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Picking Up The NEW BMW R1250GS Adventure : Losing My BMW GS Virginity!

In today’s Life of Smokey Adventure i’m picking up a brand new 2022 BMW R1250 GS Adventure triple black from Bmw Benelux with my cochet folding motorcycle trailer to try it out for a couple days and see if it is better than my own ktm 1290 super adventure r. As i am a new media partner for bmw i will do some more reviews in the future as well.

Yo guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to yet another video and just like that we are back the sun is shining we are going to have a heat stroke today it’s going to be 37 or 38 degrees you have to hop into brabus take the trailer and head over to bmw yeah bmw for a lot of people this is going to look a little bit weird because well it’s getting dark

Again and we’re back this is a little bit weird because you guys know i’m ktm guy over there you know ktm i’m ktm guy and suddenly i’m picking up bmw’s now a lot of you guys might be thinking like what is he on to smokey is he onto drugs a lot of comments have been telling me that yeah a bmw gs is better as my ktm 1290 super adventure are yeah so yeah at this

Point i am also becoming a bmw media partner so i will be picking up some more bmws yeah so starting off with the bmw gs adventure and later on uh we’re going to be picking up the bmw s1000r that’s just in a couple of weeks so not yet now anyway so yeah we are driving to the beautiful city of brussels where we got the biggest set of balls yeah they’re steel

Balls you can get inside the steel balls yeah it’s weird i know so driving to brussels picking up a brand new bmw gs adventure and we’re gonna try it out we’re gonna do some single tracks we’re gonna do some hill climbs we’re gonna do i hope you got some greasy knobby tires on it if not i’m still gonna do some hill climbs and but just see what happens anyway so

Yeah it is my first bmw motorcycle that i am picking up from bmw so i might have to be a little bit careful can go all out as i did with the super adventure r from ktm that i crashed first day or something like that we got the crochet folding lowerable lower ball lowering trailer picked on and uh yeah let’s get let’s head over to brussels for some reason i

Always forget i have a trailer behind me now i know that you guys killed pigs for a living and i understand because i really like my bacon as well but why the hell would you put a really scared pig on the back of your truck i mean make some like happy pigs or something that pig is scared as hell yeah it just jumped on 34 degrees now some of my american friends

Are probably saying like holy crap dude we have no idea what that is because we work in fahrenheit and not degrees i get a feeling i’m getting close yep that’s a bmw gs hmm turns out i’m at the wrong place at the wrong time i’m at the cars i have to get motorcycles yeah this this might be better and just like that we get ourselves a bmw gs now let’s

Get this puppy locked and loaded and head home i really gotta test this thing oh boy i’m not gonna lie that first part getting a brand new bicycle from a brand new media partner on a motorcycle that’s that’s another one yeah that’s always a little bit nerve-wracking but we got it on this trailer works absolutely perfect fun as hell let’s get the uh let’s get

Some more straps on and get it home i don’t wish a lot of things in my life i don’t wish to like win the lottery whatever money is not really that important but i only wish one thing that is getting this bike home without falling off the trailer yeah i’m uh pretty scared can you tell hmm trust the system smokey trust the crochet and trust those new tie wraps

Yeah i have to pick up my camera all the time yeah my kid is swimming in the background i got pretty lucky wow uh as you can tell i am breaking a sweat it is kind of stressy and is and ridiculously hot outside but we do have that we do have the r1250 triple black version adventure gs at home next to the ktm next to its rival pretty sure they’re gonna

Fight tonight when i’m going to bed i really wanna want to watch that anyway uh first thing i was going to look at is like this frame down here there’s like a suspension in there and it’s there’s a lot a lot to discover about this bike i’ve only taken it for a short ride around my lawn and it’s comfy it’s really comfy i can only tell you that but there is much

More things we need to test out so i am a bmw gs version so it’s going to be my first time ever driving one of these riding one of these and yeah if you look to the left look to the right you always see a bmw gs so i was like i gotta try this one out so yeah in the next seven days i can keep it i can keep it for seven days from bmw to have a decent drive with

It maybe i do a really really really long tour with it not really sure we got some kind of up off-road adventure tires which is going to be great because we are going to do some off-road in it hope it don’t crash it anyway it’s going to be fun so we got it home we got it into the garage it’s really hot so i’m going to jump in the pool have some fun with the kid

Tomorrow it’s going raining maybe i’m going to make a raining video who knows anyway that’s it for today’s video guys really hope you liked it enjoyed it we’re going to have a great time together i’m pretty sure that anyway see you guys in the next one peace drive safe don’t forget to subscribe and smash that like button see ya

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Picking Up The NEW BMW R1250GS Adventure : Losing My BMW GS Virginity! By Life of Smokey