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2022 BMW K 1600 GT, GTL, B and Grand America Cost, Facts, And Figures

2022 BMW K 1600 GT, GTL, B and Grand America: Cost, Facts, And Figures.

2022 bmw k 1600 gt gtl b and grand america cost facts and figures bmw’s heavyweight long-distance torah the k-1600 has received several updates for 2022 including a redesigned engine new styling electronics and features the first of the k-1600s released in 2010 introduced the bigger inline 6 engine and new trim styles the gt and gtl share sportier conventional bmw

Styling and the sweeping lines adorning the bee and grand america evoke the grand american touring tradition much like the r-18 transcontinental we recently tested the power plant at the heart of the new k-1600s as bmws tried and tested 1649 cc inline six-cylinder engine redesigned to be narrower lighter and euro 5 compliant bmw’s proprietary engine management

System and hash 40 bms and hash 41 works with two nox sensors and two additional lambda probes to manage fueling and maximize power in the high revs and efficiency in the lower reverend range the knock sensors also allow the use of lower grade fuels promising true go anywhere capability the sportiest of the heavyweights the k-1600 range’s power output remains at

160 horsepower although peak output does come a tad sooner at 6750 rpm peak torque has increased slightly to 133 foot-pounds at 5250 rpm which helps improve acceleration especially in the higher gears promising swift overtakes regardless of the load you might be carrying the k-1600 lineup’s impressive figures promised the sportiest performance in class honda’s

Gold wing and harley-davidson’s road glide special produce peak torque of 103 and 118 foot-pounds respectively writer aids enhance comfort and safety a new six-axis imu sensor continually processes a comprehensive data set comparing wheel speeds lean angle rider inputs changes in velocity and load utilized by the various electronic control systems including esa

Suspension traction control engine braking and abs the system calculates the extent to which these systems intervene in milliseconds according to the selected writer mode rain road or dynamic on the gtl the semi-active esa suspension system adjusts damping forces on both the rear suspension strut and the dual labor front fork optimizing rebound for stability the

System automatically adjusts preload settings when you turn on the ignition our test gt bike defaults to the road riding mode selecting dynamic will firm up the suspension for sportier riding rain mode allows for softer settings to help maximize traction rider modes are adjustable on the fly the k-1600s engine drag torque control system and hash 40 msr and hash

41 works in a similar way to the dynamic traction control fitted to the f-900xr we recently tested msr uses data from the central imu sensor to adjust engine output when aggressive downshifting or overrun threatens to break traction at the rear wheel adjusting the power delivery to optimize grip according to the current riding mode functionality and connectivity

The new k-1600 range gets a 10.25 inch tft color display with integrated map navigation and connectivity designed to work with bmw’s multi-controller wheel on the left bar to minimize distractions while riding like all bmw’s colored tfts the k-1600s is excellent the anti-reflective screen is clear and readable with intuitive menu navigation the new display allows

For map views via smartphone connection eliminating the need for a standalone gps great news although bmw has inexplicably shunned apple carplay and android auto connectivity apps instead the new map display works exclusively with bmw’s connected app in their defense it is free and intuitive and once figured out we easily loaded some routes we will update you on

How we did with it in our full review coming soon the tft screen’s dimensions allow for a split screen view to simultaneously display the speedometer and tachometer in addition to the map or other information selectable from the menu the bmw connected app also works in conjunction with the display to connect and operate helmet communication systems via bluetooth

Allowing access to telephone and music functions a second antenna enables data exchange both via wlan and bluetooth tunes to go a new audio system fitted as standard on the k 1600 gtl in grand america and optional on the gtnb offers serious sound potential the system’s radio antenna is now integrated into the bodywork improving the aesthetics and new menu control

And setting options aim to improve the audio systems all around usability in the dash and integrated into the top box gl and go models provide all-around sound innovative new features the k-1600 lineup gets four favorite buttons located on the left side of the fairing panel below the handlebars enabling access to 18 programmable functions such as audio or heated

Grips the system uses two stage buttons which when pressed gently display the programmed function on the tft screen and a list of alternative options when pressed beyond the point of resistance the button operates the programmed function bmw has also added an innovative smartphone storage compartment above the tft display which provides adequate power via a usbc

Port for phone charging and operating navigation application simultaneously to prevent your smartphone from overheating with the effort the splash proof compartment’s dedicated electric fan controlled by a thermostat maintains adequate ventilation a bright road ahead the new k-1600 lineup benefits from extensive led lighting and an adaptive headlight the low beam

Module consists of no less than nine leads and the high beam module uses four the adaptive function comes as standard across the range and uses lean angle data from the imu sensor to operate low beam leads which illuminate the inside of corners according to the bike’s degree of heel up to an increased 35 degrees from center turning on the k-1600s ignition prompts

Up welcome light function the head and tail lights illuminate for a moment before fading out after switching off the ignition the head and tail lights briefly activate for the goodbye function which illuminates the area around the motorcycle enhancing the effect the addition of the optional floor lighting package 100 a new concept for bmw adds bling and can be

A practical aid when parking in the dark using the side or center stand a new follow me home light function activates when pressing the high beam headlight switch directly after turning off the ignition color schemes options and pricing are long-term k 1600 test bike is the gt and has the option 719 styling package which comes finished in mineral white metallic

With blue accent lines contrasting with a black frame radiator cowls and brake calipers in addition our test bike gets the options 719 saddle brown seat with diamond top stitching 250 forged classic wheels 1750 and also benefits from the optional premium package three thousand dollars which includes keyless ignition gear shift assist pro a central luggage locking

System auxiliary lights alarm and engine protection bars the total price is tested is 30 940. the gt version is also available in black storm metallic and sport bmw’s classic racing white blue and red scheme the gtl standard color is also black storm and the exclusive style option comes finished in gravity blue metallic the k-1600b and grand america are available

In exclusive style finished in manhattan metallic matte an attractive gray green color an option 719 midnight style finished in meteoric dust 2 metallic which uses immersion hydrographics to create a bespoke effect on each panel base prices start at 22 545 although depending on which options you choose from the myriad of options expect the final price to be significantly more

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