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First ride of the BMW R Nine T Cafe Racer

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Wallington okay under station railway it’s been blanked out you can’t just take a train station away from somewhere but okay that’s enough about history learned growing up more to the point today i’m test riding the bmw r9 t and it’s fun it’s a lot of fun i’ve been out on it enough about half an hour i haven’t stopped grinning i’ve done kind of like my

Pre ride i don’t know how much of it i felt because my microphone froze all the little apps i used to record it with fro so i don’t know if they recorded anything that i said but my gosh as far as cafe racers go or new catharsis i should go or bikes that are bringing back or reviving this whole cafe racer phase praise the bmw r9 t is definitely one of the

Bikes that i would recommend you take out if you want a new bike that doesn’t have a hassle of owning an old bike or running a cafe racer this is it how lovely is this it actually looks lovely i mean you’ve got these little bits here that look like we’re you know as if someone’s taken it in has actually chopped away at the frame things like that it’s

Got all these little traits of a proper catharsis bike this whole it’s got this whole bit in the back that holds the seat it does have a seat cowl it comes as a little pocket section here that you can there you go pop out put your phone or whatever you want in there tiny little see massive tank so it fits you perfectly it’s what you want it’s brilliant

Gorgeous bearing here it’s just an all-round good bike i can’t fault it brembo brakes so enough from me let’s take the bike out let’s have some fun so the bmw r9 t cafe racer parked up on this brush now it’s slowly going into the grass which isn’t good hard to love this bike i don’t know where i’m going this toy so let’s turn around so this bike has been

Kindly given to me for the day by chester motor honor so they sent me an email and they said we know that you like bikes you know they like cafe racers we know that you like trying out bikes why don’t you come and test our cafe racer that’s exactly what i’ve done today so this is the are 90 called our 90 because these bikes are made as the 90th anniversary

Celebration for bmw and as an opposite when boxer engine holy moly this is the first time i’ve ridden out on one so yesterday i did take out a triumph scrambler and i’ll be interesting to actually take the bmw scrambler out the i-90 scrambler and compare the two i’m just trying to get grips with a spike at the moment it’s very different nor in a bad

Way it’s just very different to the other bikes are ridden it reminds me of an old bike it’s got all the added benefits of having a new bike but it just it still has that soul or no bike and i really like that the weight of it is nice it’s a pre weighty bike where are we going now chester zoo actually yeah let’s go towards just a zoo yes so it’s

A ye bike and but to me that that feels good if we talk about it from the front to the back superb handling even though that our fairing does pop me off a little bit i only because i’m not used to bikes or fairings what’s the speed of it here i’m sure that’s a policeman behind me oh 50 i’m not used to bikes or fairings brakes are superb on this it’s what

You’d expect from a vm dough is what you’d expect from a new bike as well the fairing i like in terms of styling and functionality as well i mean i hit 70 before no issues doesn’t even feel like you doing 70 hopper in it is brilliant it’s a smooth delivery of power it has that torque but it delivers it in such a smooth the way that it doesn’t frighten you

This is the 1200 engine doesn’t scare you at all and the way it’s geared it’s quite nice it’s you’ve got immediate power first and obviously you want to change it pretty quickly to second i’m in fifth now and it pulls from 50 i’m gonna have to find some some back rows actually to take this on where am i it being that twin-engine you’ve got that side shake

Which is lovely you don’t realize it on the higher speeds it’s when you slow down and you give it that pop the bikes of wiggles to one side that’s the best way i could describe it it’s all it’s a little shake to say hey you’re on a boxer engine here let’s turn around here hard enough this road so this is a little wiggle look at that mike leans to one side

I don’t one more time that’s not me leaning here that is the bike pushing itself over turning circles not too bad and actually i mean i’m on full lock now that’s too bad not to mention that little i do love that wobble when you’re at low revs in the open it and the bike and a twist to one side this is the riding position in it obviously would be a cafe

Bike you are leaning forward it’s got clip-on bars and i like it see is small obviously it’s a single seater but the seat is small enough to actually hold you and them the back of my thumb is touching the cushion of the back it’s not against it but i can actually feel if i move my thumb back a little bit i can feel it there but i’m planted in the seat i’m

Not sliding you’re not sliding forward which is issues i’ve had with a few bikes the tank itself is a decent sized tank my knees are tucked inside it it’s a perfect shape for my knees i was six foot four my knees are neatly pondered inside the tank and if that feels good i love it i absolutely love it i love the detail on this triple tree down here but

My only issue would be is that it does look like a cast-iron and i wonder if there is an upgrade of possibilities upgrade it’s actually really smooth on the low-speed you you’ve got to get your revs up to actually set off on the bike i stole their right outside the dealership which is so embarrassing that’s like yeah i know it’s right a motorcycle to

Pull the right side a dealership but the delivery is smooth it’s it’s not aggressive it’s not 51st and this is the most fun of huddle bike and a long time what time is it i’m actually just take it round there one more time i’ve seen that’s been the kappa version you do have a cafe styling you’ve got the cow at the back you’ve got the fairing the

More i play with this bike the more you kind of want to throw into these corners i’m gaining a lot more confidence in what i can do with that i’m trusting the bike a lot more now then of course it’s not being my bike i really don’t want to drop it do anything with it that it’s giving me our confidence you guys want a bike want a cafe racer without the

Hassle of building it or carbs or anything like that then one of these looks beautiful handles beautifully i can’t fault this at all the one thing i probably would say about this bike and you could probably easily change it is these lot of mirrors at the front here it makes me feel like i’m riding a super bike rather than a cafe racer it was up to me and

If i have this bike it’ll probably change them for something a little bit more discreet that is my only issue with the actual bike ah what a joy one absolute joy so that is all from me i hope this so until next time stay safe guys

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First ride of the BMW R Nine T Cafe Racer By For The Bold