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BMW R850r Ride and Review | Motorcycle Review

BMW R850r Ride and Review | Motorcycle Review.

Good morning good afternoon and good evening wherever you may be so today we’re off to uh the south west of england uh a little town called gloucester i was planning on actually going via country roads but my google on my phone um failed me because it’s quite hot and i think the phone just heated up and just switched off so i’m taking the motorway because i

Actually don’t know where i’ve got to go i’m meeting a friend so i thought well if i can get onto the motorway and head in that general direction when i get closer i’ll just pull into a service station and uh get the facts the level land and find out where exactly i’ve got to be so um i’m riding a r-850r i want to do a review of this but you have to keep in

Mind this is a 1998 motorcycle so it’s 23 years old it’s not what you would class as a modern bike by any stretch of the imagination but it is a wonderful design and to be honest i think when bmw made this there was a mixed response i personally love the shape and i’ve been waiting to find a very clean model ever since well i can’t say ever since because at

That time when it came out i couldn’t afford it and you’ll notice that the reviews i do are always of older bikes i had a couple of people suggest why don’t i do the current bikes well the truth is i can’t afford it and nor can most people when they buy bikes people buy older bikes they they buy what they can afford and so i try to review bikes which are a

Little older a few years maybe and a lot more softer on the pocket when you acquire them so that’s the cluster meter getting back to the bike and now it’s um national speed limit so i can stretch push the bike a little anyway getting back to the bike it’s a very novel design back in the day very attractive it’s got the boxer engines and i’ll show you pictures

Of the bike when i park up but suffice to say when you buy older bikes you get a lot for your money the only thing you have to bear in mind is some older bikes are old and ragged and past their sell by date their best buy day so when you do find an old bike or if you are looking for an old bike please do take note of things like mileage check service history

Check all documentation that comes with it and obviously i know that in some countries people don’t let you ride the bike before you buy because you may not be insured on it but certainly start the motor and see how it purrs but there are good bargains to be had and this has at 27 000 on the clock and now it’s 28 100. i’m pretty sure it’ll stretch further still

Because i’m thoroughly enjoying the use of this bike um and that’s it i’ll give you the specs of the bike um on the screen suffice i keep saying suffice to say but i’ll say it one more time suffice to say it’s an 850 cc displacement it’s not a powerful 850cc but on the motorway when trucks and juggernauts go past you you don’t lose your line it’s very strong

It’s very stable the weight is very low down so you don’t feel it when it’s moving but obviously you feel it when it’s stationary and you’re pushing it with brute force sits around 225 to 235 kilograms wet weight um and obviously it’s got it came with bmw panniers i’m not sure if that was standard or you had to buy them but i’ve also got a top box on this

To give you top box so it looks good from the back because it’s got you know the three set two uh panniers and the top box and um overall it’s pretty good so that’s it for now and i’ll catch up with you later when we’ve got some more scenic roads to ride on right folks country lanes on the bmw 850r now i apologize if my voice isn’t coming through clearly

I have the microphone connected but there’s some serious road noise there my helmet’s not shut properly and what can i say it’s uh it is what it is so this r850r is a 1998 model as i said before this is an absolute mint it’s got no paint that’s flaking it has an extra top box which doesn’t come as standard i do believe the panniers did come as standard sadly

Back then the engines were carburetor engines and were not efi um but that doesn’t cause too many problems just in the very uh beginning in the morning when you start it you have to use the choke for all of about five seconds and then it holds its own on idle the looks represent those kind of bikes that you used to see on those programs called chips so it’s

Sort of california looking uh roadsters if i can use that description well i have so i’m sticking with it touring bike so the idea was that you could put your things in the panniers and off you go however touring has developed considerably since then and i think there are a lot more better touring bikes which have also an adventure element to it having said

That i’m not knocking this bike one bit it rides well and whenever you park up you seem to attract more people to this bike than other bikes that are say newer models in terms of speed it’s nothing to write home about but it holds its own it’s an 850 cc carburetor engine which probably wouldn’t be able to compete with the modern 600 cc engines which are a

Lot more torquey and a lot more power though i would say that if you’re buying a bike for power this is not the bike for you if however you’re buying a bike for its aesthetic looks then this definitely is the bike that you should at least consider be careful they’re old so there’s not many out there that are in excellent condition but they do exist do your

Due diligence work and make sure when you do find one you check it out properly even if it means taking a mechanic with you i think it’s time to hit the road and tell you how it feels on the road the beauty that is english country lanes seriously i never get enough of these the road presence of this bike is fantastic it’s heavy but on the road it doesn’t feel

Heavy but it sits on the road so well so bear with me let me just check road and coast clear we’re going through some little english sorry villages um hamlets and a couple of towns i think but anyway getting back to the bike it handles well it’s an old bike it’s it’s not a fuel efficient bike it’s not an efi bike it’s carburetor based it’s one of those bikes

That looks the part and if you’re into aesthetics of bikes you’ll be very pleased with this bike handles very well for what it is it’s not a sports mic but you can get some power when you pull the throttle back but what you have to keep in mind is that it’s uh it’s a 23 year old bike that wasn’t designed for speed then and i think with the advancements that

We’ve got now um the the bikes that are designed for speed are much better than they were before so this wasn’t for speed then and it certainly isn’t made for speed now but it has enough poke for you to overtake most things on the road and that’s all you really want it’s an eye catcher i was in a nice little eatery in gloucester and everyone that walked past

Would stop and take note of the bike so it has that and some people do find that quite appealing so there’s that that’s that’s the fact that’s that’s uh going forward it’s uh sitting as an advan as an advantage but uh overall i’m quite pleased with the bike i only bought this to satisfy a desire that i had when i wore a younger man’s clothes and uh once that

Desire is over this will be going on to an owner that will look after it a lot better than i can because it’s in pristine condition i’m pretty sure i’ll find a buyer soon to be honest i may already have a buyer but going back to the bike it’s um whoops didn’t take the indicator off um it’s a good looking bike it’s retro and it’s now sitting at an age where it

Would be deemed uh having classic status so yeah that’s about it really i can’t give you too much of a detailed review because it’s not as though this is a bike that lots of people will go for and even if i give you a review it’s more of a review that’s for those who have either had it before or who have considered buying this but it’s not going to be for the

Masses because masses wouldn’t go for something so old

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