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2002 BMW K1200LT

Hi this is ken kaplan from the new england motorcycle museum and today they have this absolutely gorgeous bmw 2002 k 1200 ltv luxury version is loaded with it all the extras this bike is a one owner bike original owner right here in coventry connecticut if you bought it from the bmw dealer in 2002 brandon and the bike is a minister stored indoors its whole life as

Indicated by this beautiful condition of the bike and it’s loaded with extras it’s a lot upon the ride i’ll tell you that much i took this thing off this thing rips and i think was a third or fourth gear i got up to 90 miles an hour like nothing and it’s listed as a top speed of 122 miles an hour i believe it’ll do it was rock-solid at 90 miles an hour these bmws

Were built to run the autobahn and they are super silky smooth at high speed and around town my daughter who’s paul like i am or i know whatever on tonneau some steep hills and down hills it just handled beautifully like she wasn’t even there it’s got a kick buck stereo i am fm stereo it also has seryoga cranks step vodka tonic sound it’s got two cd changers and at

One inside here which is pretty cool and it also has two remote controls and keys has two – these two remote controls attacks remote controls activities they got a backup set and then in the side compartment over here it has a full cd changer and here’s a multiple desk cd changer bmw factory it’s got the heated grips it’s got a it’s got a great ingre collar on it

We bought it in for a shop and did the whole server side and went right through the bike to change all the oils and fluids in the rear tire take a look at the rear tire kenny it’s raining though it’s got like five miles on it my test ride that’s a brand spanking new tire and it’s actually a metzler me marathon it’s actually special tire made specifically for this

Bike so you’ve got 100% i tread light on the rear and excellent condition also probably a 90% of the trend on the front the mission electronics everything works beautifully on the bike to turn signals are green like your left turn signal right turn signal check out the headlight on this thing pretty awesome it’s kind of like i want someone to pull over so you can

Go around them and it’s got the high beam low beam fires right up all the gauges work beautifully it’s got a clock on it all your radio functions on the on the dash all the idiot lights work perfectly so the windscreen check this up this is really kind of cool we got a kick out of that some sitting remember how to do it look at the windscreen it actually is like

A convertible it automatically goes up and down this bike cost about it’s about twenty thousand dollars invested on this bike at this point and it’s gonna solve for a fraction of what it costs new has been fully depreciated and it’s it’s like a brand new bike cosmetically in the kenneth a runs beautifully for stop leaking oil anywhere went through our service

Program and then checked out good the only issue we had is the abs like light was blinking one of the abs sensors needs to be replaced on it we’re not a bmw repair shop so that have to be taken if it bothered you that the light was blinking you’d have to get it changed the brakes work beautiful but i took it out for a ride with my daughter on it and it’s fine

I’ll read you a couple excerpts of excerpts from motorcycle news while anyway this is a right out of an article hitting this and close-ups here i’ll start here there’s hard to fault that the mwk 1200 lt when it comes to the business of transporting to people plus all their kick toreano motorcycle the bmw kato of 1 or lts every model can think and it goes camels

To stop more than it’s definitely accepted lee for such an enormous lee marvin need for most bikers assume you want a luxury tour the vw k 1200 lt will see more than adequate in fact it is arguably on the sporty side for a motorcycle that weighs nearly as much as a language in but too often loaded with luggage the bmw capo hunter ltd is a bike the respected and

Twisty stuff it handles much better than on tall dresser should be our motorcycles engine is smooth and gives the rider a real express train feeling on motor oils there is it also a reasonably economical motion compared to a 6-cylinder rival motorcycle honda goldwing yeah there’s no doubt that bmw is proud of their award-winning touring motorcycle and the overall

Build quality the feel of the bmw capo 1m lt is excellent there’s a great deal of gadgetry on the bmw capo internal team but the newer dealers are welcome to servicing but on balance the bmw people also the k12 owner lt seems no more or less reliable than its grand touring competitor motorcycles the fully equipped bmw k 1200 lt luxe which costs more than the base

Motorcycle will probably retain its better resale value better in the long run and i believe i believe this model tt is the top-of-the-line one because it has the reverse gear the heated grips the cd and all that bmw owners like full spec bike so we always find a fire for this motorcycle files are not a problem hey plumber lt as long as there is a dealer history

With the motorcycle as a long-term long-distance morris of the purchased the bmw que poner el t actually depreciates less than the average sports bike over five years and 3,500 miles the capabilities fairing is superb in terms of weather protection the evoque rates are impressive and the motorcycles part of luggages well made to be a movie felt wonderful t also have

Their worst gear it’s in its fancy let’s understand but extras like heated grips which just has cd changer in many others and this is probably one of the smoothest touring bikes i’ve ever ridden on it just this evidence rides and runs fantastically i was actually thinking to keeping this and going across country we actually have two of these in our inventory and

I was going to keep the bulk of them and go across country with my son on the summer but we’ve got some financial challenges with the museum we need to raise some funds so the board decided we had to sell these so we’re selling they’re a great value of what lo starting bid and the money’s going to a good cause that’s all going to the bmw motorcycle i mean excuse

Me the new england motorcycle museum so if you have any questions about the bike give me a call eight six zero four five four seven zero two four do you have any questions if you want to come down check out the bike or do a test right not if you’re more than welcome to i’ll fire it up for you cindy here run so let me give you a demo of how the bike runs i just

Took it off the center stand to fire it up and you have to get this it has a key fob here you got to hit this button right here anti-theft device and then fire right up a brand new bmw yes

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