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2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure FOR SALE IN SAN DIEGO!


Hi my name is owen and i’m here with san diego bmw motorcycles today we’re taking a look into our pre-owned fleet and we have in front of us a 2010 our 1200 gs adventure series bike this bike is in immaculate condition and has loads of accessories that will definitely catch your attention first let’s start off with these extended hand guards that this bike offers

Not only will it protect your hands under highway speeds but also adventuring offroad that’ll be sure to protect your hands from any debris branches anything that you may come across next we’ll look at the skid plate under the engine here which is definitely a big plus if you’re going to be doing off-road riding which is which this bike is made for next we’ll look at

The engine crash bars which are standard in the adventure gs bikes next one other option the pre customer had a pinchy ometer sensor guard installed so if the bike does fall over when you’re riding off-road the bike will turn off instead of rolling away from you and finally the last option the customer had installed was this headlight guard here so this will protect

From any debris mud anything that may damage your headlight when you’re adventuring offroad next let’s look at some of the electronic options that this bike as first we have heated grips so when the weather does cool down you’ll be sure you can hold on to the handlebars and feel safe next this bike does have the esa 2 electronic suspension the customer previously

Had wilbert front and rear shocks installed in conjunction with the suspension but this does offer 15 different riding characteristic modes that you may want to change whether you’re writing on-road off-road whether you have a passenger whatever kind of riding style you may come across you can definitely fine tune this to your specification let’s look at a few of

The options that this adventurer gs bike has that will make your long distance travels more and more enjoyable first being an adventure series bike it has an 8 point 7 gallon fuel cell so this will make your long-distance travels much more enjoyable not having to stop refuel cool you can just focus on the ride and what’s ahead next we’ll continue upfront here the

Previous customer had installed a rally moto steering dampener so whether you’re on road off-road this fully adjustable steering dampener will make the red much smoother next we’ll look at the tires this has continental peak ac eighty dual sport tires and as you can see these are practically brand new and have loads of life still left on them and as we work our

Way to the back of the bike first we’ll see we have the standard bmw side cases installed which allow for ton of storage whether you’re going to put your tent your sleeping bag your camping gear whatever it may be in here also on the back we have our tour tech fuel and water mounts so whether you’re off in the sahara whether you’re off here in death valley wherever

Your adventures may take you on this motorcycle you’ll be set and have plenty of fuel and water with you finally it has a tour tech tool kit back here as well what you do need a key to open which is kind of cool so there’s basic tools in there you may need if you’re out in the wilderness to fix any captain mechanical you may have with this motorcycle and that’s it

So if you have any more questions or concerns or would like some photos of this bike please visit our website which will be linked in the description below as well as feel free to give us a call here anybody can help we’re all a team and can answer all your questions have a great day

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2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure FOR SALE IN SAN DIEGO! By San Diego BMW Motorcycles