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BMW G 310 R & G 310 GS – Launch & Initial Impressions | VLOG Style

Hey guys!! Finally the much awaited bikes of the year, the smallest roadster from BMW Motorrad , the G 310 R & its adventure tourer avatar, the G 310 GS, have been launched in India, that too with a ‘Made in India’ tag. Powered by a 313 cc water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, that produces a power output of 34 PS @ 9500 rpm and a max. torque of 28 Nm @ 7500 rpm. Both these bikes share their engine with the TVS Apache RR310.

Welcome to otto wonders i’m rishabh and this is akash hi guys and today we are at the bmw training facility here in sector 75 gurgaon so let’s try and give you a tour of this facility here we have the heritage wall where you can see all the vintage bikes right from 1923 to up till 1973 and a nicely set up bmw motorrad entrance and going into the entrance oh we

Have the all-new bmw 3 10 g s the racing red version the racing red version and behind it the g3 nr as well so the 310 r is in the white metallic color and on top you can see the s1000rr and this is the track that has been set up specially for today’s presentation of the 310 r and the 3-pin gs so this is practicing the stunts look at all the donuts that have

Been made on this road and it’s pretty awesome and our pass will be telling you about all the features and specs of the bikes so stay tuned this goes on something any sinful fudgie but what i am the most what i resonate with the most design my writing and writing is what i love to do which is why i’m so excited to be oh come on look at that right in the midst

Of the bmw gt thin on the gg thing g has launched oh that feels good to see so now let’s check out the all-new bmw g3 10 r and g3 ten gs both the bikes are super amazing in their looks the bmw given this bike in the entry-level segment in india as you can check out the gs version is a bit of an off-road version and the g3 10 r with the sport look

For daily purpose of the daily indian roads so let’s talk about the specs of these bikes both g3 10 r and g 3 x gs has a water-cooled signal cylinder four-stroke engine 4 vols with 2 overhead camshafts with a width sump lubrication these 313 cc bike has a great output of 34 ps at 9,500 rpm with a max talk of 828 nuno meters at 7500 rpm the weight of g 310 is

Somewhere around 150 8 point 5 kgs whereas the g3 10 gs is a hundred and sixty nine point five so looking at both the bikes from the front you can see a lot of difference over all the things are the same except a few which are the height of the bike as well as certain changes in the wheel given the off-road version and the sports version the gt 10 r has 110 by

70 r17 tires in the front and the rear one has 150 by 60 r17 whereas the g3 ten gs version 110 by 80 and our 19 tires and the rear one is 150 by 70 r17 both the bikes have aluminum wheels with the two-channel abs a single disc front brake and the rear one is a preload adjustable with the radial front brake calipers with an upside down fog let’s talk about the

Some of the electrics of this bike so i would say the led flapped screen multiple this clutch or in oil but mechanically operated with a six-speed transmission in this bike as a ring chain with shock damping in the rear wheel hub as well i like the suspension clean bike the bmw g 310 r which we have here is the pearl white metallic color and the bmw g3 10 gs is

The racing red version of this one this is also available in cosmic black which is purely black i like the black one as well which we don’t have right now both these bikes are the first made in india bikes so given the made in india tag you will have good service as well as availability of parts would be very much easier given the bmw motorad and the indian make

This g3 10 r is priced at an extra room price of 2 like 99,000 whereas the gs version is priced at 3 lakh 49,000 if you liked the video then make sure to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe as well

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BMW G 310 R & G 310 GS – Launch & Initial Impressions | VLOG Style By AutoWonderz