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My New BMW Bike Reveal!! – Epic BMW Grand Opening! | TheSmoaks Vlog_496

The R1200GSA Gets Replaced..! | BMW’s Shocking Reliability! | Fantastic Showing Today!

Well hello there youtube all right then we are off on our wild adventure i’ll uh switch over i’ve got the hero if you see that at the hero4 black that i keep the cena pack on and uh her and i will chit chat from that side man i hope we don’t get wet but anyway this is the little woman’s first ride on the gsa it’s gonna be the first and the last yeah yeah these

Things uh i’ve talked to people that ride two up and they all say yeah they’re just amazingly comfortable two up you you feel like you’re about to get a nosebleed when you’re riding this thing anyway yeah this this is not like the old speeder and the street glide and stuff like that this puppy you uh you can direct traffic from from the seat of this thing you’re

So high you’re so high all righty well we’ve uh we’re rolling into castle rock i think we’re officially in castle rock so uh the first few miles here kelly’s comfortable i’m comfortable the uh this is the first time i’ve run down the freeway with the uh continental tkc 80s and at speed they are they are considerably smooth anyway just a quick update we’re gonna

Bounce out because yeah say bye woman bye everybody that guy says i’m out jack because i’m gonna beat the ring now he’s moving so me and the woman made it here she’s still got her helmet on i was talking on the hero 5 there for a second and um oh all went well it was very comfortable does this bike look familiar you guys remember yellowstone it’s corey he

Came to the show wow korea that thing still looks fantastic how many miles do you have on it 30. ah she’s still she’s the rings aren’t broken yet oh nice well how do you like working with bmw loving it loving it loving it check this old classic gal out that’s awesome i don’t know what year it is but based on the colors i’m thinking probably late 80s early 90s

Drum on the back disc look what corey got her that’s an antique that’s so awesome jim corey always the nice guy check out the old r100rs that’s so the cool f700 an 06 1150 150 or 1100 with a oh 1200 gs sorry cool this guy got this thing like really cheap that’s amazing then he loves it he’s been a sport bike guy all his life and uh his buddies talked

Him into riding one of these things and he sold and will never go back i’m telling you there’s something special about a gs really special so this what i’m gonna take home tonight i officially i’m not taking that home tonight so will this be it hmm guess you’ll have to wait and see huh but for now we’re taking it up front so the peeps can look at it i don’t

Know where they’re gonna want this thing we’ll find the spot for it well the people are filing in and in droves hey an old brick motor isn’t that cool will it be the s1000 i don’t know well this will be the final voyage of the old i don’t think locked all the way the whole gsa taking her up front so the the peeps can ride it if they want to okay fuel light

Put some gas in there she should be should be good to go i’ll take you guys up front so you can see uh see the crowd that’s gathered up there we’ll land this thing up here for the for the kind folks to ride so you don’t have a bike anymore i think i’m gonna take that 107 000 miles he’s gone across the state it’s been the key west canada huh all the world have

You ever seen his videos people question the reliability things these things are absolutely the most epic things ever world famous for their reliability this cracks me up people say otherwise just ask an owner so this is an 86 700 sc also known as the nighthawk s this is kelly’s favorite motorcycle of all time she’s always loved these things this was the last

Year of it and the prettiest one had an awesome color scheme i love that he’s got the the metzler tires of the era if you own one of these things back in the 80s you put the me 33 laser up front and the m88 in the rear that’s fantastic super nice guy that’s the dash that’s the same dash that the my 750 interceptor that i used the road race had literally the

Same it just didn’t have the gear indicator on the one side i forget what was over there probably a volt meter or something and the front fairing is the fairing the same fairing that my cb 1100 f had on it way cool way way cool check the bargain out this is so cool that is awesome coolest thing showing up today looks like kelly found the uh the nighthawk ass

Out there my demo is being used as a pilot bike our parts managers riding it that’s the only one that didn’t get out this whole the whole fleet is out at the moment this is our uh demo 800 will this be the one i take i’m pondering it you guys will have to wait and see it won’t be too pardon me won’t be too long and me and little woman be heading out and then

You’ll see it’ll be a surprise for y’all this is the only information i’m giving you for the moment but you’re about to find out here because i’m about to leave all right this is one more clue i’m gonna give you here okay so here’s the reveal the r1200gs exclusive the gentleman’s gs you’re going to have even a more comfortable ride home because that is the

Comfort seat yeah cool i ain’t cheap purdy this is gonna be the new um demo that i’m gonna ride for a bit oh crap we’re stuck okay ah perfect perfect thank you we’re gonna do a little loop around the parking lot here right quick it’s all right are you still there yep my thing just went really loud oh i don’t i don’t know what that was all about all

Right well let’s go the old way we haven’t gone this way in a long time we’ll meet up with this biker up here ah it’s kind of the same but a lot different well if you ever want to break in a brand new motorcycle the right way whether that’s right or not get caught in the most torrential downpour i think i’ve been in on a motorcycle in a long time we stopped in

Woodland to give kelly’s dad something visitor mom ended up spending too much time there but it absolutely unhinged on us coming down the freeway let it rain so hard that the bike is hardly dirty it’s definitely got some greying look from riding in the rain what’s that little woman oh for that first gear my pants and that coat that stuff’s over four years

Old now no it’s five years old all your gear yeah because i was wearing that gear when almost got white got the wind gust and the hydroplane on the venture on my birthday in 2012. oh that’s right yeah cause it was just typing yep and i turned around and i already had that gear at that point because i was riding in the rain every day but epic motorcycle just

Track true little woman she didn’t get wet and yours is tour master stuff right and she just had rain gear mine’s you know like an adventure coat but uh super comfortable that seat makes her sit higher so i think she preferred the seating on the gsa over this one i don’t think she likes the comfort seat as much as the as the gsa seats and there’s not as which

Seems really weird it’s not enough or not as much room to move around in there it looks like the seat might be set the rear seat might be set forward but regardless i’ve noticed that when i ride the gs is that the seat isn’t as roomy as the gsa and there’s some different modes like the suspension is rodent dynamic and almost every motor go in just road and dynamic

Dynamics kind of stiff you know a lot of damping compression damping and then road it’s like there’s no damping at all i mean you’re just going going really weird so i’ll have to get the manual and explore this thing i’m sure it’s just not knowing the new model and the differences but she was epic i know i was just saying that to these guys going that’s pretty

Cool she didn’t get toasted yeah cool all right that was some serious rain mama holy moly i i don’t film it because none of my my hero 5 black which is waterproof but it’s not waterproof when you got the door off of it right for the mic and then the uh hero4 black with the cena set up is in the what they call it the skeleton or the yeah whatever they call that

Thing let’s go whatever it is i don’t know that might be what it’s called anyway very unwaterproof so uh those got thrown in backpacks heck yeah so i just get home and the woman’s leaving me she needed stuff from the store that we couldn’t pick up on the bike plus and all that gear we’re we’re pretty much ready to get off of it i’m gonna walk in the store

Looks like the next bout of a downpour is coming well the gs doesn’t quite cast the the bright glow that the gsa did she’s not quite as bright that’s all right she is pretty there’s a nice golden color in those headers that’s beautiful man that’s really nice unless you use the different material in those because the gsa i mean they kind of never really turned

Gold they just stayed chrome that is gorgeous though i love that gold color they turn and the shield is nowhere near as big the gsa sits taller and has like a little winglet thing that comes out to the side but this thing worked amazingly well i don’t know if it was because of the new wings and stuff they have on there i have no idea i thought man the ride home

Is gonna be a little rough and uh it worked every bit as well maybe the the whole new shape of everything up there you know the different fender and the different scoop god no idea but it worked being that much smaller it worked amazingly well the only thing i’m not overly excited about is that this is a comfort seat which is a an option that thing just looks

Big and dotty on there but and it leaves this like a cat could crawl in that space there but that’s what it comes with all righty well hello there youtube man hope you guys had as good a day as we did it was fun yeah that grand opening in open house was like an overwhelming success despite the iffy weather and whatever people from all over came i didn’t know

There’s that many bmw owners and around here that was crazy how many people showed up that was fantastic i know it was so exciting so much fun i was running around like a three-headed chicken that was i think we all were yeah it was nuts and i was wondering you know about the live feed thing on facebook well they did it and i was helping somebody or talking to

Somebody or something that was nuts but very very very fun but uh man i was going 15 different directions after the day it seemed like but uh we had tons of you guys come and met a bunch of you guys that was way way cooler you guys are so sweet yeah i mean so incredibly sweet lots of cool old bmws and oh man it’s i wow just absolutely fascinating hearing all

The stories of you know the hundreds of thousands of miles they’ve put on on their bmws and how reliable they are and just you know will never own another motorcycle no matter what uh just crazy but anyway it was fantastic fantastic day got out the i mean crazy crazy downpour full-on wash out it was raining so hard that kelly it was stinging her knees from the

Rain her uh pants don’t have i’ve got you know the crash protection in my pants i need to get her set like that but uh you know they hit those cups and i don’t feel the the rain but it was coming out so hard it was hurting i know it was like being sand blasted yeah that was brutal my hood was so my coat was even though i had a raincoat on it just does that like

Wicking thing and oh yeah and you guys that are getting into motorcycles do not wear a sweatshirt with a hoodie because if you get caught in the rain wicking is the the next thing you know you’re completely soaked and you think what happened my reindeer didn’t work my back is soaked and all around my shoulders are soaked because your hoodie’s out there in the rain

It got soaked in it yeah it just sneaks in comes down behind your it’s not raining in there just there it’s just absorbing water like a sponge it’s like getting the end of a washcloth wet it slowly gets the whole freaking flat yeah all right well you guys thank you so much for watching we will talk to you tomorrow same smoke time same smoke channel don’t forget

To give her a thumbs up and it was wonderful meeting you guys that was way cool so many of you guys come up that was wild seeing corey from the yellowstone trip oh yeah everybody looked out there and i was i think i was talking to the gm and i’m pointing out there and i’m looking that thing i’m going man i’m just about to say i was just about to say i said that’s

A tentacle to a guy that went we went to yellowstone with and i looked and it’s like well it’s like i’ve seen a ghost there’s corey standing from him just about to say something about it and cory’s so sweet yeah we got that thing tucked away at work so we can uh yeah all right see ya you guys have a wonderful wonderful day you guys take care all right bye bye now foreign

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My New BMW Bike Reveal!! – Epic BMW Grand Opening! | TheSmoaks Vlog_496 By TheSmoaksVlogs