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EASY OIL CHANGE | SSR Motorsports SR300 SR250 | Zongshen NC250 NC300 & GPX Chinese Dirt Bike Engines

EASY OIL CHANGE | SSR Motorsports SR300 SR250 | Zongshen NC250 NC300 & GPX Chinese Dirt Bike Engines

Hey guys charles with mx revival here and today we’re going to do a quick oil change on your ssr motorsports sr300 this procedure will also work on any zhongshin brand nc 250 or nc 300 engine including the sr250 be sure to check out mx for more ssr tips tricks downloads mods you name it now let’s get into the soil change go ahead and start by warming up

Your engine for three to five minutes warm oil always drains better than cold oil let your engine idle for no more than five minutes to avoid boil over and coolant loss next up go ahead and remove your skid plate if your bike has one and place an oil pan underneath your machine now go ahead and remove all three of your engine’s drain plugs as well as your reusable

Stainless steel filter there’s one drain plug on the right one drain plug on the left one more underneath the engine and finally on the right side you’ll find your removable reusable filter while used engine oil is draining into your oil pan go ahead and take this time to clean your reusable filter i like to use something like brake clean it cuts through oil makes

The job very fast and easy you’ll also find two additional reusable filters behind each of the black oil drain bolts go ahead and clean those the exact same way you did your stainless filter now that your engine is fully drained make sure to clean up all the drain bolt areas get any residual dirt oil and grime out and away from those areas go ahead and reinstall

All three of your drain bolts and your reusable filter now you can go ahead and fill your engine with fresh oil start by making sure your motorcycle is perfectly upright you can also do this by putting your bike up on a bike stand this is an important step if you’re using the sight glass method to fill your bike with fresh oil go ahead and remove your oil filler

Plug and using your favorite 10w40 go ahead and fill your engine until your sight glass shows half full of engine oil this oil fill hole can be a little bit difficult to reach as it is underneath the exhaust that protrudes out of your engine and so a little tip i like to do is reuse one of these old honda hp bottles and you don’t have to use a funnel at all you can

Stick this directly into your engine and any bottle shape like this will work great if you use this method you’re going to want to be sure to put 1500 milliliters of oil back into your engine the capacity can also be found right on top of your oil fill plug now that your engine is full of fresh oil and you’ve reinstalled your filler plug you can actually go ahead

And prime or push all of this fresh oil through your engine without even starting the bike this will avoid a dry start and it’s always a good idea if your bike’s been sitting for a while all you need to do is hold down your kill switch and your starter switch simultaneously and this will allow oil to be pumped through your engine without the bike actually firing

Holding down the kill switch disallows spark from occurring and so that’s why this works five to ten seconds should be more than enough to pump all that fresh oil through your engines you can now start ride and enjoy your sr250 or sr300 or like i mentioned earlier any bike equipped with the zanction nc250 or nc300 engine all right guys that’s it short and sweet

Now guys as an added bonus if you’d like you can head over to mx revival and download a complete and free copy of the sr 300 owner’s manual just in case you either lost yours or your dealer never gave you one to begin with that’ll have a complete breakdown of this exact procedure and writing as well i’ll go ahead and leave a link for you in the description below

As always guys thanks for watching be sure to check out our full playlist here for more ssr motorsports content shred safe and i’ll see you soon you

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EASY OIL CHANGE | SSR Motorsports SR300 SR250 | Zongshen NC250 NC300 & GPX Chinese Dirt Bike Engines By mXrevival