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BMW K1200LT Clutch Fluid Flush and Maintenance DIY

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Okay so next to my series of videos here for working on the k bike i’m going to work on on the clutch now i’m going to work on flushing out the clutch so in order to get to the clutch one you got to take off the covers and everything on this particular bike you have to remove the panel’s here you have to at least remove the lower panel for sure because right here

Is where the the clutch drain is the drain mechanism so you have to be able to access this so you’re going to pull off the lower panel which is addressed in a different video and and then clip this and let this drop down and then there’s a little grub screw down in the bottom here so the other thing we have to do here just be able to get to the clutch reservoir

Which is over here so we do that by rotating the wheel here or the handlebars the wheel yeah i’m good to this side so it’s flat so we can get in there then lock it into place so then we’re going to uncover the uncover the reservoir so i covered up all this again because it’s a if if this thing spits out of here a first place it lands is right on the right end a

Little air wing here and maybe on your bike maybe on money or friends bikes but if you look on this air wing you may see some drips on there but never come out and that’s because the brake job whoever did the brake job it shot fluid out of there don’t have a very good angle here miracles these screw heads will strip out very easily because i think they’re made

Out of brass or something they’re not they’re not like steel screws or anything you might have stainless ones and yours if you if you change them or somebody else did these are the originals all right so i like to vacuum out the the old fluid vacuum this out make sure there’s no particles down inside there look in there and then refill this up with fresh fluid

And then we’ll we’ll go down to the bottom one so once we get this part exposed cut the zip tie off you’ll be able to see the grub screw there’s a little grub screw down in here it’s a little hex head screw and on most motorcycles you can pull them out or unfortunately you can see that mine is completely buggered it’s all wrecked here i i tried to get that screw

Out of there and i don’t know what was what would the hold up was but it stripped it all out so instead of me spending money on getting a new grub screw for it with with the whole new housing i can move this rubber back or the other here and pull the rubber off of here narcos anyways inside this i’m on your bike there’s a if you pulled this grub screw out there’s

A little ball in there it’s a like a little ball bearing it’s called a detent ball and you just simply push the ball in with it with an object like a like a blunt object or some kind like a allen wrench or something you can just push inside there it pushes a little spring back and it lets the fluid come out so you can let it drain out and then just just when it

Runs clear pop it open and that’s all it is to it so i’m going to get a couple wrenches here let this drain and and that’ll be the flush job on this thing so let’s pull it up and we’ll start draining so just a little detent setup here i know i could get it i know i could you know get a new one but there’s no need to this thing seals up just fine you’re like mean

You have to do this you want to make sure that there’s fluid in the bottom side of this thing and also filling up this thing so you wait for it to fill up and you don’t want to trap any air in there so there it is it’s right at the top now it’s dripping out like to dump a little bit on air this is a little messier way to do things for sure but if you trap an air

Bubble in there believe me you will know it because it it doesn’t like it your clutch will be very mushy they won’t in disengage all the way oh great my rag and that’s it so when you just go up there clean off the cap like you did on the breaks put it back together and test it out make sure it’s uh it fully squeezes and everything there’s no problems with it

That’s all there is to do in the clutch it’s really not hard to do it’s very important that you do it because last thing you want is that little slave cylinder in the back of the in the back of the clutch to go bad for any reason so give it the best chance you can by doing your service on it and thanks for watching and if you if you do would like to donate please

Do so subscribe to the videos i’ll be putting up different videos at different times here to make sure that everything gets covered

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BMW K1200LT Clutch Fluid Flush and Maintenance DIY By illinoisBMWriders