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BMW S1000XR first oil change

All right next thing up is the 6,000 mile maintenance for the oil change on the 2016 bmw s1000xr get all the stuff laid out i really like the canyon filters i’ve been using the cane 160 on my gsa for a few years and they really like it i like the ability to use the wrench on the end for frizzy on easy on easy off promote my hand of course and then the castor oil

I use the capture oil just for availability i can get it at more places than i can the bmw oil you know i like to travel a lot i like the option to replenish with the same kind of oil if i need to top off in between oil changes so looks at the manuals pretty straightforward i’m just really doing the video because i want to do it yourselfer and like most of you if

You’re looking at this just want to share this is my first time doing a little change on this bike done hundreds of oil changes in my life on motorcycles and cars and i’ll just share with you any surprises that i came up with all looks pretty straightforward you know yeah i know that the the cows gonna have to come off the lower cow to get to the oil filter because

Of where the wall footer sits right behind the exhaust you know the drain there’s no skid plate or anything on this so the drain is there and it should be pretty simple so i anticipate is gonna happen is i’ll not pull this cowl off i’m going to drain the oil from the engine when you pull the filter without making too much of a mess try figure out some kind of catch

Assembly so i can prevent oil from landing on the exhaust they’re all back together and fill up what you know what okay so the fairings off the lower fairings off i’m sorry and the drain plugs out that’s the amount of debris i have on mine at the six thousand biome anus again it’s pretty standard that looks like about what i’ve seen another bikes in the past nothing

Nothing to worry about there no large chunks we’re going to let the engine drink for a few minutes and then we install the plugin fill iveco so part of the reason i prefer the k&n oil filters is for that good thing right there the stock filter does not have the nut tacked on at the end the fastener tacked on to the end so you can use just a regular screwdriver

To pull the branch it’s not screwdriver with you know this many full filter wrench is you’ve got to figure out exactly which one’s the right size which want to fit into the crevices and over the years i just collected so many more i prefer the simple solution i like to be able to just grab a crescent wrench or a wrench to the correct size and easily remove an oil

Filter which is why i will continue to use the cannons had great luck with them in the past alright getting ready to pull out the stock hole filter again we’re doing a 6,000 mile will change on the 2016 bmw s1000xr i’ve done this before where i use a little bit of aluminum foil and you put it underneath the filter assembly so instead of draining directly on your

Exhaust hopefully it hits the aluminum foil and then drains into the oil pan work fairly well i’ve had it not work very well so let you know how this goes we’re gonna we’re gonna try it right now i’ll see if i can do it with the camera run i may not be able to and we’ll see i guess someone’s either corstel alright alright i’m not gonna be able do it one hand off

To come back to you alright here we go they want to get the loose that’s tighter than i’ve ever seen an old so do it open up very snug and there we go so now looks like that worked pretty well just gonna drain on the exhaust hole drains down into the pan way to get this thing out of here and get the new cane in his door okay yeah well change is uh pretty much

Done i’m just putting the lower cowl back on i’m oversharing and no real surprises here i think if anything was the surprise or just kind of you know lessons learned so i could lose the pieces of a little quake is the style of plastic caught clip plastic fastener that the entity uses i was a little different and some of the other ones another place on the bike this

Plastic pin that’s in it actually comes out and when you push it through the bottom it disappears and you know mine i had an oil train pan below it so they dropped it in the old drain pan but the first time i took these out i didn’t know that i was installing the radiator guards and and lost that little tiny plastic pin for about five minutes i’m looking around

For it so justjust know when you push it out push it all the way through comes out and these things are pretty easy to get out of the front of the lower ferric assembly and when you’re putting it back in place and you just press on flush so and then you’ve done so well all pretty simple no surprises the the draining of the oil with using from the from the filter

Assembly using some aluminum foil so you know work pretty well no issues there i’ll definitely keep doing that this work past other bikes i want to share i think it’s probably a 20 minute job you know for the average do-it-yourself mechanic and including and cleaning up your mess getting the fairing off little fairing it’s off pretty easy you got two bolts on the

Other side we’re here on the other side small fasteners and once these bad boys come out and you just you know you have these two clips here in front you pop them through the whole lower fairing comes off as one piece pretty simple i think goes back up the same way so i hope you find this useful and if you’re planning on doing this yourself we should have best-loved you

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BMW S1000XR first oil change By Penny Can