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MX vs ATV All Out – The Review – Should You Buy It???

After having played the game for almost 2 weeks and the release date for MX vs ATV All Out being the 27th of March, I felt like I had enough time played for this review. I put a lot of work into making this one, hopefully you enjoy it and it can help if you are on the fence about buying MX vs ATV All Out! Thanks for any support you show this video, it means a lot. If you enjoyed it and want to see more, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know in the COMMENTS what you think about the game!

All right so welcome back to some more mx vs. atv all-out today we’re gonna be reviewing the game taking a look at it should you buy mx vs. atv all-out specifically we are going to be looking at the console version the ps4 regular not ps4 pro not xbox 1x not pc ps4 regular it is also post 1.03 patch free 1.0 for patch or anything else that they’ve come out with

To improve performance or bugs or anything like that so you’re watching this later obviously things have been improved and whatnot but this was before that and while i think this game is its own thing it feels different than any other mx vs. atv game so it’s hard to compare it if someone were to ask me what does it feel more like that’s really hard to answer i

Do think there are some things we can compare which we do later on in the video just to kind of give you a look at it and so you can formulate your own decision based off of what you see here in any facts or opinions i might have but we are going to jump into this exactly how the game begins heading to the line or moto ranch all right so the game just opens up

Right here this is the ranch where after you start your system up turn the game on everything gives you the thq nordic the rainbow studios and the don’t imitate these writing movements in real life and then it loads into right here well not specifically this exact spot but this map one of the big one of for big free roam open worlds that you can explore and hang

Out in and and all that good stuff and the tracks are here a lot of the motocross tracks the nationals are here and some freestyle areas where you can practice your tricks and everything but it just drops you in it doesn’t really hold your hand i mean everything is unlocked all the events are unlocked i mean not all the vehicles and you know the bikes the quads

And everything but in the parts but as far as events go everything is unlocked and ready to go it just puts you in the game and tells you go ride go have fun it doesn’t make you do certain things to unlock events or anything like that so it’s a really fresh take on on how the the main menu i guess is is supposed to look so and then you would hit pause to navigate

Between getting to the garage to customize going to events or options or anything like that and yes cannonballing is most definitely still a thing in these mx vs. atv games so track design track layout is really important to me whether it’s indoors or outdoors because that’s what i love about these games i buy these games and play them for the racing the the flow

That you can feel in these games just the tracks side of the game i mean the whips are awesome it’s a it’s a bonus the freestyle is cool it’s another bonus but i buy the games and play them or the tracks and for the racing that’s what i like and the supercross tracks were really well done i really enjoy them they’re difficult enough to wear it takes time to kind

Of get them down and figure out what the good lines are a lot of the tracks have that one a bigger faster line but then they also have the smaller more consistent line to where the consistent line really isn’t that bad in this game it’s much more competitive than it has been in past mx vs. atv games so that’s nice to see and then they also kind of have that weird

Awkward line where it feels like a big line but you’re in the air so long that it’s debatable on how much faster it would be so track design and track layout is really well done one thing that i feel is a little on the weird side is the triples a lot of the triples it feels like you have to hold back a lot like a a lot even if you try to scrub it or whatever it

Still feels kind of weird to me it just they feel too small there’s a lot of triples on the supercross tracks to where it feels like it’s almost an awkward quad you know what i mean like there’s a triple but then there’s like one more over it but you’re not really meant to quad it but you can but you’re in the air so long that it’s not worth it so you just kind

Of hold back and i don’t know it’s a little a little on the weird side small complaint no deal-breaker or anything like that just something to to notice and i know a lot of people were complaining about the tracks having the real names and while i’m not disagreeing with you i’m just saying that i don’t care it doesn’t matter to me encore was the same way encore

Had to anaheim’s they had anaheim and then they had the 2017 replica anaheim and they called it 2017 anaheim so clearly if they ever did replicas or anything they could show the difference between it by just adding the 2017 or 2018 or whatever it was in front of the name so not a big deal to me but might be to some now we were gonna do a little comparison here on

Track widths and so many people were upset about how wide the tracks are let’s see how wide this one is looks like you could probably fit three other bikes in there comfortably now i’m not talking about cramming them in they just you know comfortably and we’re gonna throw it back to unleashed and take a look here looks like four i mean you could probably squeeze

One or two more in but again we’re trying to give each other some space i know it’s older but nonetheless it fit quite a few bites and then we have this game looks like about three so unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know what game this is pretty comparable to all-out and then we have a live here and i feel like this is probably one of the better

Scaled mx vs. atv games even though we fit a few bikes here now that also could have been based off the angle that i was facing but still nonetheless i feel like it’s probably one of the the better scale supercross tracks like mx vs. atv supercross tracks in there in their games i guess what i’m saying and now we are at the nationals this is shadow valley a track

That i really do enjoyed it feels kind of supercross e and it’s jumpy and kind of technical and the other one is amber ridge those are the two national tracks that i remember the most that i want to play on that i really do enjoy running laps at that i remember the rest of them are really well done okay they’re really well done i just don’t really the kind of

Generic they’re all kind of similar i don’t feel like everything else doesn’t stand out if you told me a name of another track i wouldn’t really know what it was i mean it just it doesn’t feel special to me and and these two do i really enjoy them it does none of the other ones have that special thing whether it was a jump or whatever it may have been that makes me

Pick it apart from the rest of them you know what i mean so the nationals feel a little generic but again it’s such a small thing to me it’s not a deal breaker it’s just something to kind of take note of that i feel like the supercross tracks were better done and the nationals are just a little too similar now the bike sounds this is the 250 and then the 454 stroke

Will be next i don’t really have a problem with them i know some people still don’t like them and while i don’t think they’re perfect and could definitely use work it just doesn’t bother me they kind of grew on me after a while i i do think they sound like they’re bogging i wish they would rev a little bit quicker i guess i don’t know they just sound like they’re

You’re always in too high of a gear is basically what it sounds like but the two strokes is what i think need the most work you know a lot of people think that is well the 125 250 and 500 especially that 500 it just doesn’t sound right to me the 125 and 250 do sound quite improved with the last patch but they still need a lot of work when the 125 is like revving

When you pull in the clutch it just sounds weird it doesn’t it sounds awkward it doesn’t sound like it’s part of the bike so hopefully they can keep improving the sounds of that and i’m gonna let you listen to them and then you can decide for yourself what you think of the two-stroke sounds on to customization here we have the rider customization now i did

Speed the video up quite a bit if you want to see the full customization i have a part 3 or 4 full bike and rider customization go check that out if you’re curious go check that out if you’re curious sorry oh it’s kind of like mumbling everything together anyways the rider customization is really well done this time around especially coming from supercross encore

It’s much more in depth you can choose female or male it’s not just like some gear sets are for male and some are for female or anything like that everything’s interchangeable also gloves are separated finely so it’s not like you choose your gear and then the gloves automatically come with it you can customize every part of the of the rider which is is really cool

To see this time around the bike customization is well done this time too you actually have like tier 1 2 & 3 upgrades for a lot of things so for like for instance for your engine for your motor you can have level 1 2 or 3 level 1 is like 1000 motor coins level 10 is 10,000 motor cool or level 3 is 10,000 motor coins moto coins are in-game currency not dlc and

You get them by winning races and events and and stuff like that so not a big deal the graphics kits some of them you can actually adjust a lot on the color scheme and saturation and all that good stuff so you can customize quite a bit they really did expand on the customization which is something that a lot of people myself included have wanted to see for quite

Some time so pretty pumped about that now we get into tuning here and for tuning just it does affect the bike quite a bit they brought it back glad to see it if you’re not happy with your the way your bike is handling coming here and tweak on this and then go test it on the track until you’re happy with the way it works and the braaap feature is something new as

Well it’s where you can tune the ai to the way you want them to ride you can customize the rider and the bike just like your own bike and rider it costs moto coins just like it would for doing it for yourself and then you can adjust how they handle with aggressive showboat or reckless of course the physics we can’t leave out the physics we can’t play a moto game

Or review a moto game without talking about physics how are they i like a man they they are wicked free i’ve seen some people saying that the physics are too free now there are two free there really free when i went back to get that footage for those other mx vs. atv games everything else felt kind of stiff they’re very free and it takes some getting used to to

Be honest with you it’s just whipping is different and while i’m not great at whipping or anything the games only been out for like six days or seven days it takes some getting used to you can even throw these avos man and they’re a little more stiff than just a regular whip but it’s still really cool then it looks cool and i mean i always have to come to more or

Less the same spot here because i can’t really throw the appo anywhere else i’m just not good at it but nonetheless it’s cool that you can do it and i don’t know i like them they are wicked free and the bike feels light sometimes when you’re whipping but for the most part it just it feels really good i don’t think it feels weird or awkward it’s just the physics

Feel good in the gaming once you get used to them and then i kind of wanted to show you here when you hit a really good line it man the flow awesome it’s just awesome but when you make a mistake you can’t correct yourself like you could a non-core where you clutch boost whip glitch preload back your you know back in the first place it just doesn’t work if you’re

Not having some momentum that preload just doesn’t really do much for you and then i have an example with encore of what i’m talking about where we’re at the compound here we wreck and then we get back into a first gear clutch boost and no problems i mean we’re just ready to go again no problems now i kind of wanted to cover the multiplayer a little bit because

It is different from encore gone are the days of having this set playlist where everybody had to do the same thing all the time you can actually create custom matches now set up all the options the way you want choose the events you want and how many i think you can have five or six and then when they end they just keep going once you restart it nobody leaves the

Lobby actually unless they want to you also have two really sweet camera angles like trackside typically it’s two different shots around each track but i would like to see more but that’s just being kind of picky this is freaking awesome also ghost racing has made its way into mx vs. atv all-out which a lot of people wanted an encore but didn’t get it so here it

Is really pumped to see it you don’t have buddies that race online and you want to get faster it’s a good way to just push yourself to hit those wicked fast lap times i guess but really cool to see it in the game glad they decided to add it so the series events are essentially the courier they remind me a lot of reflex because they’re just kind of laid out like

That it is a little bit repetitive and it does it is better than it was with encore but i’m still i still want more i don’t want it to be so generic and so simple and this feels somewhat simple to me as far as it career goes and then here are the different camera angles so you can get a glimpse of what they look like i do feel like the first person camera is so

Much smoother and better than it was an encore it does still feel a little bit it feels soft you know going over whoops and stuff and hitting any rough spots in the track it feels like the it’s not bouncing i guess it’s the word i’m looking for so i think that could be improved but for the most part first person camera much better than it was and encore also

Field-of-view i would like to see that back out to some degree and then there’s a custom camera that you can see here where you can totally manipulate where it’s at and how close it gets and and everything kind of like an encore but even more so i think you can even get closer and farther away and one of the final things i kind of wanted to cover was the racing

Against the ai their performance on consoles specifically the ps4 so we’re racing against the ai here on a supercross track i’m not sure exactly which one you can see our frame rates kind of drop in and it’s stuttering and sputtering and and lagging a little bit and it’s unfortunate this is one of the tracks that i think runs a little bit worse not all of them are

Like this but i kind of wanted to find one of the tracks that was not as good as the other ones just so you could see it now they did put out a patch on day one of release on the 27th to slightly improve the performance to fix save game data and to slightly improve the 2-stroke sounds which they did and they’ve said they want to attack this aggressively aggressively

Approach the patches for all platforms pc playstation xbox all that stuff so i really do believe in a short period of time they will have the performance issues ironed out maybe not perfect but i think to where it’s not not like this this is turtle bay this national runs pretty rough okay not all of them are this bad but i wanted to find one that i wanted to find

One of the ones that didn’t that ran worse than the other ones some of them run really good some of them kind of run in between and then ones like this it’s like whoa now i do feel like they improved it slightly from that last patch already and that was just a quick one for the 27th when the game came out now i will compare it a little bit to pc because on pc it

Runs really good i mean occasionally i’ll get like a little bit of stutter a little bit a little bit of frame drop but for the most part the game runs solid looks great this same track and it’s against the ai the footage that you’re gonna see here of it on on pc so i think it has the potential to run really good on console i mean i don’t it’s not gonna run like

It’s running on pc but i think it has the potential to run really smooth and i think they can do it it just give them a little time i know it’s a bummer that the game came out you you want everything to work really great and i share your frustration but i really do believe they’re gonna they’re gonna get this get this going and get this wrapped up but let’s throw in

Our final thoughts here so this isn’t for the person that’s already made up their mind this isn’t for the person that decided they’re gonna won by the game or to not buy the game this is for the people that are on the fence or the people that came across the game and are curious to see what other people are saying about it i’m gonna say i really do enjoy the game i

Don’t think that’s any surprise i do share a lot of people’s frustrations with the launch issues that are happening on console on pc it’s just not really that big a deal the game runs really good on pc it now i do have some multiplayer issues i guess i should say some multiplayer issues and a few other little bugs and whatnot but for the most part it’s just as far

As running and playing by myself the game runs awesome and i really think it can be like that on console if we give them some time and i don’t think it’ll take too long they want to get this done they want to make the game run as best as they possibly can but that’s why i wanted to show you everything again if you’re still here this is after patch 1.08 a station

But before any other patch so if you’re coming across this video later they very well might have fixed it now if they have fixed things after i have this video like big things i will try my best to stay up to date in the comments and pin my comment to the top with any news that they have mentioned or anything that i found as playing it after downloading patches and

Stuff like that because i want it to be the most up-to-date so you can make up your own decision but even a side with with any problems the game has with the frame rate with the 2-stroke sounds with the bugs you know whatever the game is fun even like that i am enjoying playing the game even like that if the game was not fun with the bugs that it’s having and the

Framerate issues and stuff i don’t think i would be playing the game anymore so even the way it is right now just now it is incredibly fun to play and i really do believe it’s just gonna keep getting better and they’ll get it to where it needs to be i mean some of that framerate i think is gonna need a lot of love like i said but i really think they’re gonna get

It to a solid respectable point and yeah i think it’s i think it’s worth it for 50 bucks on pc i believe it’s a little bit cheaper like 40 or 35 or something i’m not a hundred percent sure but i think it’s worth it i think it’s a plenty good enough game to be paid 50 bucks for and i really do believe it will be improved from its current state right now on consoles

So you guys the girls are absolutely amazing thank you so much for the support on the channel lately it really does mean a lot and until the next video take it easy

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