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Australian motorcycle Adventure,Husky 701 ,Bmw Gs 310 ,Adventure camping around Australia.

Traveling around Australia on Husky 701,Bmw Gs310 ,camping adventure

I think we’re right yeah right to go down there’s a road train guys they are long hi we’re the travelling teens and we love our life of adventure from the mountains to the sea we’re at julia creek sun’s rising in the distance run our way to adel’s grove today but i just thought i’d show you at the julia creek caravan park there’s these beautiful bath

Houses there’s uh four water tank ones and a couple of others and they all face the sunset uh so if you ever pass them through julia creek look these guys up make sure you um look ahead because they’re pretty much booked out from day to day so book your head but these are beautiful and you also get to see the sunrise in the morning another sign up here

We’re heading to burke and wills the junction the four ways and we’re on the wheels uh berkeley’s 235 okey-dokey it’s a bit of fun on this road looks a bit barren but what a beautiful day roadhouse we’ve got some fuel anyway we’re uh just about to head to gregory downs um and then to london you can see it on the camera but we’re going through a locus oh

Logan’s playing they’re just flying all across the road just went through a heap of them they’ve built us so these birds will be having a great time all right we’ve gone through hey setting up our little camp on the rocky riverbed yeah this is um what’s this called gregory downs just on the river there’s the river just there as we pan through this is our

Spot there’s a river just through there we’re going to be going swimming in this one of our good mates wayne barr grew up with spratty or done a lot of work with him from about 17 onwards he’s happy with a heap of mates so he invited us to come and camp next to him beautiful love it adele’s grove from lawn hill lorne hill’s 25k away it’s a turn off uh

We’ve left gregory downs this morning about oh no three quarters an hour ago yeah 10 30. and um joe’s just going to lead the way for a little bit and yeah this is good dirt road pretty easy oh yeah there’s a swimming hole that looks beautiful lagoon out there in the sun when you come up down come up and have a look in here when i turn around you’ll see

It well we’ve arrived at um lawn hill camping ground and we are in the trailer area because we made some friends and said come and camp with us so oh scott now we’re off to the waterfall so i’m not sure the pronunciation but we’re up here at indu falls we’re at the lookout we’ve had a great swim down the bottom there what a spectacular country we live in

How beautiful is this stunning is all i can say we have traveled about i think it’s about 3.2 kilometers from our tent to the upper gorge area of lawn hill pleased again not me you led me astray i don’t hate to lead her astray every time i don’t think so what else do you need on capsicum zucchini it’s just packet pasta and we’re going to pop a little bit

Of chicken in there tonight cat food section at all and loving it you’re in the back oh now you’ve all gone back okay we’re going through our first gate opening and closing at uh lawn hill station we’re on our alternate route at the savannah way out to dumiji so joe’s just uh we’re gonna head up through here this is the alternate route instead of going

Back through gregory woohoo that is beautiful this is the alternate route to dumiji look at them bad emus yeah they’re gonna go to uh hills gate roadhouse on the savannah way maybe even stay here tonight that’s the way to do it way to go darling if you’re having fun traveling around australia with us hit like and subscribe and catch us on our next

Episode where we go from hell’s gate via the savannah way either falls kakadu and stop in darwin

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Australian motorcycle Adventure,Husky 701 ,Bmw Gs 310 ,Adventure camping around Australia. By Traveling Tiene’s