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2013 BMW K1300S

2013 BMW K1300S. Bargain Basement. Reach us at 225-442-7908, email [email protected], or visit us on the web at

Hey again everyone nick here used bikes direct in baton rouge louisiana today we’re taking a look at our 2013 bmw k 1300 s it’s going to be another one of our bargain-basement units so bargain-basement means the bike is sold as is but it’s been serviced it’s been detailed and of course we made sure it can pass a state inspection to keep you riding safe a few specifics

About this bike it does feature a 1293 cc inline four-cylinder engine paired up to a 6-speed transmission using download that it is shaft driven and what we’re down here we’ll go ahead and take a look in addition to the sidestand you also do have a center stand as well coming up front let’s take a look at the brakes see that we do have bmws analog braking system on

This bike of course we can tell we do have brand new tires on it as well so it’s going to be a liquid-cooled engine it’s gonna be a sport tourer as you can see so it’s going to combine the comfort features that you’d find in a traditional touring machine all the way down to your heated grips but it’s also going to give you the sport features that you want it’s gonna

Be quick it’s gonna be nimble for its size and handle the curbs have this beautiful carbon fiber molding on the back which pairs up very nicely to the sacre politics is aust and of course underneath that we see that we have that single-sided swingarm beautiful beautiful bike now we do want to point out as with any bargain-basement unit any scrapes or scratches that

It may have and we do have a few of them a few scratches that are in the plastics down here and coming up top couple more along with some discoloration and on the best side on this side fairing we do have more scratches as well along with some discoloration especially when we come down to the red down here guys please go on our website to check out the detailed

Pictures of all of these it is hard to pick them all up on video but one point them out to you now we come on top and we take a look at our display of course we see those analog gauges which i always love to see we have them for both your tachometer as well as your speedometer of course your digital display whenever you turn the key on is gonna let you know that

Your course and neutral it’s gonna keep track of everything you wanted to as well let you know the mileage twenty thousand nine hundred and seventy four miles everything is easy control at your fingertips so we also have our info button and of course our abs control button as well coming over to the right hand side ignition is going to be integrated into your kill

Switch and right above that we have our heated grips again like i said for the comfort there’s gonna be very soft grips that you find on it as well and in addition to that we also see our levers on both the brake and the clutch that are going to be fully adjustable so you can find that speech get sweet spots find exactly what you’re looking for let’s crank it up

And listen how she sounds alright guys one more about this biker any of our others go ahead and reach out to us you can reach us at two two five four four two seven nine zero eight by email nick at used bikes direct comm i’ll go ahead and visit us on the web

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2013 BMW K1300S By Used Bikes Direct