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motorcycle seat foam upgrade, ATV, using multi layer foams

A different way of Upgrading the most uncomfortable motorcycle seat made. as said in many motorcycle article’s. The dreaded SV650 rock hard seat, with different density foams is key to success, and a gel insert already inserted years before which did not help, along with passenger seat. Making them both bigger while still conforming to original style.I will have a video on installing the fabric in another video.

So whenever you’re doing a project that’s involved is re completely redoing your seats putting foam on it etc take a lot of measurements and you can’t have enough pictures that’s it about five minutes of my time the seats are off and the reason why this job isn’t as crazy as what people think it is is pretty much the fabric is only held on by staples so you

Know you put the foam and cut it the way you want it stretch the fabric over it and um that’s pretty much it i mean it’s it’s a little more complicated than just that because you you know if you want multi-layer foam seats that’s that’s you know that’s why you get seats that are like you know up to eight hundred dollars just because they have multiple multiple

Layers of foam and possibly gel in them is why they cost so much this right here is going to be my pile of things i’ve got my two motorcycle seats i’ve got hot glue that’s not that’s not permanent that is just so i can put the spray adhesive on and put things together faster by using the hot glue i’ve got a couple of different types of adhesives that i want

To use i’ve got my staple my staple gun and i’ve got my meat cutter for the for the foam and i’ve got three different kinds of foam i’m going to use the green stuff is is low density the white stuff is medium and this stuff is really really high density foam that i want to use around the corners and around the back all right this is the original seat in the

Original seat cover keep the original seat cover if you’re able so you’ll know how much fabric that you’ll need to to cut out so you you know you can you’re going to need to go over if you’re going to bolster it up like i am but you don’t want to throw this away so you get a good idea of how it went together as well all right this is my plan so far i’ve got

High density right here bottom to hit i got medium density on the sides right here and i’ve got still have have the foam in the middle and i’m not sure too much not sure what i’m going to do up here but all this is going to be trimmed with the with the meat trimmer to make sure it’s it’s nice and smooth so it’s kind of rough right now but we’ll see how this

Turns out it may look a little funny now but after i trim the foam on it and get it contoured it’ll look a whole lot different with with covering on it at this point it still fits i’ve got my high density foam right here to bolt stir up the back and the other foam is around it i can trim i can i can trim this up towards more contoured and once that that um

Fabric is around it it’ll pull all this together after i’ve i’ll still have to just shape it i should have a whole lot more comfortable seat i’ll hoping this translates in video but i hope you can see what i’m trying to do is carve out the low and high density foam to where it’s it’s coming together and whenever i put the one up at the covering on it it’ll

Have i’ll have a little bit more cushioning or room this area more bottom foam room for here and the sides but i’ll still have side room to tuck in on the motorcycle well i put it on the bike and minus the the cover that i’m going to put on it it actually feels fairly comfortable and like i said i i’ll let a little relief section out here for for the guys so

I think that’s as far as i’m going to take this and it still retains its shape and i think it props me up a little bit but not too much we’ll work on the passenger seat next and also with me retaining the factory foam in the bottom that the that’s really really high density stuff for really really big bumps it’ll get down into this foam so if you can use the

Original factory foam and cushion it up that’s what i would suggest doing i wouldn’t just take all the foam off and just start from scratch unless you’re a professional i’m not a professional i’m just doing this to see if i can do it putting it but this right here is definitely a good stop for me because whenever i was on the bike um i could feel the back of

That so that’ll be a good a good a good backing for my for my lower back because i’ll squish this down and my lower back will have enough room to just stop on this i’ll cut down that that sharp edge though this sharp all right with this rear seat i’m going to go out with these all around the edge this way this may be a little more complicated but i have a lot

Of scraps so i should be able to to work something out with this seat and make it more comfortable well this is it i put a little bit more hard seat bolstering right here to widen it enjoy the weight is going to be right here and i put a little backing right here so there’s a positive feel in the back of the seat so hopefully it will be more comfortable and

It will here are the the finished seats before i get the covers i have the covers ordered but the back is a little bit closer now than what it was but it’s still got room it’s not bolted yet but it’s got more it’s got more side to side bolsters especially the rear seat the rear seat looks more like a front seat now but it’s not it’s not touching i don’t even

Think i’m gonna need any of that helicopter tape for it and we’ll have to see what this looks like after i put the covers on in a few days which i’ll probably do a second video with me putting the covers on

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motorcycle seat foam upgrade, ATV, using multi layer foams By SwampFoxMoto