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BMW K100 – Part 3 – The First Ride

It’s been 7 months in the making, but we finally got the K100 running, and Ben got to ride it!

Okay last time it was nigh on until spring yep now it’s march 27th and now it’s snowing and it’s like 38 degrees and 20 mile an hour wind here’s where we’re at so after we put the radiator on it wouldn’t start we’ve been tracing things trying to figure out what’s what we know the temperature sensor isn’t testing right so we got a new one of those ben discovered

That the uh airflow meter wasn’t plugged in so that’s obviously a problem right bud yeah and we also managed to use a bolt extractor uh that i got from amazon to get the bolts out of the air box we got the lower air box off so we can get in here and work so now ben’s just putting everything back together and depending on how much light we have left here which

Is not much maybe we’ll get to start tonight maybe tomorrow we can smell success my hands aren’t cold yet though so that’s a win out here for like 20 minutes so we’re out here anyway even though it’s kind of miserable how many layers do you have on six six i have like four i decided my hands are cold already but they’ll warm up i’m definitely not gonna get cold

I also thought if i put more layers my blood will be warmer when it gets to my hands solid logic so right now we’re going over all the ground wires cleaning those i’m going to check all the plugs sprays and deoxit and um and then we’re close we need to put the radiator back on tighten up all the hose clamps put the gas tank on then we’ll be ready and then you can

Ride it around the yard yeah maybe the ground’s hard enough today that won’t be slippery it will be slippery you’re gonna ride this today if it runs i mean i don’t see why not awesome it would be pretty awesome all right well here we go with the last couple steps we hope time we hoped in the last couple steps all of our grounds nice and shiny all the grounds all

Right put the ball back in yeah easier all right that’s good bottom one tight yeah yes side tight yes everything’s tight vacuum lines plugged in no okay do you think i would forget that though i wouldn’t think you’d ever forget something so important so simple after all we’ve been through wire nuts are an important part of any motorcycle’s electrical system

Make sure you’ve got at least one we have two so we’re good to go ahead of the game all right now before we do anything okay we should do a whole mental check through every we should do a mental check through everything that we had unplugged and just think through everything all right all right temperature sensor plugged in temperature gauge plugged in let’s

Actually see if that works there’s the temperature gauge wire all you bmw enthusiasts will recognize that well it doesn’t go all the way hot which is a good sign yeah it’s all the way too cold which easy should be normal um okay fuel pump is plugged in injectors are all plugged in fuel lines throttle butterfly switch temp sensor um airflow meter that’s definitely

Plugged in i witnessed that plugged in did we de-opposite that yeah yeah all right at least electronics clean cleaner no we had the dax out here last night all right we have our stuff up out of the way it’s got coolant in it he’s got gas in it um i can’t think of anything that isn’t plugged in all right all right so this is what attempt number four yeah i

Think before we got our power wheels battery oh yeah all right let’s see what we got see if it’ll idle on its own maybe a little more try again all right a little more choke there you go just let it run on choke for a while thank you god but i don’t think so those rims might be sticking they might take a while to wake up all right see if we’ll idle on just

Choke nice all right we got a little leak here we’ve got our hose clamp so ben’s going to get that all right just leave it like this be careful because that could be pressurized so it’s going to want to blow that hose off i can’t tell yeah but it’s pressurized yeah so just get that clamp on there and tighten it down we’ll deal with that later details

Details looks like it’s on the whole way but i can’t really tell yeah i think it is this steers way better than anything i’ve ever driven before like it just you just kind of veer it there and then it just like turns and it will lock but it will lock and it doesn’t feel like you’re turning very sharp it’s really weird maybe it’s just because it’s really heavy

Maybe man i said i don’t think i’ve ever heard nice good towards me a little bit towards me a little bit more a little bit more now you’re on the center stand nicely done well it’s a lot easier to ride than i thought it would be a lot less scary that might just be because i was so eager to ride it that i didn’t get that i didn’t get scared and so cold and

I just wanted to go inside and i also really just wanted to ride it um but i’ll always be a biased person now oh no it’s okay i know a lot a lot about their electronics ah nice job thanks thanks for helping me you’re welcome well now you got to clean up all your mess they don’t need to see that i don’t need to see the endless pain that went into this

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