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Building INSANE Trails For Dirt-Bikes! *DREAM ENDURO COURSE*

Today we build some awesome trails at my property! We still have a long way to go but we made some good progress for the time we had!

Oh boy ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the garage is empty let me show you why we got the skid steer on the trailer we got the dirt bike in the back we got the foilers over there on the other trailer today is a day that we have been waiting for for a very long time we are finally going down to the hunt land and building the most epic badass dirt bike trails

You guys have ever seen yeah everybody are you ready to build trails yeah actually i’m ready to go ride yeah you’re ready to ride i don’t care yeah tyler you ready hey bro you ready christian baby dude what’s cracking are you ready to build some badass trails me and you have been so jacked about this can’t sleep over this oh yeah now i’ve actually been on onyx my

Hunting app and i’ve been mapping out a bunch of the trails and the first loop that we’re really gonna focus on today is just a quick two three hour loop and it’s eight miles but it’s the best of the best check it out the blue loop is actually loop one that’s gonna be the fun loop and all the yellow stuff that you guys see on the map that actually has to be bush hog

With the skidder now on this map we got the rocky hill climb we got a new hill climb we’ve never hit we got parachute up here we have the power line hill right there and a lot of other stuff you guys have never seen so uh i’m actually bringing the dirt bike in the back because at the end of the day i’m gonna do a quick loop do a quick little run up all the trails

And show you guys what we have done it should be awesome i’m stoked everybody’s stoked let’s just go let’s get after it baby give don’t ever take it off is oh boys we’ve made it down to the deer club to the cabin anyway i think we’re going to unload the foilers right here we don’t want to get this nice black truck all scratched up but i’m gonna take

My truck down the trail because i’m gonna be jumping spot the spot with the uh the skidder what what’d you say garrett i said i watched seven hours of youtube enduro footage last night i won’t be the next day but he couldn’t sleep he couldn’t sleep you didn’t even go to bed last night i don’t really watch youtube you’re gonna be graham jarvis huh that’s a lot to

Live up to buddy i’m gonna run to the first spot take the skater off the trailer i’m gonna send you guys with christian and let christian kind of take over the video because i’m gonna be basically just bush hogging bro it is not that interesting it’s not that cool i’m sure we’ll have some footage of it in the video here but uh it’s definitely just your basic simple

Stuff taking the audi we’re taking the honda here’s our trail basket we got some extra fuel for a leaf blower got a couple machetes an axe right there a bunch of caution tape spray paint chainsaw i mean we’re gonna be doing a lot of work this is gonna be one hell of a trail system let’s go ahead get these things off the trailer and run to the first spot made it

Down to the first spot got the skater on the trailer still gotta unload her and there’s a bunch of old trails through all this thick stuff basically old fire lanes i’m gonna go through i’m gonna brush hog them all out so well we got more service roads we can run to create more trails and connect more trails hopefully the skidder does great today i really hope it

Does i got the new brush cutter on the front that thing’s an absolute animal man absolutely kills it i got 15 miles of brush cutting i got to do and then once i get done with that i’ll hop on the dirt bike and come and find these boys you gonna do good christian you’re taking over the vlog well i guess i can go ahead and pass the camera off to christian i’m gonna

Unload the skater and get the cut it’s gonna be a minute until you see me again all right guys we’ve made it to the first trailhead that we’re gonna get started on last time we came out here we actually marked it with a ribbon and it’s really difficult to see so this time we made sure that we came prepared 4 000 feet of caution tape and orange spray paint so you

Got this long road bed right here that goes all the way from there where we came from and it continues going on that way the first trail head to the rocky hill is down this way we’re gonna go ahead work our way down the trail clean up a lot of this stuff that’s just in the way we still want to keep it nice and technical and somewhat of a challenge we also want

To make it where it’s got flow to it and it’s a very direct path where you should actually be riding we got garrett on chainsaw duty tyler’s putting in the big muscles i think nolan’s marking some stuff with the orange spray paint and we need to start caution taping some stuff off to make it very visible for everybody i’ll pick you guys up along the way i know

Braden’s in the skid steer across the property right now clearing out some road beds you know maybe we’ll kick it to braden here in a little bit and see what kind of update he’s got let’s get to work baby i’m ready to see some progress we got till the sun goes down so let’s get after me oh boys i’ve been killing in the skid steer i’ve already knocked out a

Good mile or two we still actually got a lot of fuel left this brush hog has been absolutely eating i’ve been having to move big logs out of the way with pushing them brush hog i mean it’s running over trees that big around is no problem absolutely loving it i’m about to start on this trail and then when this is done i got one more spot to run but before i go

Back to the truck i might as well run down there and see what the boys are doing see what kind of progress they have done then go hit some of the stuff over there before i come back and load up and run all the way to the other side of the property let’s get it baby just finished up what we had to do over here so i guess i’m gonna go check in on the guys and

See how they’re doing over there uh making the trails and whatnot i’m a brush hog around where they’re at then it’s on to the other side of the property so uh let’s roll over here and see what they’re doing oh man i’ll tell y’all what the freaking skid steers killing it we have cleared a lot of trails with this sucker already i made it over here where they are

Clearing trails and uh it looks like they could uh limbed better their machete work is uh not the best that’s just hanging out over the trail definitely think that uh that could be better it looks confusing as you got paint going down for over here to all the way over here just straight line that way oh bp gonna have to come in behind them and fix them i have to

Peel the bark off the trees i’m about to get to the bottom of who’s running the damn spray paint can’t cause they need to just put it down you literally come down and go down right through there and come up over there but from out of this turn going this way that’s what you see is everybody’s on spray paint duty i’m chewing them out this is this is f coming down

On them now yo who the f has the spray paint can nolan get him off the can he’s not allowed to touch it ever again and why is there a path coming down right here i guess when you give a preschooler crayons you shouldn’t expect picasa bro i was walking down through the woods and i was like literally where does the trail go one eternity later well guys we’ve been

Hard at work for the past couple hours we’ve managed to clean it up and make a nice path that goes all the way from the trailhead where we started all the way to the rocky hill which is right over here so we have it caution taped off so you clearly can tell that you got to go this way all the way between this massive rock right here in this other rock make our way

Through here one thing we love is that like slow and technical stuff so even just something like that you know in between the rocks is kind of tight and tedious make your way down here caution tape there nolan actually came up with a really really good idea of implementing a log crossing between these two rocks right here no one was talking about maybe going here

And riding up the rock side right here either way it’d be pretty sick you got your creek over there keep on climbing this way and then this right here is where all the fun begins all the boys made it to the other side of the hill right now they’re over there working before i went over there i had to show you guys what we have done we got two arrows one going this

Way one going this way essentially they’re two different hill climbs the one to the right is more difficult the one to the left is a little bit easier this is the hard part send the bike up between these guys i don’t know if you guys can tell on camera but this hill is extremely steep transitioning from the rocky hill which is right in that direction you work your

Way down so we’re making progress that’s for sure there’s a lot of land and a lot of potential out here so we’re just trying to utilize it all it’s gonna take more than one day that’s for sure well boys i went back to work with a skid steer i’ve been absolutely killing it but i was like hey let me just try to get to the other side of the property without loading

This thing up this is way steeper in person than it is on camera kinda debating about going through it if it was like rock or something or regular dirt but i want to send it because it’s about two miles back to the truck damn that’d be a long walk definitely gonna take a hop out and look at this joker oh ain’t no way i’m stepping and sinking up if i had a bucket

I could fix this up real quick but digging you can’t really dig with the front of the uh brush hog thing i’m gonna try as soon as i spin i’m get trying to get out you don’t know what you can do until you try damn it so close oh mud bog right there boys so close i mean it was at his tipping point and that would not push any harder look at this man oh it’s going

To be a long way back to the truck i’m almost debating by just putting this thing on the trailer and getting the dirt bike out as you guys can tell we did not make it to the other side of the property about to go over there then i realized it’s already five o’clock it’s gonna be dark in three hours i need to go hit the trail that they’re working on let’s roll on

Down here and go hit it baby it’s been a busy a couple of days i just got back from georgia yesterday from shooting that turkey i wanted to be down here today because it was the last day it was under 60 degrees and i wanted to do all the hard labor work today because it’s supposed to be like high 80s for the rest of the week so i actually mapped out this trail

On my phone as eight miles uh i think we have roughly three miles done of the actual trail system of where you enter the trail maybe a mile i cannot wait we got everybody getting on bikes now it’s gonna be so much fun dude i think i know where the guys have made it i’m not sure how much further they’ve marked it so i guess we’ll just roll up on them when we get

There this bike’s so badass all right we’re about to enter the trailhead let’s see where’s that should be up here here she is there’s a roll of caution tape don’t know why that tree’s still there that tree needs to be cut too low that could get pulled out but it looks like it’s marked pretty decent when you look down through there you can clearly see where to go

Well this is just a straight shot down here oh i was not prepared for that that tree honestly needs to go shoot through here little side hill come down drop through here see i like this stuff right here this technical stuff dropping in between and down those rocks and this is a pretty good downhill all the way down to the bottom of rocky yeah this is nice to come

Down here hard pivot all right christian buddy this is a great log cross and leave it but take out the saplings right on the other side because if you want to hit it you’re going to end up writing those saplings gonna have to come back with a machete so look at all the spray paint so you got errors to go up right and cut left up between that one this is supposed

To be the easy way out i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone do this because it’s kind of hard side hilling i mean it’s definitely not an easy side hill just this first gear take it slow up here oh wow that’s not gonna be easy for all these rocks right here those are probably not movable that’s a nice line side hill on slanted rocks like that yeah i don’t realize

How steep this is we might have to find another line for people to get around i got all my gear on and i’m definitely not getting hurt again this bike when it caught that traction going up that hill it really did about threw me for a loop so now we got the big downhill this big downhill sweets bro they’re mapping the whole thing with caution tape what happened to

The spray paint boys that caution tape is going to be gone in two months they’re using way too much of the caulk we only got 4 000 feet we got eight miles to do but i guess we hop in the creek right here and ride the creek down and pop up over this oh what in the hell is going on i mean this is cool i like what he’s doing he’s putting the okay christian i see you

Buddy having some creek riding in here does anyone know how deep that is that’s pretty deep oh that’s deep that’s up to my frame what is this kristen buddy out doing yourself how do you make that pivot turn well there’s a chainsaw they can’t be far this title love what they’re thinking there’s just not a good way to do that i mean you can’t turn your bike that

Way without getting off of it should have kept it went out that way with it that’s not happening love the ideas that rock right there is in the way of a pivot turn like even if you pivot turn downhill that rocks in the way can’t do it bust your case can’t go high enough up when you sling your bike to the right that doesn’t land on that rock what is this where

You come up and out of this thing i have to pivot here this is going to get rudded up quick nice little creek crossing right there kind of focused i’m not really i can’t really talk i’m focused on what the hell i’m doing oh we made it over here to the four-wheeler does it drop down in the creek what is this bro there is a line there’s caution tape right here and

Right here there’s not really a lot now where to oh come down right here that’s pretty steep i like that drop in the creek here definitely gotta keep your momentum in this all right so the problem is no traction right here in the ground oh man we just cleared up the path up that valley it looks bad i’m just going to rail it and hope for the best i guess first

Gear hopefully not catch traction like last time so we come up that creek immediate into a log crossing then you can cut right and go up there i’m going to turn around since the first time i don’t know how bad it’s going to be here we go that’s steep right here that log sketches me out but it’s soft enough it should break the more oh there’s a hole yeah blow it

Off real quick let’s see what we’re working with yeah there you go just like that that is some rough terrain some rough dirt going up through there all the roots and rocks and gonna be hard keeping that momentum up through there it’s so doable though all right let’s see if i can get the rest of the way up oh it’s going to be a hard one it’s steep enough when you

Get over that first hard spot you better keep going can the ibex crawl right up this on go get this bike set up for woods riding hoarding all the parts tonight this is stock everything oh boy i gotta take this helmet off sorry we’ve been ignoring the camera boys i’m freaking i’m just trying to make these trails chris is gonna sit on my bike don’t break it don’t

Do what i just did no problem all right all right that’s a lot harder than i thought it was i guess i’ll give it one more go oh ready made it look easy about a second a third time we’re gonna make it up though come on now i feel weird not having my boots on i don’t feel as confident here goes nothing that’s tough house hill dude all right give me those gloves

Somebody’s gotta get up we gotta get this joker can’t do it you’re bouncing off this wall and when you come to hit this you’re just not lying for it you’re trying to get back on the bike after this this turn right here hey turn my front tire we got up in one way top of the hill right where i wanted to be oh my goodness that was rough that’s gonna be so much

Fun we have everybody here that’s fun going up i hate it we’re going down my bike don’t feel right feel like i’m slipping and sliding everywhere i want my kin to ibex i’m ordering all my stuff tonight oh boys and just like that we uh christian how many trails did we get done buddy not enough we probably got a good mile maybe a mile done so uh there’s a lot more

To do down there at the deer club now i do need to go back down there and brush hog the rest of the property it’s 750 acres there’s a lot of property a lot of land and it needs a lot of maintaining to keep all the roads open but i was running some numbers in my head and on my phone if the loop we’re creating right now is eight miles if we connect all the road beds

I mean we’re looking at making a 50 60 mile loop a 50 or 60 mile loop that’s right this one would be eight miles eight miles is a good four or five hour ride going to all the hardcore stuff all the hill climbs all the fun stuff but if we just want to like have trails to ride we can definitely pump out 60 miles on the 750 acres pretty easily these are mainly roads

That are already getting cut and it’s just making trails connect to one another and uh making it just all flow and go together so if you guys want to see that please hit the thumbs up button like and subscribe another video is a little bit different but i enjoyed it and i think it’s gonna make riding down there so much better on the next one you guys will see us

Ride this trail luke we’re gonna have all the guys out there it’s gonna be badass so guys stay tuned for that video it is coming out soon i guarantee you we have a ball so if you guys would like and subscribe we’ll catch y’all on the next one hey puppy leah here sit your wet puppy you will whack puppy

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Building INSANE Trails For Dirt-Bikes! *DREAM ENDURO COURSE* By Braydon Price