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Scotts Steering Dampener Review – Dual sport / ADV Bike – BMW F800GS

I recently purchased a Scotts Steering Damper for my bike. After a few months of testing I am proud to give this review of this fine product! It is really helpful to have a Steering dampener on a Dual Sport or Adventure Bike, especially when you use it to commute or rip down fire roads! If you have knobbie tires on your bike it will affect your handling on the street, whether it is in the turns or at high speeds. Adding a steering stabilizer will help counteract the front end wobble you get from an aggressive off road tire at speeds. This is great for those of us who ride our bike everywhere and on every terrain.

Hello everybody coming at you with all my my s my hi guys soon today if you have a big adventure bike or a dual sport and you want stability on and off road then i would suggest the scot steering stabilizer let’s take a look at it this is a scot steering stabilizer or dampen scott’s is famous for both low speed and high speed stability valves offering a fully

Adjustable steering stabilizer this is scott sub mount kit it’s available on certain bike it was the only one that would fit online but it also acts as a riser giving your bars some extra height this is my ride a 2013 bmw f800r yes shortly after putting 5050 tires on it i’ve soon discovered the need for a steering stabilizer without smooth tires on the road when

You’re hitting curbs or high speeds the front end would wobble as it catches on the knob but also offer it when you’re hitting big softball-sized rocks that shoots the tire every direction i’ve been using the stabilizer for the past couple months and it has definitely improved my confidence both on and off road since the stabilizer is fully adjustable you can have

It either all the way hard or all the way soft i keep mine about three clicks harder than the default setting but if you wanted to you could turn the low-speed dampening all the way off and only ride with high speeds so you wouldn’t feel any drag at whatsoever on the handlebars let me explain the reason why it’s important to have both low speed and high speed of

Dampening valves low speed is when you’re moving the bars slow in a sweeping motion you can adjust the resistance high speed is when something abruptly hits your tire jerks the bars that would dampen that the steering dampeners come in two different settings you can get a street version in an off-road version here’s the difference between the two version with an

Off-road version you have resistance from the center out but there’s no resistance when you’re turning back to straight on the street version you have resistance both ways so as soon as you go away from center you also have resistance going back to center the reason off-road is different is because if you were in a drift you have to push the handlebars straight

So after doing that several times if you were fighting the damp system y-you were doing that it would increase arm pump i chose the off-road version i love my steering stabilizer and it was well worth the money but to have that extra insurance when you’re riding down the highway not to be thrown around by knobby tires and when you’re hitting the back dirt roads

The cool thing about the stabilizers there is is you only need one you can pull it off and put it on any bike you like you have to have the mounting brackets and so one stabilizer could last your whole life just take care of it and also you can rebuild them you can do it yourself in order the kit or you can send it back to the factory the stabilizer comes neatly

Packaged with detailed instructions on how to install it on your bud installation was relatively quick and easy thanks to the detailed instruction but your results may vary depending on your bikes make and model the link to purchase your very own stabilizer is in the description below if you can’t find your bike visit the scott’s performance website for more details

Or give them a call they’re very knowledgeable in willing to help you out i’ve had great experiences with their customer service and i hope you do too thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit subscribe and share the video thanks for watching have a nice day god bless

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Scotts Steering Dampener Review – Dual sport / ADV Bike – BMW F800GS By Smightification