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Supermoto SOLD / BMW for sale / new bike update


Whoa whoa yeah douche what up youtube ryan grizzly over here coming to with my old bmw i know you all saw the drz 400 supermoto video i really bought bought it how about the bike and i really loved it but then something terrible happened i’m not really terrible but something happened in summary just to make a super long story super short well i had it striving

With a bit a bit in the winter with it having fun popping with isn’t and i even bought brand new street tires to go with it but then i flew to victoria to go see my uncle iceman and he had a bike for me so that we can cruise around together i tried it holy i loved it i came back here drove on my dears in i felt i was on a 50cc scooter yeah was that bad so i saw

The drz to buy his bike which is giving me the uncle price and i’m back on the bmw until it’s sold this one is for sale if you want it contact me email is always in the description below may third is a date that i lift off from here and i’m taking a flight from here all the way to victoria where the bike is and i decided to drive it back yes i’m victoria to ottawa

It’s about 5,000 kilometers so that’s what i’m going to do that’s just how i do it i buy a bike on a road trip 5000k with it hmm that’s a lot of case say i’m going to service ontario to review my lessons i know i haven’t been doing like good on the videos letter i haven’t been doing very good on the videos lately that’s because i’ve been entering final exams in

The end of my semester so i’ve been really like studying hard to pass all my courses but as soon as i lift off to go get my bike on my third school can be done so i’ll be doing videos again so yeah this supermoto shenanigan idea that i had for my channel went out the window because i kid more about me having fun on the bike and being able to travel then making

Supermoto videos risking tickets and risking losing my license because it will do so i’ve decided it so now i’m not going to do that today’s the official first warm day last week cash god’s know we got snow in arwa that was a disaster between the three bugs that i’ve driven lately the drz the bmw and new blake i’m not gonna say what it is yet i want to keep a

Pianist price i’m in the new bike man is all three do not compare all three are not even close to beat to be similar but it brought at all whoa whoa whoa yeah douche so i’ve been shopping for insurance companies for the new bikers and you brazen cost me a lot more present in a pareo because i’m just 21 during 20 hey man talk too fast i wanna i got too much to

Say cuz it’s been so long since i actually monologue oh yeah when i went down to victoria to try for a new phone call we did have i have a total about like eight hours of solid footage to go through of just victoria rose and the beauty of victoria which i can’t wait to do i don’t have the time right now but i will do where are the people going on no parking in

The corner cuz i can’t and i just said that would be like a second but damn i wasn’t there for less than 45 seconds that was awesome yeah this baby hasn’t been running in a long time it’s so cool i can see myself in this pedometer with the crown

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Supermoto SOLD / BMW for sale / new bike update By RidingGrizzly