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Affordable Dirt Biking … The China Bike Options…Kayo, SSR, GPX, Orion, EGL

in this video series I will discuss Dirt Biking on a budget. This video is part one and I focus on the China Bike Option.

So hey gang um this video is going to be talking about the inexpensive ways to um to dirt bike and specifically in this episode i’m going to talk about bikes in general and specifically the the chinese options so this comes from some people talking to me about why don’t i buy a real bike there’s no reason why i wouldn’t buy quote-unquote a real bike it just kind

Of came down to affordability at the time you know the the market has gotten so bad that a brand new bike right now as of 2021 um i would be talking more in the 250 lines but i’m gonna go as high as the 450s because they’re the most expensive in 2021 you’re easily talking almost 11 grand for the japanese bikes maybe even more with tax tag title out the door

Because you’re dealing with brick and mortar stores you you have to pay all that um so you cut down to the two the 250s and you know i’ve heard as low as 7 500 some deals even better than that suzuki is offering some real good deals right now to be honest with you but their technology is you know five years old compared to the new stuff the 2021s their stuff’s a

Little bit older but i’m getting sidetracked so the reason why i went with a chinese bike was because it was super affordable um and i’m speaking just dirt bike a little bit dual sport but dirt bike only for me um and i paid twenty one hundred dollars sorry less than two thousand dollars 2100 is the current price of this orion rx b250 um that included shipping

To my door so i mean you can’t you can’t really beat that i know a lot of people in the comments have posted up before in the past that you know why don’t you buy a used japanese bike and i’m going to answer that you guys can debate me all you want i’m telling you the truth about this what you get when you get a used japanese bike is something approximately 10

Years older or older and you get someone else’s headache especially the four strokes they don’t last that long ridden hard dirt biking i mean if you’re just trail riding that’s a different thing but you know ridden hard dirt biking maybe five years and then you’re into the major major repairs cylinders transmissions you know valve seats and a valve job the stuff

That because of the technology being such that it’s the leading edge of technology it’s also very expensive and doesn’t last as long so this orion is an example of a of a bike that you can get have a dirt bike off-road bike whatever you want to call it you know it’s not the leading edge i’m not saying you can buy this from the store or sorry buy this online and

Go race motocross while i have done that i had to do a lot of upgrades so i’m not talking about that specifically i’m just saying as a dirt bike or a trail bike or a weekend warrior type bike this is a very good option and it’s super super affordable air cooled single overhead cam 200 and well not even quite 250 cc’s the new one is is 249 but mine was 223 and

I’ve i’ve done upgrades to it but um to get back to the point we’re talking about affordability and the chinese bikes are now offering a very good value and they’re offering you options of different manufacturers so i’m going to name some of the manufacturers and some of the some of the things that they’re offering um you’ve got ssr you’ve got gpx you’ve got

Ko and now this specific to what i own the orion the ssr the gpx and the ko all offer even higher quality bikes that i would basically call motocross clone bikes water cooled four-stroke end high component level they’re 5000 they’re more like five thousand dollars but you get like top of the line uh you know aluminum aluminum hubs folding levers all aluminum

Frames some have steel frames sorry but both both options are available aluminum swing arms with them um top line components so if you’re in the 5 000 range and you don’t want like the top end and you don’t need the fire breathing horsepower of a of a brand spanking new bike i would suggest you look at some of those like an ssr gpx or a ko um the technology

Is is approximately 10 years old like if you were to get i’m gonna say an ssr 450 just to give it a good example um the suspension is fine it’s not the top of the line it it’s cloned from honda you’re talking about maybe 10 year old technology forks i know to be you know the old like 2000 era copies of twin twin chambers but that’s fine you gotta realize that

You know most people average joes don’t need all the technology that they’re paying for with these new bikes and can’t you can’t utilize it anyways unless you’re race you know unless you’re like a racer all the time and you’ve always had like the nicest newest bikes the gen i’m talking about the general populace they’re they’re not needing that much they’re not

Needing that much horsepower they’re not needing that kind of cutting-edge technology and quite frankly we’ve been forced to pay for it because there haven’t been good options that’s where these china bikes are coming in and filling a void that was left in the marketplace for the average joe the weekend warrior that’s going out to the dunes going out in trails

Riding with their sons or daughters so i’m going to leave it right there you guys can investigate the different models but what they’re offering is a little bit older technology a little bit cheap you know half the price of a new one and frankly you’re getting good reliable technology nowadays you’re getting stuff that worldwide is has been proven technology

So like in an example the ssr they’re based in their engine their engine is based on a 2006 honda crf 450x which is the trail model it’s basically a direct clone because the patents went out they were able to recopy it so it’s pretty cool i know you guys you know you may feel bad about it political wise you may not agree with you know you know have problems with

China bikes i i get that i i had to get over that myself too um i want to share something that a lot of people probably we don’t even know and i just found this out recently too chinese manufacturers or that part of the world because it also includes taiwan and a couple other places malaysia they account for over 40 percent of the motorcycles sold in the world

So get that number in your head over 40 percent and that number is climbing annually so even when you buy a japanese bike some of the parts are actually sourced from chinese countries or that area of the world so getting back kind of to this about the giant you know having this as an option for uh making it inexpensive for you and a good option to to have a

Dirt bike again um this is also good for beginners because they’re not fire breathers they’re usually based on older technology but they also kind of detune them so they run the um like prime example with my bike my bike was ran timing by 10 degrees so by doing that you get a little bit less compression and you don’t get the screaming top end um so it’s

A little bit more mellow more trail oriented it to start with and that’s easier for beginners but still leaves you plenty of room to mod it out like i have done with mine you know everything can be modded most things are most parts believe it or not are actually sourced from your japanese so like mine is a honda crf 230 clone engine so a lot of my parts i can

Get direct from honda and then the aftermarket aftermarket sort um supplies you know just dirt bikes in general so you know protaper bars levers tires rims sprockets chains suspension can be serviced by by shops graphics tip graphics and plastic tend to mimic other companies like husky and ktm so the the affordability is there the reliability is there i i

Meant to say this in the beginning i am one of these people who believe that a china bike was a piece of crap because i had heard of so many people buying a chinese bike and blowing out rims and blowing out frames and um breaking engines from day like you know first rides or or week one destroying them um i’m here to tell you that the the companies that i named

Ssr gpx ko and orion have really stepped up their game with quality these things don’t break there are parts and individual pieces here and there with every manufacturer even the japanese i found out even the austrians with the ktms you still have problems day one i mean some things are just mechanical things break mechanical things wear out mistakes are made

In assembly and you know that that just is commonplace with dirt bikes but in general they have stepped up their game and the quality is there maybe it’s maybe a notch down from the japanese but still when you buy a dirt bike you really got to go through it from day one anyways you’re gonna the last brand new spanking bike i bought was a 2001 honda crf 250

Two-stroke i bought it right off the showroom floor day one i took it home to my shop and tore it all apart took took off the front forks and the triple clamps and got back in there and re-greased the bearings same with all the with the wheels and the axles re-greased everything went through the whole bike and all took off all the plastic went through and did

Um you know oiled the filter lock tightened the nuts and bolts re-torqued everything just general maintenance and setup should be your number one priority no matter if you buy a japanese an austrian or in this case a china bike and to have an expectation of that not to be the way or not to be the case that you’re going to have to do that is unrealistic you need

To go through your bike you need to set it up correctly you need to do the things that are required for regular maintenance your oils you know your chains oil your air filter go through and check to see that you have um recently someone told me about finding plastic uh in their pet their gas pet um and it reduced the flow into their gas um another example i

Heard recently was the actual gas filter was the wrong way therefore it wouldn’t allow gas to go to the carburetor these are some of the things that sometimes you have to look for but they’re common don’t think that that’s not normal even in the japanese bikes mistakes like that are made sometimes the um one prime example austrian ktm friend of mine got a brand

New bike what happened the battery cables were cross-wired wouldn’t start actually blew out some a rectifier or something it wasn’t good to have it the polarization backwards so it messed up a couple things but um getting back to it um there are affordable ways to dirt bike i’m going to give you more examples of things that you can do to save money um that that

Aren’t specific to the to buying a bike but um i’m going to go forward with this one i like this series in my mind i’m i’m getting motivated to kind of come up with ideas if you like please um would you drop a like in a subscript um like and subscribe down in the and comment in the comments all of that helps me get noticed on the algorithm with youtube and it

Helps me to make more of these videos so i’ll catch you in the next one thank you you guys the guys that do have bikes be safe out there bye

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Affordable Dirt Biking … The China Bike Options…Kayo, SSR, GPX, Orion, EGL By The Dirt Bike Dave Channel