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4×4 Sprinter Motovan Dirt Bike Garage and Recessed Wheel Chocks

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How far over do you need it to be this should work the blue tape line that you see there is where we kind of marked out we thought the end of the garage would be and then what he’s putting it in are wheel chucks that will help us reduce the height of the dirt bike so we can make it shorter and still have our bed above it when the dirt bike’s in here we don’t want

That peg hitting cabinets the wheel chuck has this part that flips up so this can go down flat into the floor but otherwise when this is tilted out you can see this actually comes out past the bottom this part down here we’re seeing that it’s got this pretty big gap from where we think our wall is going to be between the garage on this side and the kitchen galley

Space on this side this dimension here though when it goes down is actually not very far off from this blue line we’re hoping just to get a little bit of space out of this though where we can build our wall back into the garage just a little bit further just to give us a little bit more living space so i think this is kind of where we’re stuck this is good all

Right guys this is what we’re looking at so two chocks one for the big bike one for the trials bike in a pinch think i can get two big bikes in here all i want to do is be able to bring the big bike and the trials bike with me i think i’m good with this all right as you saw yesterday we were test fitting dirt bikes in here so today we’re gonna apply some of this

Sweet coin mat it’s probably not the best coin mat because it’s a little slippery there’s not a lot of uh teeth on the coins themselves but for me that’s great i would sacrifice the chance of me slipping and falling for the ability to clean this better and without any rough edges it cleans up really nice 20 bucks a linear foot we’re going to glue this down with

Some robert’s 2310 adhesive this is called resilient flooring adhesive and resilient flooring adhesive gets applied with a resilient flooring adhesive trowel it’s got little fine teeth on it check that out so let’s get started boom baby you know i’m very excited about these wheel chocks i’m really happy that i can get the bike to kind of sink down into the

Styrofoam here so we’re going to see when we get this in there i have to cut some insulation out very excited about how that turned out so far now it’s time to clean this up i think i’m going to go over this with the sander make sure it’s roughed up enough this is a kind of a slippery surface i want to make sure the glue holds i don’t know if it’s necessary but an

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure they say so i’m gonna do it anyway blue tape represents what was going to be the end of the garage the end of garage is actually going to be about right here i’m going to probably roll that coin mat out i’m going to glue it down get it all lined up nice once the glue dries then i’ll trim it i have a feeling it’s

Gonna rain i may have to move this operation inside i’m gonna start troweling this on i’m gonna put half on i’m gonna trowel half on circular patterns to get the coin mat started and lined up the way i want it on the end down here roll it out a little bit and then trowel the rest lay it down you have 25 minutes from the time that you start troweling to get the

Floor down so i’d work in half sections if you’re not quick uh i’ve never worked with this stuff but you know what i’m gonna put some gloves on good times stuff is like coconut lotion consistency oh yeah it’s good good times oh it smells good it’s like paint some down this stuff is absolutely miserable i’m gonna get out of these gloves put on new gloves so

I don’t get sticky all over my stuff this side down get this lined up i’m sure when you’re rolling it out you kind of press it down suggest if you have some clamps you might want to get just kind those spread it on there get that smooshed down into all those little circles you made and hope for the best that’s good i don’t know if i’d qualify this as a how-to

Video i’m not an expert but i get the general idea you put the glue down you put the vinyl on top hopefully it sticks hopefully all my circles line up with the edge beautiful let this dry overnight we’re going to get it back in the van tomorrow maybe the next day but you won’t know it’ll all be in this video point is i got to let this set up for 24 to 48 hours

We’ll make sure it sticks good you only get one chance at this we’re gonna do it right anyways we’ll see you later good morning it’s very windy outside so i’m still in the garage start trimming this thing out we’ll cut out some holes cut out some wheel wells i’m going to leave about a quarter of an inch of material along the sides as well as the wheel wells and

Uh let’s get to it so grip strength increased dramatically after that so nice i’m gonna go into the van and put some bolts in not taking you under there with me it’s gross what are you doing cutting holes that’s a miracle thanks for all your help today anna you’re welcome you’re only sweeping because you feel guilty i hope yeah you asked me to because

You should feel guilty yeah i’m just kidding i don’t know if you could hear that my bike’s running in the background it’s been two months since i started the thing as i got these wheel chocks in if you could see them they were a nightmare i measure twice should i measure three times because the bolt holes two of them on one side came right down into the box

Frame but i got it squared away i used a hole saw punched a couple holes in the bottom of the box frame just enough to then thread a nut but it took hours of cursing and swearing i hope i never have to pull these out i got some out channel brackets some logistical channel brackets that i want to mount for my tie-downs but i want to get bikes in there make sure

That where the tie-downs are where the straps are going to be are not going to interfere with my cabinet placement in here i have a day to get this done tomorrow we’re supposed to get a foot of snow two days ago i was wearing shorts this is colorado now these what we want to put in some logistical channel some l channel brackets what’s cool is you have different

Attachments that clip into these for me it’s going to be a couple tie-downs one on each side of either bike don’t dump into the l-channel brackets because i’m going to line these up with the floor joists so that’ll move about there this will hit a tie down on this l-channel bracket about here and it won’t interfere with my cabinet unfortunately i got to go to

Ace because i need some hardware i need some long wood screws to hit my joists with these l brackets but if i if the screws start wanting to pull out of the wood i’ll just go ahead and get some long bolts and take them all the way down through the bottom of the chassis but for now we’re going to try this method if it doesn’t work worst case the bike falls over

But the bike’s falling down in this fan about 300 times let’s go to let’s go to aces the place for screws and hardware is a kia soul a girls car leave a comment below one logistical bracket we have one screw so it’s pretty flush these are two inch wood screws the thickness of here the subfloor the one and a half inches of joists so there you go i think those

Will work i’m going to do get these things eyeballed over where i know the joists are and i mark the joists out on the floor and we’re just lining the edge up with this guy fabulous i do not have the tie-down accessories for this so let’s stop the video here for a while which again will be seamless to you because i’ll just add it and write about amazon man

Came let’s put some of these in it puts the circle in the hole gives a little twist of rooney boom let’s see if the bikes fall down this is awesome they’re in there they are not going anywhere and then the final piece of the puzzle the door going to close oh my god so we managed to use just about as much room as possible without destroying my door in the process

Probably about 20 about 27 and a half inches from the highest point on these bars so it’s not bad two feet two feet i could sleep in a two foot cave that’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna be awesome if you want to build a moto van out of a sprinter with a bed on top of it you can do it you just need something that goes oh you have to get out of your way to load the

Bike that’s the only thing that gets hard it’s like yeah for sure you could fit a bed right over top of this thing but you need a way to put the bed up or otherwise move the bed so that you can walk the bike in otherwise you’re going to decapitate yourself trying to load the bike if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe follow along with us

Build ring the bell for those notifications of the build and uh thanks for watching guys leave comment below if you got any uh concerns or ideas i’m open i’m open all right bye

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4×4 Sprinter Motovan Dirt Bike Garage and Recessed Wheel Chocks By Plush Enduro