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CRF450R Dirt Bike To Trike Three wheeler Conversion BVC Trikes

Check out this 2019 Crf450r dirtbike that was converted to a Trike using our conversion kit.

Guys it’s hard to even explain how fast these modern bikes are they’re insanely fast this is the 2019 older animals in the carburetor bottle best part about it electric start so so so all right guys so here we have a 2019 crm 450r we basically just install our conversion kit as you’ve seen on our other videos we make our own triple clamps

Billet front hub custom swing arm custom foot pegs we’re running all trx 450r components in the back on this everything from hubs to brakes this is our conversion subframe allows the use of the trx plastic and seat let us know in the comments what you think of the the color scheme we tried to go with something that looked like it was off the showroom floor and

We think we nailed it had a lot of guys request this look so here it is guys this machine’s actually going to be on the big air atv tour with derrick and john getter we’re hoping they can backflip this beast and and we’re just really excited to see what they can do with it when they get their hands on it special thanks goes out to binky tapscott he uh he’s

Sent us a handful of machines over the last couple years this is another one him and i are working together to get this build together for them so they can put it through the paces definitely check those guys out follow them on instagram and facebook this bike is electric start again it’s a 2019 sierra 450r they do come electric start which is super handy no

More kickstarting we absolutely love the dual exhaust this is something everybody was requesting and it’s very easy to actually make this work with our subframe you’re simply just extending your mid pipes out super super easy install uh just make sure you got a buddy that can tig weld and you’re pretty much all set i don’t recommend mig welding your exhaust

Together we don’t want any bubble gum on there no offense to the guys that do mig well you can you can make it work pop the seed off real quick for you guys battery box our seat mount you can see our performance intake electrical mounts everything’s super clean see the plastic trimming a little bit warmer today but unfortunately still winter time so we’re

Gonna take a couple hot laps around the parking lot and show you what it can do but if you guys are interested in seeing a riding video check out trek motocross now the one in that video is a 2005 it’s nothing compared to this new machine everything’s a nice tight fit we have our own fender brackets up here you do this so if you ever have a rollover you’re not

Bending any brackets so right there and pretty much up there that also allows us to adjust the gap between the fenders and the seat keeps everything super tight and clean if you’re creative with trimming when you install these kits take your time line everything up you can make it look extremely factory another shot of our front hub with our rotor adapter now

This is a 10 inch wheel it’s 10 by 5. we did this to get the the wheel a little bit skinnier and allows for more brake clearance there really isn’t a lot on there with these larger brakes on these new bikes it’s extremely powerful 350x front fender color match to the oem red this is a husqvarna front number plate as you’ve seen in our other videos you simply

Drill two holes in the front fender that pushes down in there and we have our own mount right here off of our triple clamps to hold that we did do the thumb throttle conversion we do that on most of the tracks we put together we also sell these available with our kit also so we actually space out the uh dirt black master cylinder to get some clearance for the

Throttle housing i’ve been running that for years on dirt bikes too it just works really well yeah guys if you like what we’re doing you like these builds comment what you want to see next we wouldn’t be here without you guys we appreciate all the phone calls all the emails all the support from all over the world keep an eye out for our next handful of builds

That are coming out of here we purchased a larger building so we’re actually moving our facility here shortly we’re pretty much doubling in size um more equipment coming in it’s gonna get uh get pretty crazy here we’re hoping to actually offer some big wheel kits for a lot of the modern dirt bikes you’re gonna see some crazy things thanks guys appreciate the

Support um guys it’s hard to even explain how fast these modern bikes are they’re insanely fast we can’t ride right now parking lot soap we’re just trying to show you what it can do check out our video trick motocross to see like an o5 this is the 2019 it’s older animals in the carburetor bottle best part about it electric start well so you

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CRF450R Dirt Bike To Trike Three wheeler Conversion BVC Trikes By BVC OFFROAD