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2022 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure | Rallye Color | Delivery Day | Pitt Cycles

Finally I upgraded from 850 GSA to 1250 GSA. I have always been passionate about bikes but when I saw this bike last year, it took my heart away. Here is my journey of bringing this bike to home. Hope you will enjoy and subscribe for future videos

Hey what’s up everyone so today i’m going to pitch cycles in pittsburgh pennsylvania to buy the new bmw r250 gs adventure i will be trading in my current bike so this is my current bike right now it’s a bmw f850 gs adventure i caught this bike last year from bmw manhattan but i feel like i need an upgrade now and i always wanted to get the uh 250 gs adventure

So that’s why i want to trade in this bike they’re giving me a good deal and i’m getting a new bike i’m driving from mexico in long island and it will be a long drive from here to pittsburgh but i will stay there for the night go to the dealership tomorrow morning buy pick up the new bike and drive back to long island foreign guys so i just made my first job at

Starbucks stretching my legs taking a short break and then i’ll continue my ride so finally after driving for 360 miles i’ve reached the hotel in somerset it’s called days inn so i’m just gonna stay here for the night i’m all set ready to go now so i’m starting the bike it says two hours and nine minutes i should be there by 9 15. let’s go i’m almost there

I’m just 15 minutes away from the dealership i already tried to see the new bike and i’m kind of sad because i was also doing so i would say this bike has definitely been here but now it’s time to enjoy able one mile with this bike thank you i think this is many of the year but so this is fit cycles of pittsburgh they have some bikes they got indians

They got ducatis they got ktm and they have triumph and even royal enfield so many bikes here you need to see pictures before the transaction and get some pictures of the mileage and depends on both devices none of that’s changed foreign thank you jim i’ll see you sometime later all right thank you okay appreciate the business you have definitely appreciate

For getting the bike to me i know you’re kind of far away but yeah i mean i just wanted the bike i especially came so far just just for this color yeah i mean i gotta find some other colors at some other places but i always wanted to get this color yep and this was meant to happen so that’s why exactly all right i’ll see you later oh my god this bike is so smooth

The engine on this bike is really really smooth the bike drives very smoothly foreign so i’m really excited for this bike and i’m happy that i did my first 500 miles on this bike i’m really happy for this day thank you so much to god for fulfilling my dream

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2022 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure | Rallye Color | Delivery Day | Pitt Cycles By Mohit Luthra