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BMW G310GS fitting cheap screen and Power Bronze hand guards

Alot of chatting about the bike at start to jump to an item.

I’ve never really done a video about i mean that sort of like this bike so i went from the little one to five i was just too slow and got the bmw gs310 or uh what they actually called again i’ve already forgotten yes and yeah really nice but i quite tall you need to be quite tall from the comfort of this designer buying that one little gs6 it was super comfortable

It’s a bit of wind out so i’ve got hand guards to fit today and a bigger screen the biggest screen has been on before uh and you i found out on the one two five you need a screen if you come with a fairy bite or if you’ve never had a fairy butt or a big screen bite you needed the difference in cold like and the hand guards as well shielding of the wind just makes

A massive difference i’ve got a cheap sort of chinese big screen this on before took it off for its service nice big screen is makes it look like a proper gs but the difference in wind thing the only annoying thing is with this one for my height i’m about five ten i do get the wind right in the face and i bought some cheap chinese and guards at first they were

Really unpleasant to fit you know i should have done a video of them they’re upstairs now because they’re garbage and i bought the power bronze one 91 quid off a power bronze ebay that’s got a coating on it at the minute um 89 on their own store but then like five pound delivery so it’s cheap off their ebay store is the same company it’s quite direct some nice

Fitting bits so i do fit in a minute i was opening it was the one i was the wind mirrors although sort of tightening your windows off as a bit of a pain you might think it’s quite an easy one in the grand scheme of things these ones are going to go on the bolt that holds your levers on so in a sense one bolt each side not too bad but this little contraption’s all

Gonna go inside the existing white so that’d be interesting to see but so i’ll get it out and i’ll do a video and put it on so screen wise i’ll just quickly do it nothing much to see so the beam was obviously very good quality one i was gonna buy the power bronze one and i might do it at some point see how nice and thick that is so you just pull out the little

Rubbers which come out and the uh little inserts come out so they go in from the back this one’s upside down a minute rub a bit in slot your little inserts in and then i use a little bit of uh blue which is like medium thread lock well worth it on bikes tiny bit on each thread only a tiny dib so one drip on one rubber under the second one wash it straight in so

The screen’s a donald fit these are a little bit crap fitting you have to get the bolts in a little bit then tighten them up you can see how much thinner it is than the bmw one especially the mounting point but yeah for for what that’s got to do and how about sort of damage they take you can see that it’s been on probably six months before and it’s already quite

Warm anyway that’s it just on there so you get what you pay for stuff so obviously look at the screen alarm and if you can see through that bolt there initially nowhere near they’re all just in just touching at the minute and what you have to actually do on this one is squidge it down and across look at that yeah you get what you pay for but it immediately makes

It look like a real gs difference is shattering like when you’re riding it and even it felt like the front was all different the amount of like angle they’ve put on this screen fits really nicely but whether it’s wind efficient and say the wind off the top of this smashes you straight in the face still worse uh still better than the naked oh right so i’m just

Moving on to the first one of these guys now so this is the original um bar end should be a bolt somewhere that belongs to that sideline lost it already and he’s a fair old lump so a good size weight but what i’ve already seen is is this this is going to extend out about another inch either side and i would have liked that to have slotted in there neatly i mean

Obviously it will line up when the bolt goes through it’ll line up when the bolt goes through but it would be nice if it was snug okay spot yeah gonna put probably an inch on each side of the bottle it’s going through traffic it’s going to make a big difference uh the little the other clip will say normally you want the one that bridges off of here and goes over

The top and in here because on the cheap chinese one the horrible bottom mountain idea got really close to scratching the body working here i’ve actually moved the animals forward because of it so i might move back in now but if you can get that in the light so he’s going off this nylon bowl just block the light see if it’ll get a bit of visibility there just

Trying to get it to adjust for the darkness but you don’t want to does it the sun’s in an awkward position anyway there’s a little bolt there that’s easy enough on the kit so bottom bolt off leave him loose initially until you get your alignment let’s start to put the monstrosity together let’s see how that looks hold on you gail just to have one more look at

This hold on just talking the video so you got full through the power bronze which fits beautifully into this one so that is a beautiful fit nice little rubber everybody likes a little rubber and then he’ll cozy up against that so you’ve got a beautiful join there because of the rubber grommet but say that one that’s not the nicest one what a shame it didn’t fit

Snug in that hole right i’m gonna pop that on so i won’t be able to hold the phone at the same time right first one’s on so to say i’m not i mean that is a massive variation quite why that’s there i do not know so i think for 91 quid they could have done better i mean i’m almost tempted just to take that piece out just bend it in touch it on the end also and i

Did find this with a cheap one just hits and i wouldn’t necessarily blame the screen yeah it’s just hitting the screen before the body so i suppose they’ve done it to the millimeter like this joining is right to the money on the old clutch left but to the money’s fine like but yeah i think if i’m getting them i’d recommend the ones that come down it seems like

Choosing the position so it’s still got a lot of movement in it which is moving the bar end but not the nut i might be now that’s moving i want to try and tighten it some more then but it didn’t seem to want it right both on yeah so i don’t think i’m entirely actually not for the money i mean the quality is there on these fixing fittings but quite why this didn’t

Go here but look at this right what i did find when i first put it on to try and use it without the block it was it was like out here what i found was look how far over this break i like to move the mount now it’s much more in part with the opposite side so i’d say that was being read that in the wrong place i even measured it from the end so if you look here the

End of the lever could be different than levers almost level together the grip so that’s we’re still a little over on this one see it interesting very interesting but yeah i think um you know that’s really put a lot of whip on the bike but so when you put them on and the things on then it really starts to look like a real gs feels like one to ride i think that’s

Gonna have to tip up more i said i don’t like the way this has movement in it but can move the boat a bit too much we’ll see the cheap ones did that as well but not as bad actually

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BMW G310GS fitting cheap screen and Power Bronze hand guards By 1stSinBin