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BMW F850GS – First True Adventure – SIBERIA 2018 – Part I

We took the new F850GS in the first important adventure trip since it was launched – a ride to Siberia. The final destination is Magadan via the Road of Bones, but until reaching that place we visited the Olkhon Island on the Baikal Lake and traveled for thousands of km through Siberia.

Three miracle after a couple of days on the road we finally arrived in moscow this is the place we’re living the bikes for the transport – company – it whisk and we’re also taking the train the trans-siberian the bikes have finally arrived and over there i’m so excited because this is the moment our adventure that is really nervous right now and

We starting to ride to the east wow this place is great i mean it’s it’s really amazing it’s one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been actually i’m writing on the and remote right now because there is no dharma no hoss fault at all on this island so you gotta have a lot of fun if coming over here with a motorcycle or it doesn’t matter

With your bike or just walking everything is so wide and it’s so nice and there are a lot of people of course there are some tourists but never mind and that’s it after thousands of kilometres to the east it’s time to go to the north let’s have a look at the signs so what we have we have vladivostok straight forward for 1,000 kilometers after that

You can go to japan or to korea well as we have somewhere over there is china about 50 kilometers to the border what we’re not going to china and the third option the 3,000 kilometers route to magadan this is our own now we’re riding to north and after that we gonna turn east this is the lenna highway and after the lena highway it’s the road of bones and

After that is magadan so we’re on the lenna highway right now heading to yakuza the road it’s not difficult because there is some tarmac from time to time and even if you’re on this kind of gravel it’s quite okay i mean you can go by 90 km/h easily it’s not a problem but there’s a lot of dust there are some trucks a lot of them that you must overtake and

It’s quite difficult and risky to do it because when sitting behind them you see nothing there are cars and other drugs coming from the opposite way and you don’t know about the surface and and the people are driving like crazy this is a traffic for to let off i way now we’re an area quisque we’re not in the city within a town nearby because i didn’t

Want to cross the lena river because it takes about one hour and a half with a ferry and i told that it would be better to stay here be able wake up early in the morning and just ride the road i think it’s about you hundred and fifty kilometers what’s the road is the rows of bones and as far as i know it’s quite difficult parts especially if it rains and

I hope eat one gonna rain tomorrow i check the forecast and there are some small chances 5 p.m. and the not hard rain tomorrow there will be some rain in handy da but i don’t want to wait here because i don’t know maybe the things will get worse than this well everything seems to be ok so tomorrow morning were hitting the relative box the world till

South america latino america how many time we’ll spend about 10 or 11 months maximum so next year it will be like next march so from now mod valley was talk the diva stock before sakhalin island you

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BMW F850GS – First True Adventure – SIBERIA 2018 – Part I By DriveMag Riders