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Craigslist Scammer | Trys To Scam Me For Dirt Bike

what’s up guys a Craigslist scammer try to get me to fall for fake selling and buying don’t ever fall for this type of stuff ITS 100% A SCAM

Guys welcome back to another video rate and also maybe come through they said they’re interested $1,700 is what i told him that i would take for it 1,700 up that’s the lowest that you know that i feel right it sells a buck for all the work that i put into it and everything that i put into it i got it up for $2,000 and i got a few people that’s coming

This weekend or they might talk me down $100 know how you know how business works when you go in a line and sell stuff but it should be here any minute super cold i sold the bok he just came and got it for $1,700 the bike is going the huazi for the last couple clips he test wrote it and he said he was looking at a few more other box one of the box that he

Mentioned armsie 250 suzuki and he said he’s going to look at one of those tomorrow but he’s pretty sure he’s going to stick with the two strokes and get him a to another two-stroke he said he had like a kx250 before and he really likes the two strokes he said yeah when that power band kicks in you having a fun time that’s what he said it’s late 10 o’clock

Or so and i’ll get ready for bed get ready to get up in the morning gonna get up early in the morning so i can you know finish off this video get up throwing the gopro and finish the video off with the rawdon so yeah guys if you enjoyed this part of the video you’ll see me in one second neighbors well you ain’t watching this but if you ever do come across

This video which you probably won’t ever come across this video but if you do i’m sorry to wake you up i know it’s super late but there’s nothing i can do i got to put this buck up there and i got it i got it start it up and and ride it up there so forgive me i’m sorry i ain’t doing this on purpose i’m doing it for my box own good gasps got to turn the

Gas on tomorrow next day god and i just want to talk to you guys about something real quick it’s pretty insane i post them on dirtbike craigslist and a few other places don’t go try to look i know how you guys are every time i post something onto craigslist i get scammers always trying to you know stab me saying they’ll pay me through paypal and send me

A check through the mail about sending me the money through the internet i always say oh hoover come through and pick up the bots and then next thing i know the money is not in my account and my dirt bike is going forever beware guys be sure when you sell your dirt bike be extra careful don’t fall for the scams don’t fall for i’ll send the money through

Paypal because you might think paypal safe and you can get your money back but they really know what they’re doing and they really will scam you in your box will be also update on the huazi i didn’t so that’s not hasn’t hit me up today and it’s know about the time that he hit me up and came through yesterday lots other people that’s planning on coming

To look at the box so he ain’t the only one and i got it up for sale and if you guys like i said if you guys wanna wanna buy my bike $1700 is the lowest i’ve go all you got to do is you know go my instagram and just give me they’re saying i owe me the rest in your box only real interested don’t go putting i’m interested just you know message me just to

Give me a repop back because i don’t know if you know if you really want or not so only serious inquiries wrong box much better so meeting me practicing the willies so i saw a lot of comments about doing wheelies practice willies so enjoy the willies yeah mic running pretty good today she’s on the phone i see her she’s probably calling them all

Cops never found me gasps this is in the video guys so if you enjoyed it be sure to hit the subscribe button hit that like button share with your friends tell them about the channel tell them about all these craigslist scammers trying to scam people for their box let them know don’t fall for all all the scams and i’ll send your money through paypal tell

Them don’t fall for that crap it’s a scam and it’ll get your box stolen took it away so yeah guys i’ll catch you in the next video peace out

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Craigslist Scammer | Try’s To Scam Me For Dirt Bike By Highgear MX