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2019 BMW R1250 GS Adventure, 2 year ownership overview.

After owning the 2019 BMW R1250 GS Adventure for 2 years here are some of my thoughts and opinions about it, if you disagree with anything I said including the Baja 5000, well that’s awesome and you are awesome!! #tango165 #gomotorcycling #bmwr1250gs #advrider

Hey guys just wanted to do a little update on the uh 2019 bmw gs adventure it’s been exactly two years today that i’ve owned it bike does not have a ton of miles by any mean just clicked over 6 000 miles i have access to a lot of motorcycles so not one particular bike gets a lot of miles put on it but uh not making an excuse just i know a lot of people go

On adventure bike you should have 30 000 miles on it there’s a lot of bikes in the fleet and i have access to a lot of other motorcycles so that’s that anyways i love it it’s not my first gsa i’ve owned several over the years all the way back to the late uh the late 90s early 2000s i think was my first bmw i’ve had a rt 1200 i’m buying an rt 1250 with the new

Digital dash and the led lights the gs is kind of the the swiss army knife i know it’s a overused term and everybody says it but super great bike it does everything i can go rail through the canyons uh if i wanted to i could go off-road i never bought this bike with the intention of going off-road i actually have street tires on it and put them on probably within

The first hundred miles again other motorcycles in the toolbox to go off-roading on going on this big pig just as zero appeal to me i’ve been riding motorcycles for going on close to 50 years 47 48 to be exact dirt bike riding obviously from the beginning and i know people do it more kodu’s to them i guess you could take a miata in the baja 5000 if you really

Wanted to but that’s not what i bought this bike for i bought the adventure model because i like the way it looks the bigger fuel tank wind protection from the fuel tank and a couple other features but never bought it to uh to go down to mexico or anything like that just not what i use it for actually use it for commuting most of the time and having some weekend

Fun like i said it’ll blast around the canyons do everything i’ve had no problems this bike was one of the bikes on the recall with the weird haze bmw brakes on it mine are still the original haze bmw brakes they’ve never leaked they work absolutely flawless i have the ability to go get the brembos put on if i want to but these work just fine so i don’t see

A need in doing that i’ve had no issues i took it in not too long ago it was news to me but it needed a new battery it didn’t it started finding everything else but when they put it on the machine it said the battery was dying so they replaced the battery and then now that i say that today i went to start it after riding it all day and it gave me a little bit

Of a hesitation there was power there but it it uh i guess the starter bumbled is the best way to do it i pressed the button and it hesitated and then strained for a second then fired right back up i shut it off and turned it back on it came right back to life so who knows it’s bmw the uh i’ve got a couple accessories on it the clearwater lights most notably i

Have the ericas and the darlas they both have the yellow covers on them when riding riding in the daytime those yellow lights you can literally see them from a mile two miles away i have people text me all the time and go hey i think i just saw you going down the freeway the other direction i’ve had police officers pull me over to ask me about the lights motor

Officers specifically a couple of the agencies right around my house use clear waters they don’t run the yellow covers on them they just have the clear covers but they’re pretty popular what else i’ve got the little auxiliary tool kit on the back i’ve got the billy brake light from clearwater i have a little sw motec tank bag very very small tank bag my hand is

Extra large it’s not very not very big i’ve got the quad lock i’ve got the bmw gps what else did i do i switched out the clear winglets for some factory bmw smoked ones i just with my bike and the color combo i like the way they look on there i have got a z technique i know everybody tour attack and all the other companies out there they have the giant two

Inch plexiglass ones and again maybe if you’re blasting in the dirt that’s good i don’t go in the dirt but just for riding around town this is some kind of poly or acrylic or something i know i’m probably saying it wrong and i’ll get corrected but uh it just velcros on i can take it right off to clean the lens it’s got a little bit of a roundness to it so it’s

Not flat right in the wind i like the way it looks most people don’t even know it’s an aftermarket thing on there i’ve got a little mud guard fender extender because god forbid i get any kind of dirt on my beautiful gsa i know people are laughing and rolling over but i’ve got that on there like i said other than that she’s pretty much stock i’ve got the tour

Tech little luggage box on there you can put your registration in there fix a flat i’ve heard a glock will fit in there not sure about that but uh there she is i’m i have no complaints about it the bike sometimes is so good that it’s boring and i know people are going to shake their head and laugh and it’s expensive bike but sometimes it’s not fun to ride for

Me sometimes because it literally will do everything and anything but just want to give you a little update 6000 miles put these tires on it right when i got it they are the michelin uh what did they call these ones sorry guys the michelin road fives road trail something i have a brand new set i believe it’s the michelin road trail five or the michelin fives

Road trail i have a brand new set in the garage i don’t do any of the maintenance on the bike i’m more than capable i can rebuild a motorcycle from the ground up but i have no desire at this point in my life to uh drain oil and get rid of it and i’m old school and all the millennials will cringe when we used to do that throw in the freaking bushes so anyways i

Take it to the bmw dealer i will take it in for it six thousand miles service whatever that entails don’t care if i can do it myself don’t really care how much it cost either i’m not doing it and i’ll get new tires put on at the time probably gonna buy a new helmet nothing to do with the six thousand mile service but been looking at helmets lately i’m a showy

Guy so get me a new showy helmet what else did i do to this thing it had type a type of a matte finish on the paint uh not super matte but it didn’t shine so when i first got the bike um i took a a small three inch uh polishing buffing wheel with some compound and i i i say burned it and that’s probably the wrong term but i i brought the shine out of the mat um

It’s like burning concrete if you’ve ever finished concrete in a garage or somewhere like that concrete can be matte or you can trial the out of it and burn it so anyways i burned all the green paint on it the best i could and then polished it to a super high luster yes i’m doing this review god approves of the gs paint being burnt i’m not sure if you guys can

Hear that anyways so now it has a sheen to it which i kind of like um i’ve only seen a couple other ones they’re they’re more dull it’s probably nothing to pick up on camera but this actually has a shine to it and then i keep everything ceramic coated and cleaned and i mean that’s part of owning a motorcycle for me i like to keep it clean as you can tell this

Bike is doesn’t have a drop of dirt on it and can’t see it in the daytime i’m not going to come to a night video but i also have the weisertec led turn signal inserts so you take out the factory incandescent bulbs put those wiser techs in there super super crazy crazy bright uh daytime or night time um i can turn them on in traffic and i can see them bouncing

Off traffic you can turn them on in the city and see them on the side of the building um obviously in the clearwater lights if you own a bmw you probably know what clearwater lights are if you don’t own a bmw i am not bashing on any manufacturer i have no association with clearwater lights they are hands down the best lights auxiliary lights safety lights road

Lights whatever you want to call it that you can put on a motorcycle american-made company up in northern california i believe elk grove or pleasant grove something like that glenn and the boys up there i actually took the bike up there in the back of a truck because i’m not driving seven hours straight on the freeway not that the bike’s not capable i’m old and

I’m not doing that so anyways got that done everything is good let’s see take a picture of it with the the sw motec bag off of it sw motec makes uh some incredible products again this is just a small small bag when it’s not on there which i usually have it on there 90 of the time it’s just got that little tank ring it’s zero heartache at the gas station to get

Fuel this bike gets about 350 360 miles per gallon on the tank so if the tank bag is on there sorry wrong way the tank bag is on there at the gas station it’s a simple pull of this and i set it right there and it’s keyless you just pop that up when i put it back on it’s the same thing it’s clicked on it’s locked back on not going anywhere so again i’m digging

The bike getting an rt1250 to complement this one i’ve got a few other bikes in the uh in the shed but anybody that cares this particular owner has zero complaints with it love it um i sold my last gsa because i got bored with it and then i was without it for a year and wanted another one so i bought this one and probably keep this one a little longer this time

But i uh i’m not married to motorcycles if i buy something and i don’t like it or if i get my use out of it i turn around and sell it and like i said i got a few other bikes that i have the ability to ride most are mine and then i have a the ability luckily in this world to borrow a bunch of motorcycles that aren’t mine so i get to experience a lot of bikes but

2019 bmw gs adventure she is a big pig if you’ve never ridden one you can say it’s an old man’s bike you can say it’s ugly you can say whatever you want about it the wind protection’s got to be terrible if you drop it you can’t pick it up go ride one put it in dramatic is that it dynamic dynamic put it in dynamic pro or dynamic and you will literally amaze yourself

Turn traction control off and this thing will pull power wheelies into fourth gear it’s an incredible bike you can literally putt around town like an old man where you can ping this thing off the rev limiter and surprise the hell out of a lot of people including yourself it’s got active suspension on it um again it’s it’s literally everything every motorcycle

Strives to be in my opinion your opinion might vary your experience might vary i’m not talking for everybody else i’m talking about my experience with this bike other bikes i love it go ride one if you haven’t

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2019 BMW R1250 GS Adventure, 2 year ownership overview. By tango165