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How To Start A Dirt Bike That Wont Start 2022

In this video, I teach you how to cold start a newer dirt bike that does not have a kickstarter or a carburetor. It took a few separate diagnostics, and realizing it wasn’t air blockage, a sparking issue, or a battery issue.. But rather a fueling problem. It was likely flooded so I had to bump start it to get it going.. Enjoy learning how to get your bike started and enjoy the beautiful, loud, crackle and pops you get when cold starting a 2021 YZ-250F! Share with a friend who’s bike won’t start!

Yo what’s good everybody welcome back to the channel if you guys are new here my name is malachi uh today we’re gonna be trying to get my bike fixed and running if you guys saw my last couple videos uh you guys know that my bike is not running uh this thing is telling me like i said my last video that my battery is charged but we’re gonna try to bump start it and

See if that helps anyway so that’s gonna be one of the things we try today if that doesn’t work we also might change the oil that doesn’t work we also might have to drain the gas if that doesn’t work we’re gonna have to see what else we can do that might work that’s how we’re starting this video off we’re gonna see if we can get this thing running if we can get

It running then we’re probably gonna go ride it but um for right now we’re gonna be focused on getting it running and then uh we’re gonna see what happens right now when i tap the starter nothing happens usually this lights up when i press the starter and it like makes a clicking noise it’s not doing that yeah we’re going to see ow so this thing is supposed

To like help it like start so i push that in still does nothing i’m gonna assume that that uh isn’t doing anything and say connect the battery to the or that’s how you connect that to the battery so i did that and it told me that my battery was charged okay yeah so i’m gonna set this camera down for a second real quick and i’m gonna see if i can take the

Seat off and we’re gonna try to we’re trying to get under there and see what we can do alrighty guys so i got my socket set here uh we’re gonna see if we can go ahead and get the seat off and and see if we can get under there and see if it’s wrong so i’m trying to find the right size um alrighty so it’s gonna be 10 on the seat so and grab this and go ahead

And get this thing off all right pop the other side off should be able to pop this right off now alrighty guys so i got the seat popped off uh it’s in right there it doesn’t look like there’s anything too wrong under here other than it needs to be like probably maintained better it’s not that clean but um yeah it doesn’t look like there’s anything too wrong

Under here everything looks connected everything looks like it’s where it’s supposed to be so i don’t think i’m gonna touch anything under here right now at least all right guys so we got isaac out here helping me film right now he’s got a mask on because he’s currently waiting for his test back he might have coveted but um in the meantime we’re going to try to

Go ahead and bump start this and put the seat back on try to go bump start it so that’s what we’re going to go do in the yard real quick and we’re gonna have isaac film us so yeah let’s roll this thing out to the yard okay all right you guys so we got like a slight downhill like in my backyard right here so we’re gonna go ahead and try to uh bombstart this john

And see if we can get it to run i don’t really know how to bump start so i’m just going off of what isaac told me he bumped started his bike one time when he had the pit bike so uh i’m just kind of going off that since it’s cold i’m rolling it in neutral and i’m just going to see if that if that helps and then i’m going to click it in gear drop the clutch and

Then give it some gas i think that’s what i’m doing yeah so uh we’re going to try that taught them well guys hop on did you hear anything kinda hurt i think i did it right that hurt you heard a little room room it hurt my ass a little bit but we’re going to roll it back a little bit and try again i’m i’m just getting started i’m i’m new to bump starting so

I’m learning he’s just doing some warm-up runs exactly just a couple test runs get this puppy round up you feel me it’s been a couple in like a week or so now you might want to do a safer jump than that like maybe like a foot on at first and then like oh you see the last time i tried the foot on first i grinded my ground in my clutch because i hit the shifter

Oh oh yeah yeah so that’s why i did the little hop guys and my uh dad’s boots are not tied so i know some of you guys are surprised i know i have a day yes let’s go that was close guys yo you’re right i think i need a bigger hill but we’re going to roll it back and try again get the piston moving with the little rock back you hear the customer yeah the rock

Back this is it guys this is a cold start trick used by ice racers so you rock it back and forth the gear a little bit get the piston moving click it back in neutral now we’re gonna try bump start again here we go think he’s got it this time oh that’s so close guys i smell my clutch but i don’t give a we’re so close the cold start trick used by ice racers

Might have given us a little advantage you guys can’t get your bike started to try that you guys couldn’t tell we’re in the outskirts of utah so uh that’s why it’s so cold yeah we recently moved to utah so um we’re just out here having fun i get my hands a little warm up i feel like i’m losing my fingers so uh commercial break guys so i think i understand

The bump start a little bit more i think we’re gonna give it another rock real quick get the piston going give it a few more rocks we’re going to try this again and we’re going to start at this time i know it’s going to start this time it’s going to start here we go close once we get it on we just gotta keep it on yeah that’s the goal here so i just want

To get it on and just i’m saying i think once i get it on you can put it turn and go down that way so that i give it a little ride get the fumes flowing through it and then just come back up this way and just leave it on for a few minutes yeah at least yeah i definitely got enough gas in here damn near full tank still so um let me try that again and uh i

Think you know it’s heavy bike really cold you got to get you got to get more speed the other side of the hill is more um downhill i think so yeah we’re on the other side there’s a little bit more hill on this side of my house so we’re gonna try this again i’m gonna try to get some more speed this time and uh we’re gonna go for it so here’s another one that’s

It that’s come on let them know baby let them know let them know let them know baby these hype you don’t know how to hack um you’re gonna blow that thing up he got so happy guys i don’t know where he went he got way too heavy i don’t know if he’s going back on the street you’re back this way i lost some guys we just cut it let him know how happy you are

Isaac with that god tip bro getting that bike started now i just gotta get this job running your damn so i’m now i’m definitely gonna make sure i start doing the proper warm-ups before i take my bike out and lay it in the snow for three or four hours but um it’s back up and running guys let’s go we are so lit right now we back outside with it my neighbors gonna

Hate me again but it’s cool we back outside with this everybody on the road looking at me dumb as but it’s all good because we got the bike started so it don’t even matter but i had slides on i don’t know if you guys saw in the garage and right before i right before i was rolling the bike out isaac like you gotta take that jump down and slide it’s like that’s

Just gonna take off when you when you go i said i guess i throw the boots on i throw my dad’s boots on ain’t even tied him john’s cause i thought more this bike took off i was red i don’t even know if you got me i was fishtailing the whole you ever need your bike started back up i got my jaws started like 10 minutes bro what’s that like folk tries yeah

We got this john started cuz you feel me you know what i’m saying i was laying in my bed depressed as hell today i have work but i was like damn i can’t really ride my bike either and i was like i don’t know what i’m gonna fail so i was like you know what i’m the film starting my bike so i got out here you know i’m saying i probably wouldn’t even got it started

If he didn’t come outside but you know i’m saying he came outside helped me get the bike started hey now that’s on running cars came outside got that jaw all right you feel me it’s running now yeah i thought i’m telling y’all i was fish tailing this whole not gonna lie there we’re about to have the tops on us in like five i forgot to let you guys know he’s

Getting a race bike soon y’all know he has a pet bike he has a little pit bike whatever that was trash we got rid of that john but now you know what i’m saying he about to get a bracelet real soon but in the next month to month and a half he is getting a race bike alrighty guys i don’t know the last thing you guys heard before my camera overheated i don’t know

How the my camera overheated when it’s 10 degrees outside but uh my bike’s leaking fluid so yeah you guys can see it’s leaking fluid i’m pretty sure it’s just because i was opening the throttle too much without the bike being warmed up but you know you got to do what you got to do when your bump’s starting to bike and you’re trying to keep it on so i just had

To keep it going so i read the piss out of it all the way down here and all the way up the street and back and so it’s gonna probably leak fluid for a couple of minutes or so but uh yeah i’m definitely not gonna have no cooling in my bike when this is done leaking but uh it’s okay we’ll refill it but um yeah my radiator is still broken from when my dad crashed

My bike you guys can see it’s like slightly like benton or whatever nothing crazy it’s been rideable my dad said he would pay to get it fixed that was back in july of 2021 but uh it’s all right he’ll pay for it when he gets the chance i’m not tripping so uh my air filter box wasn’t tight that whole time i was going all the way up in my oops it’s good now

But that wasn’t closed but yeah so uh it looks like we’re leaking coolant and uh some other type of but there’s a whole puddle of coolant right there guys that’s probably not good actually but yeah that’s got to be bad let me know in the comments below if uh i should be leaking that much coolant the bike hasn’t been started in like two weeks and i also didn’t

Properly warm it up before i took it out in the snow and then had it laying there for like three or four hours it’s kind of my fault but um it started again but now it’s leaking a lot of fluid so let me know in the comments if that’s bad and let me know where what i should do all right guys so this mode light wasn’t coming on before and like i told you guys in

The beginning of the video it was supposed to come on when i pressed the start button but it wasn’t so like now it’s on so theoretically now that i just killed the bike it’s been running for about 10-15 minutes probably when i rode it around for like five minutes theoretically it should start with the starter now so we’re going to try it see if that works if

It did then that means we’re good moment of truth dremel can mechanic in the city i think between our ice racing trick between our ice racing trick yeah rocking it back and forth with the piston we switched sides of the house to get a bigger hill and then he gave me all the god tips for bump starting so i think all those three combined it’s how you cold

Start a bike or how you start a bike that’s not starting i hope you guys enjoyed this video now we can get back to filming on the bike so i mean you guys saw me ride for like maybe 10 seconds in this video i’m not going to do too much on it right now but um i probably am about to go film so you won’t see any more riding in this video but um i hope you guys

Learned something from it hopefully how to start your bike if your bikes aren’t running if it’s cold where you live right now if you guys are in the backcountry utah then uh hopefully your bike will get running now and uh yeah hopefully yeah hopefully we were able to help some other people in the process of helping ourselves but yeah we figured it out got the

Bike started it’s up and running now we let it get warm let the fumes flow through it a little bit thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed if you guys did don’t forget to like share comment and subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out you

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