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BMW R nineT Scrambler Review | Joanna F. Benz

Thank you to BMW Sikora and BMW Motorrad Poland for providing the demo bike. And sorry about the burnouts.. 😉

It’s really cold today and me writing a scrambler so hopefully hopefully i want to freeze to this today i haven’t written to scrambler yet so i’m definitely looking forward to to trying it i do love the i-90 you know i love with the r9t and scrambler is like em cooler looking but a cheaper version of the r9t they change the few things i think it doesn’t have

Upside-down forex i think the brakes are not quite as good as the r9t ones however the i-90 brakes are so good that i think they could afford a downgrade which made the whole bike cheaper more affordable for us i’m hearing it still remarkably good so today i’ll find out this tumbler is ready you know the sun is started what do we need to know about it and it

Does have traction an idea which you can turn off the leds let me see the bit that was my first question yet we do have here either with mobility it is quite simple here nice and soft okay look for this alrighty then tumblr looks pretty very pretty oh jesus oh it’s dull was it so big when everything’s so big oh or the vibration make it bikes are definitely

Not user-friendly at low temperatures for so cold my son gorgeous oh the tires are probably most important ones to address the look super cool they really do but there are absolute nightmare on the tarmac absolute nightmare i definitely don’t recommend ice ice on the road size wise the entire bike is a little bit older i’m okay would have seat height but i’m

Struggling to reach the handlebars i have to lean forward a little bit to to reach them or try and get closer to the tank which is not easy but i can see how this would be quite uncomfortable for a toll rider brakes are decent i have absolutely no complaints the strategy of power for this style bike either have to precise with the control you do have to collect

In for every gear change absolutely no classes shipping on this and i know it’s not the style buy that you would want to do flutter stick but we do like to cluster shift some way so on this now you have to act like a lady or a gentleman and if you’re sick you need to make sure you break before downshifting if you carry too much speed and and drop a gear you’ll

Get a wobble this doesn’t feel right at all cornering on these tires it’s the tire nothing else i’m loving the sound it’s not too noisy but it has a nice beat growl the algorithm talks it’s magnificent rather frequent to i don’t like that there’s no gear indicator i don’t know what here i’m n you only know it in neutral it’s chosen at us i know that i’ll need

To give right or wrong but i’d like to know what german he look good they’re more of a warm grip kind of situation they’re not hot the warm but not hot the wind resistance of course is in the issue as it would be on any link advice so overall i really don’t write it as a winter friendly bike this is definitely your summertime let’s write down to the village for a

Nice to lunch in a pub kind of motorcycle it looks fantastic it really does it gets a lot of tension but it’s not a fast rider too sophisticated right once it is retired till then it’s it’s wobbly and uncomfortable and sketchy to be honest unless you actually will go off-road but then i don’t know how this style of bike would actually behave or froze because the

Seating position is not ready approach friendly it does have traction control an idea you can turn off the abs i believe and traction with these tires came in handy i honestly i’m not hiding the tires that’s the bottom line is these tires are not for the road do not ride on the road in detail it’s one of those things where i almost all for looking cool but it’s

Looking cool means you bloody uncomfortable and is it is it worth it this bearing is fairly easy again it’s affected by the tires and i just my bike to go super fast on you go first roll on something like this could i see myself owning one i would love to see what it would look like a memo tires because then i could be good to myself on my fees but then will it

Lose its charm and road tires i really like the tongue i like all things gray and this is a gorgeous gray another thing i just remembered to tell you suspension is brilliant under it’s so soft and bouncy and that’s exactly what you want from a bike like this you don’t want fish nobody i wish you could see how much i’m jumping up and down so bouncy all this is

Very comfortable okay so just sum up my experience on the scrambler today it’s a prop one because the longer i’m on it the more i love it the first half an hour on this today was just full and it’s growing on me i love the loop again you love the loop i’m disliking the tires is there affecting my confidence and comfort but it’ll break those gorgeous there’s

So much i love here i think if you change the tires this would be an amazing gentleman’s road bike for a respectable right this is not succeed this is not for long-distance but it’s so enjoyable within speed limit i remember saying that about the i-90 that it makes me act like a lady and this one is is very much like it if you try and be a hooligan it’s going to

Buy so your own place if you want it on the road or go for a walk in the woods on this you really want this on a dirt road and then i think it would be so good but is overall so good it’s bmw quality and i find it irresistible so i guess my verdict i want

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BMW R nineT Scrambler Review | Joanna F. Benz By Joanna F. Benz