ATV and Motorcycle Soft Rack by Green Chile Adventure Gear for securing your luggage to your ride! Each GCAG rack is made in the USA! In this video we show how the rack is perfect for taking gear in a backpack or large duffel with you on those long trail rides. Checkout their website at

Hey youtubers twinkles here today we’re going to be taking a look at the green chile adventure gear uprising soft rack it’s made for atvs and motorcycles and you can get it in any custom color you’d like they’re all handmade here in the usa we chose trail blogger blue and green for hours today we’re going to be going over each piece individually and later we’ll

Show you how to install it rack so the first piece we’re going to be looking at is the actual rack itself it’s comprised of two parts the main rack base and the pieces here called the side straps now the side straps have all these little loops in them these loops on the side here are going to be the ones that you use to secure your luggage with all the additional

Accessory straps in the kit so the next piece we’re going to be looking at in the kit is the these long straps over here called runner loops it’s a long strap let’s go with a loop on one end and then used for attaching luggage to your soft rack these pieces down here are called adb sushi they look like little scoop she’s pretty cute but they have velcro so next

These pieces in here are called ring loop easy enough they have a ring and a loop make sense these pieces down here are called ring tensioners because you can see they’ve got a little bit of attention to the strap with some more rings down here to use other things to actually get so for the next piece we’re looking at here it’s called a cam tensioner it has elastic

In the middle for the tensioner part it has a loop on the end and it also has the cam piece down here that you would slide if one of your runner loops through to create an attachment let’s show you how to do that later so just to recap here we have uprising soft rack the base and the side straps we have the runner loops over here which are your basic long straps

That you’re going to use to just go back and forth over your luggage we have the adv sushi which has velcro for a different type of attachment we have ring loops here i have the ring tensioners with the elastic connection and we have the cam tensioners that also have a little bit of elastic there for some more gift so we’re gonna wrap this part up and we’ll we’ll

Show you next how to assemble and install your back this configuration of straps is known as the green chile adventure gear bag snake and it’s attached to the green chile adventure here uprising soft wreck so this is how we attached the green chile soft wrap to our after 700 we use the side straps attached to the base and attach them to the heel guard down here on

The side of the quad and then to our aftermarket wrap rack back here so after you attach your soft rack base to your quad using the side straps you’re going to want to attach some ring loops and tensioners to the soft rack before you add your runner loop which is the strap you attach everything with so the first one is a ring loop we’re gonna put another ring loop

Over here one on each side in the front they’re going to put a ring tensioner back here towards the back and then our cam tensioner is gonna go back here okay and then we’re going to actually add our bag sizable bag a lot bigger than the last one we did and we’re going to start up here at the front by attaching our runner loop for the ring and then we’re going to

Run it to the back to our ring tensioner cinch that down a little bit here and then we’re gonna come back over the front to our straight ring loop and then back to the back to our cam tensioner to finish it off and the cam tensioner will keep everything nice and snug like so after you’ve got it all tidy yeah which obviously didn’t take me very long i just like to

Finish it off overall i really like the green chile adventure gear rack it’s very versatile it seems really durable easy to attach to your quad doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance or time to do it so i think it’s great and i look forward to using it mine you you

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ATV and Motorcycle Luggage Soft Rack by Green Chile Adventure Gear By TrailBlogger