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Dirt bike protective gear guide for beginners

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Hey what’s up guys welcome to jordan iron so you are starting to ride a dirt bike in this video we’re going to talk about some basic gear that will keep you relatively safe so stick around or two let’s start from a head definitely helmet is number one thing i don’t even go for a small test ride on any bike if i don’t have helmet on it’s very important if you don’t

Have it on a small mistake something stupid happen and you will be sorry so go ahead get a helmet and keep it on if you are sitting on your bike i like fox brands for helmets because they’re not expensive they’re really good quality really starting helmet and also they look really cool so i have this fox b2 for me and i bought it the one for my son i like the

Color combination and just like the design like how it looks this one goes with both of my gears it’s black and white and yellow so i really like this how many always looks okay whatever i’m wearing so helmet is number one once you have your helmet you definitely need to get a goggles now i learn from my mistake don’t buy cheap goggles from ebay you’re not going

To like them pretty soon you want to get something different so i went ahead and bought these hundred percent of a curry or a curry whatever you call it this is this is the one i bought from my look of motorsport i spent like $60 they come with two different lenses one is clear another one has some kind of pins and i like it because it’s not the dark a really good

Visibility even with a low light and there is a lot of sunshine here when i ride so these goggles really cool plus they look really good on the pictures so the goggles now when i first start writing i had no body protection but very soon i learned that having some elbow protection shoulder protection and some roots protection is very essential when you ride a dirt

Bike there is a lot of different things you can buy but what i like is a full body armor with your elbows shoulders your front for the roots protection than some back protection and you also have something for your lower back now you can go ahead and spend $150 for folks tyson or leah or these other brands a really good product and yeah maybe i’ll get one later but

I wanted to take some money and i did some research and a lot of guys that said good stuff about pms brand is a chinese company that is cloning copying you know all the good stuff romo from fox and all the other companies so this is a fox titan clone and i must say that i’m impressed by the quality you can tell that it’s a little cheaper but the important things

The protection all these things are pretty good quality i put a couple hundred hours on this thing i went down multiple times and is still holding up and it saved my butt from quite a few scratches let’s move to gloves so you can get any gloves i think i’d say like $15 $10 for gloves like this you can get a gloves that have a little more protection for your for

Your bones here but this is just basic stuff that i think is enough now for for jersey and pencil it’s a really good to have a jersey and pans that are made for dirt bikes for motocross or enduro because you need to be flexible you need to be able to move your body to every single direction you need to if you’re riding in the jeans you don’t have the flexibility

You need so go ahead and get your gear i got the black and yellow because i’m riding suzuki that’s for my jersey and then i got these pants also black and yellow so this is one like a yellow set and you know you have a lot of flexibility they adjust they they stretch they go with your body plus they give you some heat protection for your hot parts on the bike

Board for the carbon all these things so that means we recommend go and find something that is nice you know i heard that motocross is one of the last places where you can get really colorful stuff in high boots and still look okay so go crazy get something nice colorful i think it’s a it looks cool the second most important part of your body that can easily get

Hurt on a dirt bike and once it heard it it’s usually too late is your knees so you need to have any protection the best is if you can go and spend $500 and get a good knee braces that will you know protect your knee from doing this and also from twisting this way but if you don’t have $500 you don’t want when you’re right also i didn’t spend 500 yet on the knee

Braces i’m planning to do in a near future but get at least a good knee braces i spend about a hundred bucks for these knee brace knee guards so i spend about honey dollars for these knee guards and i’m really happy i went down couple of times even today i was riding and i went down and my knee is fine i don’t feel anything so definitely i recommend you to get some

Knee protection at least this basic knee protection but don’t settle for something very cheap for like $18.00 get something a little bit better that will stay on your knee when because you’re moving a lot on a dirt bike when you start riding you always change your position and you’re bending your knee so you need something that will stay where it’s supposed to be

At all times i have a sock so these are made for motocross riding fox prints ooh and they are pretty pretty high so they go under your knee protection i like that because it just so it feels warm and it feels safe it’s good but you don’t have to have it so it is something extra usually people get stuck so i have start to do and i like it and the last part which is

Very important you guys don’t ride their bike without having a proper boot go ahead and spend the money on your boots if you want to spend a lot of money somewhere it really good helmet get boots and get braces this these three things will get keep you safe everything else you can have or maybe you don’t need to it’s up to you but if i can pick three most important

Things for the protection of your body helmet knee braces and in good boots alright guys so that the body for today to get your protective gear when you starting riding a dirt bike don’t save money on the gear this is something that will keep you safe is something that’s very important save money on the bikers you don’t need the new pipe for $900 take $900 and buy

Really good protective gear first after you learn everything after you are safe then go ahead and buy some mods and make your bike pretty or whatever you want to do with your bike when you go riding stay safe but push yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone if you want to something new you need to change yourself every day go for something new stay safe

At the same time try to find a balance and have fun and most important whatever you do stay motivated see you guys later

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Dirt bike protective gear guide for beginners By Dirt N Iron