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1965 bmw r69 240p 30fps H264 96kbit AAC


What we’ve got here is a 1965 r69s it’s probably about 45 degrees out here as you can see header this bike is ice cold i’m grabbing the header my hand to be melting right now if it wasn’t a little tickle a little tickle how’s that for a cold start it’s a one kick bite go ps here uh bike’s in beautiful condition turn the fuel tap off she was restored 13 years

Ago we just did a light tune-up on her set the valves set the ignition timing i changed all the fluids renewed the battery some things to point out on the bike this is the touring tank which is very desirable makes the bike look a lot better too this you know the the smaller the two tanks is i don’t know it doesn’t have that stout bad ass kind of look to it uh

We’ve got the sticker solo seat the rack here if you want a seat to go in the back here that’s no problem be happy to sell you one if you look at the mufflers they’re nice original mufflers got hella bar end signals uh the single mirror which is uh that’s correct we’ve got some engine guards here metzo tires are in fantastic shape plenty of tread no dry rot no

Cracking at all if you’re looking here at the top end well it comes with the air pump got the air pump right here see the top end is a little bit cleaner than the rest of the patina on the motor when this bike was restored they did refurbish the heads and you know renew the pistons and bore the cylinders uh it doesn’t look like the bottom end was done but she’s

Only got 26 000 miles on the clock so that really wouldn’t concern me also really nice piece you got the tail light protector here uh and uh you know in terms of flaws you know she’s a rider the bike is not perfect it’s not a fresh restoration but it’s a really really nice clean bike it’s totally intact everything’s straight we don’t even need to talk about the

Running condition as you can see uh when holly’s done showing you the bike we’ll show you my footwear i’m essentially wearing a pair of slippers on a 45 degree day and i kick this bike over in one shot give them my non-motorcycle approved footwear here huh see that slippers on which is a one kick bike if you have some minor blemishes in the paint a couple little

Scratches on the toolbox lid i have a key for that and we’ll show you that in the detailed picks we’ll pop that open reason for that to be there just rode the bike this morning and uh she rocks you know the chrome’s in great shape wheels are in nice shape you know all in all 69s you get the most power you get the touring tank for the extended honey

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1965 bmw r69 240p 30fps H264 96kbit AAC By Motoworks Chicago