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Classic Dirt Bikes Lewis Bells 1964 Cheney Jawa 560.

A very brief look around Scottish rider Lewis Bell’s 1964 Cheney Jawa 560 race bike. This machine has taken Lewis to many a race win and he has also competed on this bike in the British Classic Scrambles Championship.

Well another very warm welcome back all my loyal youtube subscribers and also if you’re a brand new visitor and tuning in to classic dirt bike tv for the very first time then welcome aboard now next up we are going to take a quick browse at another pre-1968 vintage racer which is still being used and winning races even in this modern day so let’s all just take

A few minutes to check out lewis bell’s 1964 shiny jawa vintage racer now louis up until 2015 initially erased a very quick twin cylinder tripsa which of course is the bsa frame with a triumph twin motor although for the following season’s championship lewis wanted something a bit more competitive but it had to be a pre-unit bike either a single or a twin

Now he eventually saw this 1964 shiny java for sale and it wasn’t long before lewis eventually then bought the bike now the machine was originally built by simon shaney who was of course the son of the legendary chassis builder eric cheney and simon originally put the bike together for british motocross racer roger dunford now i’m sure that you already know

That these shiny frames are among some of the best british manufactured vintage race bank chassis you can buy and that quality is second to none now with regards the engine this big single cylinder four-stroke java motor has a longer stroked crankshaft and a 92 millimeter piston which makes it up to roughly 600 cc now the engine is also fitted with an amc

Gearbox and an nab clutch now the motor’s engine oil is housed in the frame and is pumped around the motor by this external oil pump on the end of the crank although lewis tells me that he has now converted the engine from total loss to a more upgraded storage tank return system now you may notice during this video that some of these clips may appear to be

Slightly different as these were filmed at different points in the racing season but nevertheless they’re all essentially still the same bike now the sparks for the engine are supplied by a self-contained interspan ignition system whereby the power and ignition system are contained in a single unit which is then recharged before each race event although lewis’s

Particular jawa here still appears to have its original magneto fitted in front of the motor but the mrd reference stamped on the side of the engine casing i’m assuming is in reference to the late pat french who run the model replica design company of course which initially began by making model airplanes and such but uh later went on to produce full-size

Replicas of the rickman matisse bikes and he also used a variety of engines in his designs including these big jawa singles now naturally because many of these big java singles are speedway derived engines their normal fuel would be methanol and not your regular petrol now methanol increases the power it makes the motor run slightly cooler and it also helps

Eliminate pinking or pre-detonation that’s sometimes associated with these big bore long stroking singles but of course the downside of the methanol fuel is it can be quite hazardous if it catches fire outside the motor as it burns with an invisible flame as a few of my friends have learned to their cost in the past but nevertheless treated with respect and

Consideration in a normal racing environment methanol is not any more hazardous than a regular gas now this rear hub on lewis’s java is surprisingly taken from a ktm bike but it still does the job superbly when it’s laced to this alloy wheel now the front forks are a pair of italian siriani units and again these are widely used on these older classics and

Perform well considering their basic engineering internals but in comparison to their rear hub this front hub is an amc unit which are very popular choices with these old 368 classic race bikes now lewis’s rear shocks on his jawa are dutch made riger shocks which are very good quality and these will certainly help control the rear end of the big jawa even

On the bumpiest of racetracks now these billet made alloy top and bottom yolks are again custom made units by shenny although the bikes handlebars and controls are just your stock run up the mill off-road parts now as with many of these other pre-68 classic erasers a substantial alloy handmade fuel tank to hold that precious fuel and you can see that the tank

And lewis’s bike has been through some big changes since he bought the bike with uh a few battle scars but nonetheless uh this fuel tank does the job superbly to feed this big 500 single motor now lewis did tell me that halfway through his first racing season that the bike’s motors piston broke in half at the gudgeon pin and basically destroyed the fuel top

End of the motor but since then he’s rebuilt the engine with an 89 millimeter piston which now makes a bike around 560 cc and during the rebuild lewis also upgraded the top end with long track racing cams but if you know your java motors then you’ll know how quick and powerful these bikes can be whether they are in a shale sliding speedway bike or in our case a

Classic scrambles machine and in the past few years that lewis has owned this bike it’s taken him to a multitude of race wins and even a championship win with the scottish classic club although when these big four-stroke java singles are set up and running properly these bikes are as good as anything on the racetrack in the pre-68 class and capable of winning

Many races in the hands of a good rider and so we’ve talked a little about lewis’s machine and its background so i think it’s now about time we had a look at lewis on the track with his java racer 68 class and these are the vintage bikes of this class of course with some very quick riders on top of these machines now we’re just waiting to get the old clear

From starting marshall to say it’s good to go everything looking good look out for the bell boys in this particular way so as you leave the line looks like liston bell number 98 who takes the whole shot with peter robinson in second place louis bell going around the outside and so as they head up the hill it looks like it’s uh listening belle first lewis bell

Second peter dobbinson in third place who is liston’s uh younger brother lewis on that very big and very powerful 500 journal single these bikes absolutely well suited the race lead and it looks like uh lewis is now taking the lead from his uh older brother listen this could be a good battle towards the checkered flag as these both slip and slide their way

Around this uh scarfoot farm racetrack but it looks like it could be lewis who is going to hold on to the win in this first pre-1968 class race certainly back up and running so here is your race leader it’s number nine louis bell uh getting that big jawa 500 a handful and looking good for the first win of the day in this pre-1968 class now your news lost at

Liston bell in this particular race it doesn’t seem to be any sign of him with number nine lewis uh out in front on his own here on his big jawa so it looks like liston has had some kind of mechanical problem with that big 500 machine of his but this is the race leader it’s louis bell who is slipping and sliding his big 500 jawa the scarfute racetrack and we

Want you to the checkered flag in this race for uh louis bell as he already has a substantial lead on fergus moody and steve dent in second and third position but uh very quick uh these big 500 jawa machines i’m not sure if this particular bike is running on methanol chances are motorcycle club now lewis bell was going fine up until just gave the big bike

The big jawa too much of a handful and swapped ends well i do hope you enjoyed that very brief look around lewis bell’s 1964 shiny jawa and if these are the kind of old vintage race bikes you enjoy looking at here on youtube then please consider subscribing to my channel to see many more of the same so thanks once again for taking the time to watch my video

Content and i do hope you continue to enjoy more of these old motorcycles when we return once more to classic dirt bike tv

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Classic Dirt Bikes "Lewis Bell's 1964 Cheney Jawa 560". By Chris Montignani