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BMW K1300 Review

Corey takes a ride on the BMW K1300

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Thank you very much – energy drinks there for this as well are you holding it yeah well i mean oh i’ve got one in my pocket and first of all for the series i’m going to go for a ride on his bmw k 1300 i’ve had the k 1300 now for four days and it’s unbelievable it how it handles when i first jumped on earth thought i you geez it looks like i said that are 1,100

Feels like his head’s at our 1,100 and they were back in the day we’re a nice bike to ride but still still weren’t nothing like this this is standard comes out with awesome tires i’ve i pushed it through the we’re through the wheel road in mundaring and and that’s got to be one of the windiest roads in perth that you can ride and ride safely and did not want to

Step out of line it with the traction control it had no problems around the tight corners abs braking i could just i could slam the brake on it car come up and it was no drama at all it just pulled up very nicely didn’t lock the back wheel or the front wheel or nothing like that so it was pretty good to ride very impressed with it also cornering it you think with

This it’s got a 60 degrees rake angle which means that the steering head angle is actually 60 degrees out whereas the s1000rr and all your are ones and etc are a bit closer whereas this i thought i was not going to turn as well but it’s tender you didn’t have to hang off it you didn’t have to pull it through the turns it just fell into the corners very nicely

It also has this new suspension on the front that no longer run original forks they actually have a shock absorber mounted up under the petrol tank and run two main legs like the old springer type but a little bit better technology than the old springer’s and and i thought it would handle a bit rubbish but no it was very well also you can tell we’re changing the

Suspension as you’re riding you can change it from sports to comfort to to normal i didn’t find much difference with the changes but i noticed with the sports one it was a bit more rigid which is which is good for something like this then you can actually throw it in a bit harder and you can you can write it a little bit harder and it doesn’t wallow through the

Corners but then you can switch it straight back to comfort and and it just rise like a nice old nice old bike which is good so you don’t have to actually push it so hard it also it has it’s a sharp drive and best thing about shaft drives is i think i don’t notice a difference between shaft drive and chain drive everyone says all there’s a difference you can feel

The difference all i can’t feel the difference i’ve been riding motorcycles for donkey’s in and i can’t i can’t notice a difference only thing i notice is when you get home you don’t have to wipe your wheel full of chain loop that’s the best advantage and also you’re not wearing out a set of chain and sprockets every time you go for a ride or you go through the dust

You’re not chewing out sprockets it’s brilliant i can’t see why every motorcycle is not shaft drive it makes it a lot easier on maintenance you’re not going to the shop every six months to buy chain and sprockets you don’t have to stop and adjust your chain it’s all got something a tire i think every boy should have also quickly this bike is a quick shifter i don’t

Know if anyone’s written with a quick shifter before but if you have you do understand that how much bliss it is to ride with a quick shifter what you can actually do is roll the accelerator on you can write it it’s a 8,000 rpm and instead of rolling off the accelerator or hitting the clutch to change gears you just click the gear hold accelerator at 8,000 rpm and

Just click the little ever and option can’t you just she’ll cut the engine out for a point whatever of a millisecond just to shift the gear and it’ll change as smooth as possible you don’t even and when you’re doing it it actually puts a very nice no doubt it exhausts so you can just right up and down the street doing the quick shifter just because it sounds nice

Also equipped with this bike is um abs the abs is unbelievable like some abs is a different lace shutter they feel like you’re the back wheel shuttering but this one you just feel the lever it actually pulsates it feels like the swing arms coming up and down on the old old-school drum brakes when you have the odds end and feels feels totally out of this world but you

Can press it as hard as you want and it’s not going to go down anymore but it does pull you up in a hurry i could i was trying it out yesterday i was doing um high speeds and just grabbing a handful of front brakes and it just pulled me up very nicely so i didn’t wash the front wheel out and i even went on a bit of gravel and tried it out as well same deal we didn’t

It didn’t step sideways it didn’t didn’t do anything uncomfortable just pulled me up very nice nice also with the i found with the traction control in the gravel you can just now the accelerator dump the clutch and it will not spin the back wheel like you with all that revs on board you think the wheels just going to take off and start squealing but it doesn’t it

Actually just goes and takes off very nicely young wouldn’t and doesn’t step out doesn’t spin the wheels just another thing that’s it’s getting better and better with these motorcycles and you’ll see with most the superbike said their bikes are doing the same thing instead of doing a big power slide out the corner they’re actually doing the same they’re leaving skid

Marks as opposed to one big skid mark and i can’t really fault this bike it is a bit heavier it does take a bit more load but it’s about two hundred thirty thirty kilos and then you can load it up to just under 500 kilos which is which is pretty good for a motorcycle for under 500 kilos to load it up and and still rise like a sports bike so anything other than that

Like i can’t fault the bike it’s worth them if you go on for a long tour it’s good for that or if you’re just zipping around the streets it’s still good for that it’s a good happy medium bike you can um you could use it pretty much anywhere yeah you can take it around australia or you can just cruise this cruise through through all the orbit of winding roads and and still enjoy both

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BMW K1300 Review By The Bike and Car Show