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BMW Greatest EVER Classic? 1972 BMW r60/5 Review – 1969 1973 BMW R 60/5

BMW Greatest EVER Classic? 1972 BMW r60/5 (Review)

Hello and welcome to retro bikes dublin today we’re looking at a bmw r65 which is in really really nice condition with um what would look to be nearly all original condition as well with the original bmw saddlebags at the rear which are worth quite a fortune on their own but really good condition overall i’ll go through the bike now on a visual analysis and

Then we’ll move through on to a ride long video for the mechanics but front tire is new and freshly put on by us from guards in really nice condition here we do have a slight bit of a repair job coming up through the front here other than that really nice condition then the rear of the bike from forks gators are in good condition the wheel and alloy itself

Are actually in reasonably good condition as well as the front uh dual drum it looks like uh right hand side of the bike now we have the original indicators an original tank which is in really nice condition with the chrome on it i’ll kind of get in close here so you can see a bit of the condition wise on it it’s in a good condition though right hand side

Engine the boxer iconic boxer engine from bmw in really nice condition here and exhausts as well are in immaculate condition too rear uh clever rear uh um luggage set at the rears of panniers are in really good condition very easy to take on are actually really really uh handy and a great design the single seat which is actually um made for the luggage kit

Is present and original as well from bmw up over the top then we do have some kind of marking as you’ll see in the tank but overall paint and everything is fairly nice condition you can see the on a marking in it and original field cap though up over the top original speedometer and the key is there as well left and right hand side mirrors electric start as

Well on this right hand side which is amazing 1972 and the rear tire then is uh looking like it’s coming to the end slightly on the on the thread and onto the left-hand side then carrier sets as well and rear shocks then as well and this size are in really nice condition mostly covered by the saddle you can make an adjustment here as you can see depending on

The weight of the saddles or a pillion passenger which the pegs are still present for side and main stand here and as well as kickstart on this left hand side choke is on underneath the fuel cap here and the left hand side tank is in nice condition as well with the chrome as you can see boxer engine and again exhaust and really nice condition moving up into

The front then again back to the original indicators at the front all in really really nice condition and a really really nice locking bike a real showpiece and uh in really nice condition original condition which is hard to find so we’ll move now from the visual analysis on to the right along okay so we’re on to the uh bmw r65 i should say this has electric

Start which is great for me as i can just get on the bike and start her up uh one thing to note with the bike bmws they have um fuel taps sorry excuse me for individual for either side of the carbs or the twin so you have a fuel on here and fuel on here and then your choke is here so uh what i’m going to do is i’m going to press in the um the key then get on

The bike and start her up i should probably tighten that up there but here we are and get a grips to the uh position of everything and away we go oh sorry the main stand is rubbing so let me just uh put that up there there we go and off we go now i have the right indicator on so really nice and smooth super easy to drive actually for the type of age this bike

Is a lot of the early 70s bikes are actually quite hard to drive um relatively but uh we’re going to turn actually run turn right here and we can see that front right indicator working as uh as expected ticking over nicely here now as well at the entrance here and we’re going to be let out i’m going to move into the left hand side here indicators are a bit

Unconventional and again on to the left it’s actually my first time driving a bike now and about over a month i’d say maybe maybe just less than a month three weeks or so which would be unusual for me i’m usually riding a bike every day every day really it wouldn’t be many days i’d go by i wouldn’t ride a bike even on the sundays i go out for my nice ride and

We’re going to go up the hill so as we say going through the gears nicely i’m gonna cancel that indicator now yeah so the bmw r65 i mean very rare bike very hard in particular to get the bike in uh original condition they’re very very popular with um cafe racers because they’re so simple to work on and so really uh because they’re just one big kind of engine

Really to be honest but uh turning circle now put in the clutch a bit and around we go i made a bit of a hack of that it all seems really really nice it’s driving super super nicely i’m super happy with it that’s the horn working there as you can hear a bit of a flimsy horn but it’s obvious that’s what bmw obviously chose back in the day he’s going to make

A left-hand turn here now into the estate again and then what we’ll do is and if you haven’t seen one of our videos before we go to a sit down point and we just have a look at it and we go through lights and stuff like that and we’re into third gear now which is nice for tipping away obviously the uh speed limit around here have to take it fairly handy as i

Am now because as you can see pedestrians are homemade into the road like that with their earphones in they don’t expect uh they don’t expect uh motorcyclists or male drivers in general okay we’re in the first gear now and we’re moving along so we’ve just gone going into our set down point here now on the left hand side so left indicator on and the shoulder

Check well not needed because we’re on the left hand side closing in but uh we’ll move in now i’m going to just set the bike a bit further than what i would usually go and let’s find neutral how easy was that very very easy first time i found neutral excellent so i’m going to put it down let’s test out the side sound which are notorious on bmw’s to be flipping

Flimsy or enough flimsy but finicky because i come so far forward to the bike that’s how she stands now on the road really beautiful bike i’m just going to get a little thumbnail here now for the youtube video itself here we go beautiful bike that’ll get a lot of that that picture there get a lot of clicks i’d say now with the look of the bike now but really

Nice condition we’ll do the indicators now so right hand side if i can get the indicators on so that’s the right hand side front and rear and left hand side front and rear and the brake light as you can see they’re working as well so that’s really it for the bike everything working starting stopping mechanically really really good tires are good that rear one

May need a bit of a bit of a shimmy up but other than that i mean there’s nothing really else to do to it um really fantastic bike for what we’re asking for um on the price-wise again if you are looking for it it will be on our donedeal page down the bottom in the description um and if you click on it and in the listings it’s not there or else if you’re from

A different country and you click on it and nothing comes up it’s usually because you need a vpn to uh see it so go to ireland ring and it’ll come up and otherwise it’ll sometimes be on our website as well as well as that so if you have liked the video that would be great if you did like uh also if you comment down below and your experiences with these bmw

R65s and what you think of them that would be great as well as subscribing we’re now up and over two and a half thousand subscribers was kind of amazing and didn’t really think that we would ever get to that point we were in about 500 this time last year so uh not even at a thousand so that’s a really good growth on the youtube channel well that’s been it for

The bmw r65 again if you do want to reach out to us our social medias are at retro bikes dublin for um at retro bikes open for uh what you call us our uh social medias instagram and facebook as well as our our official website being assassinate bmw r65 thanks for watching you

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BMW Greatest EVER Classic? 1972 BMW r60/5 (Review) – 1969 – 1973 BMW R 60/5 By Retro Bikes Dublin