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1977 BMW |VINTAGE Bike Malayalam|German Classic Motorcycle|Malayali biker in Europe

Here am with a German engineered art. BMW 60/7 Made in 1977.

Hello everyone, welcome to our new vlog,here am with a classic german engineerd motorcycle. you can see the motorcycle behind me. bmw r60/7 1977 made bmw twin cylinder 600cc engine. when you look this motorcycle the engine will catch you attention the projected heads looks really nice when you look from the front. its old form of boxer engine.still bmw is using boxer

Engine in different models which is the modernised.still the concept looks same. bmw has used the same engine concept from r45 till r100 and it got r and rt series. it have 39bhp, carburetors are individual and identical always have to make sure both taps are on before starting engine. this is the complete engine module all engine components except head are packed in

This on the other side of this module gear box is packed. and another key feature of this motorcycle is that its a shaft driven. we have diskbreake on the front and drumbreaks on the rear. here comes the key slot,on first turn lightup the park lights still you could remove the keys first one is break fluid indicator second neutral lamp third battery fourth oil and then

Turn signal here is the horn switch, high & low beam switch and headlamp switch n the other side comes self started switch and comes turn signal but this one is not working that why we made an parallel setup on the other side his knob we could adust handle tension.and it got 3 can be twisted to switch position. mudguards are mounted on this studs which

Gives a classic look. here we have a fram rail which helps the ride pillion for safety this license plate is before the formation of european union lets open the seat,after releasing key lock then press this small button underneath the seat comes utility box and first aid kit. one who hold such motorcycle is one who realy intrested and enthusiast. this motorcycle belongs

To one of my german friend. he maintain it really well, when i ask him for it he happily handed the key to me and its with me from past couple of days. we will get that classic feel when we ride such motorcycle. we could easly take it for a long ride or tour, its maintained so good the one who really interestd will only hold such instruments i am big fan of this engine

This design is appt for cafe racer transformation.many are doing such projects all over the world now you all have that feel, how good he perform on streets, lets take him for a ride now you saw the perfomance, its smooth, rigid and comfort to ride we could take him for a long ride or tour stress free its well engineerd and the build quality which gives as the awsome feel,

Am really enjoying this riding hope you all enjoyed this video, more riding videos are coming up. if you like this video, please like share and subscribe if you have any questions please write me in comment box. till then bye

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1977 BMW |VINTAGE Bike Malayalam|German Classic Motorcycle|Malayali biker in Europe By Travel Europa