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BMW G310 GS/R Handlebar Risers from Wunderlich | MotoUsher | Comfortable Riding 2021

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So welcome back to the channel guys you’re watching gypsy motorola and then today i have something to show you this is the handlebar riser for g310 so this is for bmw gs310 or you can use it on the r series so this is from wonderlish and the price of this product is 4000 is what i paid i barely remember sorry if the price is wrong uh probably the price might

Have been updated now so coming to the product let me show you what is inside and then how does that look and then okay so this is already open because i already used it as soon as i got the bike because uh the stock and was set up on gs it’s like uh kind of like a naked bike like you lean forward in set it’s not like a proper typical adventure bike like

Sitting upright maybe for me because i’m a short rider 5 6 is my height so within the package you see this is the manual guys and then this is from adelaide and then this is made in germany the quality is brilliant and then that’s how it looks in the picture yeah this is the manual which they have given very nice with the pictures like this very rare yes

This is good so let’s get on to the product so this is this is the riser that’s the riser so uh this riser is the the length or whatever the air go you get is just 25 mm not more than that and then i didn’t like it personally because it didn’t make much of difference so what i did is that i decided to pick up the rocks risers from big bad bikes thanks to sean

So that rocks raiser gave me like 50 mm of height and then now it’s little bit nice to sit on the bike and then cruise around on my long rides and then but yeah this will still be with me and then i’m trying to add this along with the rocks rice it’s like probably very tall so let’s see how that works and then so let me know what you think about this product

And then if you’re planning to get this one uh just consider that if you’re okay with 25 mm then go for it otherwise if you need like properly little bit more uh a little bit uh add up in the height of the handlebar right it’s like 50 mm then go for the rocks or maybe there are other alternatives in the market so if you’re going with the steering system on

The handlebars so i would suggest go with the uh nice branded or quality ones because that’s your control system right okay that’s about it guys you’ve been watching gypsy water rut if you have any questions leave the questions in the comment section below and i will respond to you and then also let me know what are the things that you want to watch in my

Channel and make videos on that and then i’ll catch up with you guys until next time take care bye

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BMW G310 GS/R Handlebar Risers from Wunderlich | MotoUsher | Comfortable Riding 2021 By Gypsy Motorrad