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2021 BMW K 1600 Upgraded! #Cruiser #Motorcycle #BMW

Those heated seats cost how much? Is that tech package included? What would it cost to choose this option?

Hello everyone today we’re going to talk about the 2021 bmw k 1600 grand america we’re adding every option available by the manufacturer to find out if it’s worth it if you find this video useful give it thumbs up like or comment all the way and subscribe the 2021 bmw k 1600 is essentially a luxury tour and it also has a magnesium outlay subframe to save weight

I’ll be using a random zip code for the build please feel free to drop yours in the comments section for my next video alright let’s build it so first impression it looks like a standard uh touring uh motorcycle you would you know go on long trips and then your hope is that it won’t beat you up um this this motorcycle is in direct competition with the honda

Gold wing um the honda gold wing has been around forever so i mean i’m pretty sure that the idea is to pull buyers away from the from the gold wing and maybe look at something a little different um i mean again at first impressions it this this looks pretty cool it looks like um you know you might be comfortable with buying something like this it does come at a

Little higher price point so if you’re used to uh you know your typical gold wing and you’re looking at something different you i mean you may consider that um but again i think for people that are looking for a grand touring motorcycle you want something comfortable maybe you’re looking at all the different kind of options we’re no stranger to bmw as vehicles

But motorcycles i i guess it would take some time to really get to know what they have to offer here what i like about this motorcycle in particular is the inline straight six um for an inline straight six um the the ride is going to be more smoother and the power delivery is a little bit more linear so uh when you’re talking about those kinds of things i think

That’s something to consider um this has a 160 horsepower and so um i mean are you gonna be on the road racing this you will not but it seems like there’s just enough power um to make you happy um i guess the only other thing really is uh why buy this uh maybe because it’s different maybe because you like how it looks maybe because it has an inline six i think

That uh for the most part this is something that a writer would be happy with and although you don’t see many of these on the road i’m pretty sure that this is something that essentially you could use on on long trips with this we started with the base price of around twenty six thousand dollars and the total cost to add every option available came out to around

Twenty nine which is a difference of around three thousand dollars is it worth it you be the judge please add a comment lss to the channel and thank you

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2021 BMW K 1600 Upgraded! #Cruiser #Motorcycle #BMW By Is It Worth It?