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125cc DB27 Dirt Bike not starting

I’m still out here in toronto man 125 cc db7 uh come on in here in the camera man he’s um clutch lever snap guys i come through and i’m going to replace it and also come take a look at his chain come down here he came out man you want me to um replace this chain but um the bike is brand new and just buy the bike last year and i checked the um the chain link out

Already there’s zero stiff link in the chain so far so you know what i’m gonna do i’m not even gonna um change this chain and take his money like that i’m gonna um lube his chain down properly and also um his kickstand is half and come over here come come over your camera all of these goddamn chinese bike have the same issue and with the exhaust man look at that

You see that that literally coming off apart and you just bought the bike brand new but if you guys know what i do man i usually get all of these um all of these um chinese dirt bike up and running men so guys stay tuned lots more coming up so we just replaced the uh clutch lever man so come on in here with the camera guys and so this is the whole clutch lever

This snap right here as you can see so i might replace it with a brand new one and also um i adjust the clutch and um i secure the exhaust the exhaust was shaking and moving around so um i secure it and also what i’m going to do now i’m going to lube the chain and we’re going to start the bike up after and we’re going to make sure every single boat i’m going to

Take those front caliper bolt hole big steering bolt and we’re going gonna um start the bike up are we also gonna fix the um hey kickstarter so guys stay tuned last one still coming so there you go man i just replaced the uh throttle right here that’s it so right now it’s firing good and also man as you can see when i got here the exhaust was loose i don’t know

The problem with this goddamn cheap chinese dirt bike randy exhaust always moving around but look at these guys look at that you can’t move the exhaust anymore i secure the exhaust 100 when i got here was moving around and um to put the kickstand it’s blend i’m going to have to take the kickstand off but um i have a special drill for that i can go really fast

And also i’m going to lube this chain i’m going to start the bike up and this bike should be happening running like a chat guys man that’s what i said man when i got here the bike wasn’t starting dbs uh 125 and looked at that guy you see man i get all of these dirt bikes up and running man the bike i secure the exhaust everything is good man guys listen up man

Thanks for watching if you could see earlier in the video when i got here you have no clutch lever right now i put a brand new clutch lever on it i also adjust the uh the clutch and come over here the camera come over here man come over here come over here when i got here as you guys can see his chain was so rusty man look at it i lubricate his chain and how so

When i got here he didn’t have no kickstand on the bike he kickstarted came up and he couldn’t figure it out he hit me up also come over here again his exhaust was so loose man for some reason i don’t know why and look at it guys i’m shaking it right now and the exhaust is 100 um secure again have any problem with your dirt bike hit me up don’t forget to follow

Me on instagram evoke squad man guys until the next video man peace

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125cc DB27 Dirt Bike not starting By evoque squad🐐