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2022 R1250RT on California Hwy 1 | Great Motorcycle Road! #BMW #R1250RT #bigsur

Kenny and The Jed ride their BMW R1250RT motorcycles in the central coast of California, from Paso Robles to Cambria and up to Monterey.

Look at that ocean oh my gosh ah it is just breathtaking hey y’all it’s the jed i’m just back from a trip with kenny it was the first trip i’ve taken on the new rt and we had a blast it was a two night three day or sort of two and a half day trip we initially intended on going to death valley but the temperatures just got too hot out that direction so we

Called an audible at the last minute and we went to paso robles so from la to get to paso robles we took the 101 freeway and um then took in essence um fox and canyon to the 166 uh and then back to um santa maria and then a couple more canyons to get to paso robles the next day which i’m going to show you in just a minute if you’ll stay with me was gorgeous

We went from paso robles to cambria on the central coast of california and then up highway 1. now initially we intended about oh maybe 40 miles up to cut across a very twisty winding mountain pass to get from the coast all the way over to lake nassimiento and to the 101 freeway that road however as you’ll see well why don’t you stick around and you’ll see

What happened to us when we got to that road uh we ended up going all the way up to monterey which was an absolutely gorgeous ride i want to show you some of that footage and then back to atascadero on the 101. that was a fairly long day of riding from matascadero the next morning we took highway 58 across to the five freeway and then back to la kenny’s a great

Travel partner the rts ran flawlessly i was really really happy with the way mine performed the engine was a champ the bike was comfortable we had beautiful weather the whole time it was it averaged i would say 65 degrees the whole time we were riding um the tft performed perfectly the maps were great i had spotify in my sena headset the whole time it could not

Have been a better trip i was really really fortunate to be able to get some time off and do it and i’m going to show you now a little bit of day two of the trip from paso robles to the coast at cambria and then up toward monterey so stick with me and hey if you’re enjoying this video please consider subscribing if you’re not already subscribed to the channel

And please hit that like button if you’re enjoying the video as well thanks for being with us here we go good morning y’all it is monday morning monday after easter i am standing in paso robles at the marriott courtyard kenny and i had a great ride yesterday up from l.a we took some amazing canyons to get here and i didn’t film anything because we were having so

Much fun i didn’t want to interrupt i’m going to try to do a little bit of filming today our plan is to cut across the 46 from paso robles down to the coast up through cambria all the way up past gorda and um we’re going to try to cut inland on nacimiento ferguson road which looks to be a really winding mountainous road to get you inland up from the coast back

I guess toward the 101. we’ll see how that goes there’s kenny’s bike there’s mine all safe and sound after the night kenny believes he knows where the mountain pass is so i’m gonna follow him he thinks it’s about eight miles from here look out there at that beautiful blue ocean honestly this is some of the best riding i imagined in the world and of course my

Battery died on the most beautiful part of it but this is central coast california we’re just south of the monterey peninsula and uh highway one just hugs this coastline forever and ever and right at this moment there is nowhere i would rather be than right here look at that water oh my gosh y’all look at that road ahead i have not been up this way in

Many years look at that ocean oh my gosh ah it is just breathtaking it’s just vista after vista i have a feeling that the road we’re looking for maybe up this way no maybe not okay that’s plastic creek that’s another area we were thinking we might be able to head inland from stunning kenny says we’re two miles from our turnout or turn off it’s like we’ll

Go right over those hills i see something up there i wish i could just keep on going to san francisco but here we are at nasi miento road let’s see if it works road closed no oh boy well it was a good idea but it’s not gonna happen you get that road closed famous last words get that on video yeah so here’s an idea we keep going to monterey and then we

Take whatever that is from monterey over to salinas and back down the 101. we can uh well the other choice is to turn around but i don’t you know was there another world there was but i don’t know well the other one was to try it that ligget whatever yeah but or we could go to that forest that we passed the forest station just a few miles back we could what is

That what would that do well we could ask those guys let’s go up to monterey we’ll get a we’ll get a cold drink and maybe a bite in monterey i don’t know anywhere to go up there all right you want me to lead not a bad consolation road if this is the loser road i’ll take it so instead of trying to cut inland from back there where the road was closed we are uh

We’re just gonna head all the way up to monterey and we’ll cut inland from there and head back south i’m happy no complaints some of these bridges were built during the depression not this one this is clearly new this road has been closed in in recent years due to mudslides i think this must have been where one of them was i had to rebuild the whole road foreign

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2022 R1250RT on California Hwy 1 | Great Motorcycle Road! #BMW #R1250RT #bigsur By The Jed Rides