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Configuring The ULTIMATE BMW R18 – Which Accessories Would You Choose?

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Anyway speaking of like bits you put on a bike mods you’d make the last time we did the podcast we were talking about the bmw r18 and the fact that it has a configurator already even though the bikes not available on the bmw website and i said we should both have a go at configure 8 in 1 and see what they come out like and compare our results so i’ll send you mine

First and what i’ve gone for here tim is a well what can i say it’s a response to all the haters who are saying that the concept r18 was super good-looking and then the production bike is like disappointing because i’ve said many times over of course it’s not gonna look like the concept it’s got to have more electronics big airbox and because i think the concept

Had a hole through the the frame under the seat where all the kind of electronics and their box and all that kind of stuff is this got an oil cooler as well i think it was meant to be entirely air-cooled that that original concept mirrors you know they’re never going to look that good catalyser oh the big one i think as well as like reasonable economics as well

Like you can see from the video footage of that concept it looks atrociously uncomfortable to sit on they’re never going to put a cruiser out like that no one will buy it because all the reviews that say it was super uncomfortable but i think if you make a few choice mods on the configurator you can actually get something that’s pretty close no i’m excited well

Let me talk you through give me your first impressions oh yeah you got very clean there i can see the thing yeah too subtle no no because i think you can go too much konya and i was erring on the side of going too much when i did mine and i tried to pull it back a little but okay let me tell you what i’ve applied here and then we’ll have a look at yours so i went

On the first pages like electronics and there’s no prices yet for any of these parts but i just added a load of them you can’t really see them on the you know on the on the picture that i’ve put up but like you would stick all the heated grips reverse hill-start control adaptive headlight i couldn’t believe that a lockable fuel filler cap is an extra an extra yeah

I know that’s wild yeah if you don’t people stealing your fuel then you go that’s crazy but anyway those were just the things that i put on it doesn’t really make a difference here but in terms of the visual stuff so the reason that i think a lot of people thought that the the production version spike looked a bit less aggressive was the the tail end it had a big

Mud guard and a pillion seat and it really you know it bulked out that rear end and then when they released all the pictures of like that the different modifications you can make to it and they did one that had a cleaner back end but it had big chunky fat bobber style wheels on it big yeah like small rims and big balloon tires and then you know it made it look a lot

Like the triumph bobber where is that that concept just had normal spoked wheels with quite a large front and quite a stubby fat and rear tire on it so yeah that’s what i’ve kind of tried to go with and on the kind of like visual pieces so i’ve put a lot of the roland sands designed two-tone and covers and and a machined parts you know so the headlights around i’ve

Blacked that out same for the speedo blacked that out and the mirrors as well and then i you know there’s a engine housing yeah you can also get a air box cover so i think all those blacked out parts look quite nice so that the main thing is the bar kit the way that i think that you can get it to look most like that concept is yet the bobber kit which it puts a

Much more neat rear mudguard on it that looks more in keeping with the front mudguard it’s like quite flush it has some like integrated brake light indicator things and then it also includes the side number plate holder swinger mounted yeah that looks great if you ask me on that back end and you get that tractor sal tractor style rather sort of suspended see that

Gives it that hard look so that babak it with the stock spoked wheels which are the ones you can get all these machined like crazy-looking ones but if you just go for the stock wheels with the bobber kit to me that’s the closest setup the only other change that are made of note was that you can get blacked-out handlebar risers there’s some four yes extensions and

Then there’s a one and a half inch now the stock bars must be something like two or three inches because when you put the one and a half inch rises on if you look at the configurator you can see that it moves those bars ever so slightly closer to the forks so yeah that they’re the shortest option and i think that’s another thing from that from that concept bike is

That the bars are very low and it wouldn’t be that comfortable for very long but yeah that’s one feature that makes it look a bit more like it the last thing i would do on this bike then is get someone to custom make a fishtail exhaust that wasn’t this big goofy one that’s what i haven’t put them you have just you’ve left the full code on there haven’t you yeah

Yeah the only option is the tapered erm vance and hines which in some ways look good like imagine if this fishtail one just cut off like the concept it’d just in front of that rear wheel i’m sure someone’s going to make something like that and i think there’s no point in me puttin a thousand quids worth of vance & hines on here if i’m only really going to go

For that look eventually that’s what i would do i gave her their thing logically i like yeah exactly like i was playing to the parameters that we have available to us although i think what are actually do is take your concept there and just get an angle grinder out and just chop them back myself nice but why not you know they’re already on there they don’t cost

Anything extra you might as well just take your own source – are you experienced with an angle grinder i’ve cut some stuff okay well it’s a nice creation that rob i have to say and it is i think it looks cracking ya know i think it’s pretty true to the to the other one i’m gonna i’ve got i’m going to take yours and i’m gonna make just a few adjustments with the

One that i made all right send it over to me i will do so yeah it didn’t make too many adjustments cuz the same as you just wanted to be tasteful i think we’re both vibing off the the old bubba style which is sort of triumph baba style we’ll call it a throbber because it shakes as well as being focused on but i like free yeah here we go to see i’ve also gone for the

Track to see i do like the the lights in the back the indicators in the tail light here very nice i went for that big old cuban cigar exhaust but now that you’ve said that i think maybe i’d go for the original you just chopped it back i went for these stupidly big wheels why not treat yourself it’s fancy bike i didn’t go for the shocks because there was options one

There for a run the front suspension you can go for kind of revealed stanchions and take back those covers but i quite like what do you know they did know the butler covers like why they were on there i think you told me you said something about that remind me well because it’s based on the r5 know that kind of like from the what is it a 30s or 40s the r5 something

Like that it’s a very old bike anyway back then road surfaces were so poor that you would get stone chips quite a lot and if you got them on the kind of polished part the fork there you’ll give you problems so that’s what those sort of big boat covers are for a nice design feature leave the early one but i didn’t like the other options that were on there and i was

A little concerned it was going to make it a bit too sore front heavy for the look of it but if you look at it front uh now it looks quite nice when you do the little rotation thing on there configurator and i’ve gone for my machine parts were the rocker covers the engine covers there which i quite liked the little bm yeah you know i see iii kind of didn’t really

Look at those when i was doing new looks clean but i do like the machine part on that the rest of it i’ve gone in stock black like you did for the replacements like the headlight covering a clock cover and stuff of that and i’ve kept on the original mirrors because i thought that the chrome matched the chrome bars which also matches in the mirror sort of thing the

Exhausts and they have yeah both of our creations which are actually relatively similar it’s just that mine might be a little bit too showy yeah uses a bit more it’s got a bit more bling to it love it’s the wheels and i can see why you’ve been that mine looks a bit more old-school isn’t it yeah yours is very tastefully very tasteful um maybe you have not done enough

Though might not look special you can go over them further than why did yeah you can you can really go full-on let’s just do that now hang on i’m just surprised me because i also went for a bit luggage bit of practicality on mine you’ll see there’s a little tank bag on the sorry nut sank back the m quarter panel just under your seat there which looks like it would

Store a phone or maybe a set keys maybe you wallet maybe a small sandwich sliced diagonally i actually don’t think it looks as garish as i was expecting what with all the apples are stuff on alright what do you think boom yeah oh man you’ve gone for the black exhaust as well i love it exhaust it goes halfway and decides no actually i’d rather be a different color

Yeah with the silver wheels that thought just no consistency that is lovely look at them seats that’s a yeah i mean that’s that’s one way you could go with it i don’t even think those satchels the satchel side backs them really no they’re not sitting straight either they’ve got them on they’re a bit wonky green loving the screen loving the way you know that doesn’t

Look too dissimilar to the old yamaha virago that i got back in there to see was it v-twin forever or something like that live free v-twin did you have leather tassels oh mate practically you had all the eagles and stuff on it as well right well then yeah that’s that’s our take on that i think we should post these in the facebook group because if you just listening

To the podcast it’s not very interesting so we’ll post them up in the group i’d also love it if people in the group could either suggest other bikes we could do that with all have a go themselves if they think they could make something a bit more ram tasteful or excited which shouldn’t be difficult considering the bottom one not at all

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