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2020 GasGas Lineup. New 2 stroke dirt bikes

GasGas has released a first look at the all new 2020 GasGas EC and XC 2 stroke lineup.

Hey everyone this is sam from backcountry life today we’re gonna be talking about the 20/20 lineup from gasps gasps stay tuned welcome back everyone so today we got some information i got an email saying that gas gas has released their 2020 dirtbikes so some interesting things happening when going to their website though it doesn’t show that there is any new

2020 dirtbikes it’s still showing the 2019 bikes as you can see here so this is their xc or the cross country went to the news or wasn’t anything so this must be real real fresh in the pipe as far as news is concerned but they’re saying that the xc and the ec 2020 models are getting some updates and they’re due for production in september of 2019 so then we can

See some new bikes from from them but i got some pictures of the the new gas gas and here here’s here they are so what gas gas is saying that they have a few new things if you’re not familiar with gasps gasps it’s a company that is really passionate about making two strokes and they’ve had a little bit of some issues in the past couple years but think looks like

They’re trying to get things you know restructured and taken care of that they can start making two strokes again for everyone so these are the new models and the new 2020 models as you can see this is the ec model so this is the only pictures i have doesn’t have pictures of the xc the x he doesn’t have light in the front in this tail light as well but as you can

See there’s some goodies that you can already pick out on gas gas gas gas comes up with it and fmf silencer so it’s the power core 2.0 and the kyb front suspension so this is actually a really good bike but so what’s new is they you know they said that the new frame has better paint on it so that it doesn’t you know corrode or it can also take better impacts without

You know chipping or ruining the paint there’s a fast front willis tractor so that you can take the front wheel off really quickly and it has some adjusted you know dry or wet ignition mapping so you have a switch on your handlebar that you can choose between two different dry and rain switches or modes they’re also going to introduce the ec and xe two hundred so

It’s a two hundred two stroke and they’re saying that they’re trying to make the two hundred two stroke into a torque machine if you’ve ever ridden a gas gas which i haven’t but the the people that i know that have have told me that gas gas has a really torquey grunt type motor so you know we’ve been trying to get our hands on one for a bit but they’re a little

Bit difficult to find but we’ll get one eventually they reinforce the radiators and they given it new graphics and a few other little things but that’s about it there so there’s no major changes but it’s a cool looking bike and if you know if you’ve ever ridden a gas gas i’m sure you’re excited for that they’re continuing to produce two strokes this is good for the

Industry we need more people producing quality to strokes and yeah so let us know what you think in the comments of this new gas gas if you guys have any additional information that i don’t have let me know as well and you know i will do another video as more information comes out if there’s any additional changes on these 2020s but like i said these are supposed

To come out in the fall or at least the production of them or sparta in the fall and if they’re if you want more information i’ll put the link in in to gas gases website in the description below but anyways don’t forget to follow us that sub button like and share this video but thanks for watching guys

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2020 GasGas Lineup. New 2 stroke dirt bikes By Backcountry Life