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BMW K1200LT Shimmy Damper issue.

Okay folks shimmy dappner bmw lt 1200 um 40 miles an hour got the shimmy so what i did was i followed the uh the video online uh by chris in the illinois blm bmw group um i’ve had this wheel off already but there’s a few pieces that i wanted to just add i am by far no way a qualified mechanic but i’ll tell you what i did um and this is more for a learning curve

I ended up at the bmw motorcycle shop in fort lauderdale three four times ordered parts wrong parts exploded diagram as it turns out actually i’ll just go through what i ordered finally okay the bushings my bushings were well and truly perished um there are the two bushings which sit either side that’s these two guys here so they were perished and then there

Is the bushing that sits when you push that up through the bottom and that’s it’s actually there’s the other one there it’s right there i wonder if you can see that that bushing so i replaced the three bushings uh when you go to bmw and they explode out the diagram of the shimmy dampener um that upper bushing um well certainly in my experience with the dealer uh

We couldn’t work out what part number it was so as it turned out to could a long story short the part number is that the seven six seven seven nine eight seven that is there that’s for the left and the right with that um that that one there the the top one is the exact same seven six double seven nine eight seven so and that’s the one which sits one of these

Little rings that sits in there and then when you put it all together that’s the part you screw down that sits down into it and the shimmy dampener is on top of that so just for more clarification i kind of learned as i went um the tools that i’ve used to get i got this shimmy dampener off with the wheel on um i had done it before so i knew what i was to expect

Uh that’s a torx uh it is a tea t30 because the t30 goes up there that’s what takes that bolt out and then the this one here i took that out with this little guy here um that is ah come on an s26 or an s2 actually an s2 there’s a small six in there as well so it’s either two or 26 one or the other that fits in there so between the two of them you can get the

Shimmy dampener off with those two tools and out here the next problem i had with the shimmy dampener off i could not get these things to these two things separated uh it was driving me insane because the non-marring device uh i just didn’t want to scratch um this chrome part oh there we go um so i got onto amazon as we all do for the non-marring um blocks i got

Two of these there is the other one and i was gonna put them or i did try and put them in here closed it in two of them on each side closed it in tried to get the turn could not get the turn it just wouldn’t turn for me um so and then i’m thinking oh maybe i’ll just try it put it back in with the new bushings maybe that will take the shimmy over well guess what

It didn’t i put it all back together jumped on the bike down the road 42 miles an hour shimmied off again unbelievable so came home took it apart again and i just thought you know what it i’m gonna do it um from harbor freight tools there is that little groove in there and i was i was just so against doing this but i was right at that point of uh here you know

What i have to buy a new one i will so i put it in there i snuggly um closed in on it without really biting hard on it and just as chris says in his video uh i gave it a twist up on this end and it broke away so to me that was a that’s a huge plus so now i am going for a round two here i am going to actually if you want to have a look at that the visual on

That is i hope the camera can pick that up so it breaks away real easy it’s just two pieces of uh threaded tube or cylinder put together um and there is the fork oil that came out you can see there is debris in it and um there’s a piece of crap in there which is kind of significant so i’m hoping that as he said uh on his video lucas synthetic fork oil light five

Weight i bought that in uh o’reilly’s for 6.99 i believe so uh the second part of my project is now going to be i’m going to uh just make sure that that um shimmy the dampener is completely emptied into that i’m going to get the fork oil into it i’m going to flush it out one or two times because there’s you know there’s 30 fills or 40 fills in that relative

To that so i’m going to make sure that’s a clean no debris and then it’s actually quite easy to put back together um that’s only relative to having taken it apart before and i was quite intimidated by the it will never go back together again the same way but it did it’s very straightforward nothing uh dramatic all that being said uh i will press pause on this

I’ll reassemble all of this uh put it back in the bike take the bike out and give it a test hopefully that shimmy will have gone away who knows um that bike only has or had 13 000 miles on it it’s a 2005. i bought it about three weeks ago uh over in los angeles rolled it back over to fort lauderdale um they’re brand new tires on it front and back tire pressure

Was perfect um as per on the side saddlebag or pannier um off the top my head is a is a 36 cold 38 cold uh in the front um but at 40 38 to 43 miles an hour um you could feel it in your hands that it was shaking take your hands off and it went into the dead wobble so that was my experience with it um i’ll keep you updated after i put this thing together you

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