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FINALLY Got New Tyres For BMW F850 GS..!

Got New Tryes for My BMW F 850GS..Michelin Anakee Adventures..and Ready For Long Rides Again..😊

And wow i can already feel the difference on the right quality microphone check make it a microphone check give it a microphone i make the that microphone dead don’t stack to me newbie i can truly be moody i could have played the grinch in the movies i’ve been a part-time shadow cat part-time that is not a guy that i would ever want to try to battle rap snap

Crack a pop mine fried to a crisp making mc into a wide-eyed lunatic what’s up guys welcome back to my channel once again so here i’m ready to go to the bmw motorola showroom um at my place right now and the reason i’m going to the showroom is to change the tyres i got the new tires and i dropped the tyres yesterday at the showroom so i’ll be heading to the

Showroom right away internet if you can see here bubble in my pen almost flat and the rear tire i have a little bit of threading left but still uh i am changing the tires right now i’ll keep this rear tire just in case in the future if something or the other happens to the rear tire i can still replace it for temporary purposes and let me give you a quick update

About this bike uh right now on the odo it is about 14 800 close to 15 000 kilometers is what i’ve driven so let’s do one thing here let me go to the showroom as quick as possible because the time is almost about five o’clock right now i told them that i’ll be there by 4 4 15 but i’m getting great see you all on the road on the gopro mode me all right guys

So time is almost about 5 10 oh god i’m kind of little late today i was supposed to go there at the showroom by 3 30 or probably by 4 o’clock at least that is what i’ve told them actually and the time is almost about uh 5 15 and by the time i reach the showroom it will be 5 30 so i’m not sure if it’ll be willing to get these styles changed today i’ll try and

Request them to get it done today because uh tomorrow and the after i have a lot of work and yeah uh right now i am climbing the film nugget road it’s kind of a small incarnation a small gathered that you can experience here and the tires oh man it took almost two months for me to get the tires i mean the tires were not available basically especially the size

Of the tire that my bike has that is a 19 1921 profile and uh the rear it’s 150 70 1570s are available but 1921’s are not available it is available but uh it is a little expensive because pirelli’s scorpio trial twos were available but i was looking for a little less pricey tires so somehow i got hold of michelin anarchy adventures for around 25k the tires cost

Are shooting up just like the petrol and diesel prices man whoa okay i’ll have to go a little slow okay the beautiful kvr park road with small twisties i kind of like this road i usually get my ninja 1000 on this and do small leaning on the bike you can do it on this as well but right now the tires are almost bald and it might skid that was x1 all right

The shortens on the right side i’ll have to take a u-turn from here not here the next one yeah so that is bmw motorola sherman cafe marker beautiful sandwiches that you get over there who are you that’s how we get it done that’s how we get it done all right guys so these are my new tires anaki adventures michelin this is 19 1921 and this is 150 70 17.

All right guys so the die change is done and this is the gs and that’s my bike okay thanks a lot thanks buddy thanks for fun bye thank you all right guys so guys have changed and wow i can already feel the difference in the ride quality oh my god the difference one day there was a lot of difference in the ride quality as the tires had completely worn

Out in the front but now i can feel that i mean the grip from the tires whoa awesome i am ready for long rides these tyres costed me 24 500 but the market right now is supremely spiked up for the tire prices wow it became so nimble man awesome awesome awesome okay so at last uh new tires on my f 850 gs so all right that was uh a quick and short video for

The day where uh i got my tires changed and yeah ready for long rides again so that’s it for the day guys if you liked this short video you guys know what to do like this video subscribe to my channel for more content and yeah see you all in the next video and you got single 1800 in the front beautiful car bye

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FINALLY Got New Tyres For BMW F850 GS..! By Moto Maddy