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Extreme Power Sports ATV Winner

Well we are super excited we are at extreme power sports it’s been a partnership with us wltz um nbc 38 we are giving away an atv it started in september and we have our winner round of applause everyone george little right here has won this amazing atv right behind us george you got a unique story we had more than 2 000 entries uh you walked in did one entry and

Wanted to tell us a little more about that uh process uh yeah we were looking at some stuff here and uh ended up leaving that day and on the way out the door of a don was like uh hey why don’t you just uh enter the drawing so we came back in i filled out the information and then i got a call a few days back um i thought it was a robo call i thought for sure it was

A i got a car warranty or something so i didn’t answer it and then for some reason i called it back and uh he was like hey you want a uh you won the drawing i was like wow i didn’t quite believe him so i called ladon and uh who confirmed it and here we are that’s amazing so you’ve got a beautiful family behind you so tell us what you’re going to be using this atv

For uh everything that we could possibly find to do with it grocery shop uh run over small rocks uh yeah so yeah we camp and stuff and we uh travel a lot so we’re probably doing those things you got your son right here are you excited for the atv yes yes so excited okay rob carter over here so tell us about the partnership with wltz and uh about the atv behind us

All right so the reason why we did this is because well we knew you guys were tired of being all cooped up for covid and then we knew once football season rolled around everybody was going to be like we’re going to watch football so we’re like we want to be a part of that so we got in contact with wltz sponsored sunday night football and then we’re like y’all want

To give away an atv and we’re like sure let’s give away an atv that would be awesome so that’s exactly what we did and it’s a 10 000 atv we’re talking about a suzuki king quad 400 with wheels and tires man you are going to have a blast but once again you don’t need to be thanking me your extreme powers for you to be thanking this guy right here right you’re right

Because for sure ladawn hooked him up and it was just for coming by and shopping and hopefully we can team up with you guys some more and do some more things like this for you out there and did you have a lot of people submit multiple entries uh yes uh not only online but here in this i mean we are our registration boxes were completely slam pack it was i’ve never

Seen so many entries before and i’ve been in radio for 20 years here in columbus never seen a response like this ever so it’s really really really cool we’re glad to be a part of it all right that is absolutely amazing once again a great partnership with extreme power sports george little let’s give him a round of applause once again our winner of this atv you’ve

Got it we’ve gotta get it started let’s let’s start it up let’s start it up okay there you go kids wear a helmet all right there you go he got it all riled up look at the draw on this amazing atv from all of us at wltz and extreme power sports hopefully we have another one because again you can win something like this so thank you rob again no thank you all

For letting us be a part of this as well and thank you for registering we really appreciate it

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Extreme Power Sports ATV Winner By WLTZ Creative Services