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2021 BMW R Nine T Pure Option 719 review & walkaround

2021 #BMW #RNineT Pure Option 719 #review & walkaround. @MOTORSPORT TV.

2021 bmw our minute pure option 719 first tries review rebalancing the modern classic scales to most motorcyclists the term q revokes images of kickstarters chrome finishes and cable throttles it takes us back to simpler times a time before electronic nannies and catalytic converters back then motorcycles were easy on the eyes and the technology charming as it

Is nostalgia certainly has its limitations most riders aren’t rushing back to hardtails drum brakes and carburetors luckily modern classic motorcycles can cherry pick the best aspects of yesteryear and today at least that’s what bmw attempts with its arn in it family now circular headlamps can house led lights wire spoke wheels can bear retro styling as well

As tubeless tires design can be both timeless and trendy the four are minute models express this dual nature to various degrees but the pure variant embraces the back to basics philosophy most the main ingredients remain intact but the pure favors stripped down practicality over performance a steel fuel tank replaces the lightweight aluminum unit a conventional

Fork steps in for the responsive united states dollars front end and the cockpit hosts just one round gauge those concessions result in the 10 995 dollar price tag cementing the pure as the less is more option in bmw’s feature rich lineup since introducing the r ninit in 2015 the bavarian brand has positioned the neo retro naked as a custom friendly platform

The pure just takes that approach to the next level sporting a mineral grain metallic paint job the base trim is both comely and capable however bmw proved that the stock guys is just the starting point when it put an r in it pure option 719 in our charge for a few weeks the ultimate customizing machine in 2021 the r in its air oil cooled 1170cc boxer engine

Earns a euro 5 compliant update while noise emissions regulations muffle much of the platform’s signature bark it holds on to its bite with 109 horsepower at 7250 rpm and 85 pounds foot of torque at 6000 rpm the upgraded shock absorber now boasts a hand wheel adjuster and travel dependent damping while abs gains cornering functions rain and road ride modes now

Come standard and full led lighting illuminates the way despite those generous revisions bmw went even further with the iron in its paint and accessories catalog each model now features series color ways along with bmw’s custom in-house option 719 paint schemes and accessory kits for an additional 1 350 customers can trick out the r in it pure with the option

719 aluminum package seen here which includes an aluminum front fender fly screen tail cowl and gas tank the brand’s billet pack classic tacks on milled cylinder head and engine front covers along with an extra 1050 additional cosmetic upgrades such as spoked wheels and the design option silencer add another 975 to the bill of course the house of munich offers a

Comfort package that unlocks the dynamic ride mode heated grips and cruise control on the other hand the select package prioritizes safety with traction control engine braking control and an adaptive headlight after all the extra components software patches and destination charges the rn init pure option 719 retails for 15 865 that’s still 80 under the standard

R in its 15 945 msrp but it’s a far cry from the minimalist machine that the pure sets out to be for that reason we’re going to primarily focus on the model’s standard equipment and that all starts with the big bore boxer the ride bmw may have updated the eight valve opposed twin to meet modern emissions standards but the aging power plant retains all of its

Vintage charm in 2021 twist the throttle while in neutral and the bulletproof boxer still jolts to the left as always vibrations course through the handlebars and foot pegs at higher revs unlike most modern motorcycles bmw preserves these quarks chalking them up to the iron in its character the bavarians may hold on to those old ways but the boxer now delivers

An even stronger punch in the mid-range road mode harnesses those pulses with a linear power delivery while rain mode dampens the effect in the name of safety unsurprisingly the mid-range surge is most prevalent in the optional dynamic mode those looking to maximize the pure’s performance potential may spring for bmw’s comfort package as a result but road mode

Was notably capable in nearly all situations while the flat twin went flat out in the mid-range the euro 5 compliant tune also produces lean fueling at the low end after a few unintended stalls off the line i learned to babysit the clutch away from each stoplight the low end fueling paired with the engine’s high rpm vibes produced a narrow range of usable power

And that quality was most evident on twisty roads the fit throwing a leg over the pure for the first time i was pleasantly surprised by the wide handlebars broad seat pan and narrow midsection the low foot pegs position the knee at a 90 degree angle though the hard parts drag much sooner as a result up top the reach to the bars is a slight stretch but the tank

Cutouts allow the rider’s knees to relieve pressure on their wrists if it weren’t for the thinly padded saddle and non-existent wind protection the pure could double as a suitable touring rig in stock form however the iron in it functions best in urban environments and twisty canyon roads while the standard equipment includes a bench seat the optional seat cowl

Increases both form and function the tail unit not only locks the rider into the cockpit but also acts as a storage compartment the removable backplate enables users to stash legal documents disk locks hats and small tools in the rearward cubby it may not replace a backpack or accommodate groceries but it’s a convenient and reliable solution for most naked bike

Riders similar to the ergonomics the streamlined electronic suite is straightforward and user friendly conclusion thanks to the lack of flashy tft displays and radar assisted sparkles the pure lives up to its namesake the tried and true boxer produces just enough rumble to enliven the ride and the tech never presents a distraction what the platform gives up

In performance it gains in ease of use and enjoyment even without the option 719 cosmetic kits and additional electronic upgrades the r in it pure is an excellent companion for the weekday commute in the weekend cruise the modern classic beamer may have electronic nannies and a subdued exhaust note but the entry-level armed in it still captures the pure fun of

Riding a good old-fashioned motorcycle you

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2021 BMW R Nine T Pure Option 719 review & walkaround By MOTORSPORT TV