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Today guys i’m bringing back a very very very special video a highly requested video a how to wheelie tutorial part two guys so how was that bro uh muscle memory at this point muscle memory pretty easy for beginner how easy would you say that trick is and how important is that trick it’s the most important thing that’s a fact i want you guys to go through every

Freaking stage of you learning how to willie yo yo what is up guys how you guys doing today today guys i’m bringing back a very very very special video a highly requested video a how-to wheelie tutorial part two guys and today i’m gonna be doing it on a 2019 rm85 guys three years ago i believe it was three years ago haley put it on the screen right here i did

A willy tutorial on a catch wanted that dated crazy you guys loved it i had so many people coming up to me saying yo crap you told me how to really yo i’m watching a video high right now on how to willy i want to help you guys as the bikes evolve we need to evolve guys so update these videos is very very very important you know we get different skills we learn how

To ride different there’s so many different tricks now that i didn’t know back then that now i can teach you guys so let’s get started y’all we’re gonna go step by step on how to wheelie a two show dirt bike specifically get 85 guys also before we get started i want to tell you guys i got something very very very special coming out october 24th sunday 8pm est i

Got my no panning zone t-shirts coming out looks just like this on a bag that says sorry officer i don’t panic because we don’t panic well some of us don’t panic i hope you don’t panic if you don’t if you don’t panic make sure you guys on the website 8 pm est on paradigm links in the description make sure you guys go show love is my brand listen man no panic zone

It’s a vibe so now let’s go step by step on how to willy a two-short dirt bike okay so now guys i want to bring in our demonstrator you ready randy this is my student my brother guys you know if you watch the channel you know he’s been learning how to willy since you know you’ve been hanging with me now he has a 450 guys and he’s 90 hanging i would say you’re

Literally right there just gotta jump back just a little tiny bit but two strokes is a whole different story yeah the four-stroke very very very different and you know randy’s around a four-stroke this is just to show you guys randy does not ride his bike at all you know with the skills he learns on a four-stroke he’s about to show you guys on a two-stroke step by

Step and literally it’s pretty easy right you are kind of scared of this bike keep it real i don’t want to drive but you don’t want to drop it and it’s kind of scary it’s a big motor and a small bike yes very very very true so first things first guys step one haley put it on the screen is safety randy has his helmet i got my helmet right here usually when i ride

I wanna i wanna i wanna wear a helmet you know kids don’t be cool don’t try to be you know superman you know the the one thing you want to save even men the one thing you want to say is your you know your brain your skull you’re replacing anything else what does that mean even men like i said kids so like kids like don’t so like even men females whoever it is who

Are watching this video and you know once the ride helmet please guys safety is very very very very important that’s step one step two guys knowing your bike you’re not saying randy doesn’t know the bike right now but when you ride your 450 you know the 450 right you know the reason why i chose him for this tutorial is because he learned by example you you are a

Product of the environment honestly what i’m saying the baby goat yeah all right guys you know i’m over haley but you know you’re cool too so randy strap up put your helmet on and let’s get on the bike come on all right guys so like i said guys step one is getting used to your bike so randy get used to the clutch get used to your brake your front brake get you

See a rear brake ride it back and forth bro let me show you something like before we even start to willy go all right guys getting used to bike it’s very very important go already nice nice nice how do you feel on it how do you feel on it feels good nice nice nice so remember getting used to the bike is very very important why why would you say get used to the

Bikes and board ready you always want to know your bike before you before you start riding because every bike is different there’s no bike that feels the same facts facts that’s very very true so getting comfortable with your bike is key guys it’s getting used to that brake so randy you know how are you riding with your brake when you’re riding how do you do it

You literally you usually hover above it right hover right right above it keep it nice and steady and when you when you’re learning how to wheelie guys bringing the bike up slamming on the brake get bringing the bike up slam on the brake is very very important why do i say that repetition is key so learning at your break is there knowing when you come back the brake

Is there knowing when you go up the brake is there before you fall the break is there nine times right randy so how did you use that just keep doing it over and over and over just to practice repetition and always want to trust yourself yeah it’s definitely uh you got to break through that fear you got to trust yourself with the break all right so you’re going

To show us how to use the brick rubber key beginner break up down up down soon as you bring the bike up slam the brakes down bring the bike up slam it breaks down learning in your head let’s go so how was that bro uh muscle memory at this point muscle memory pretty easy for beginner how easy would you say that trick is and how important is that trick it’s the

Most important thing that’s a fact repetition is key i’m going to keep saying that guys it is the most important you need to remember your back break is there so randy can you show us a little flyby of you riding popping the bike up slamming a break and how you do it let’s go how did that feel bro it’s all good you know you know you bring the bike up bring it

Down bring it up bring it down how does it feel different from a big bike to this bike well the frame is a lot smaller and it’s so like it’s peppy it’s really peppy so like as soon as you get the gas but like the 450 you kind of have to give it a little more i would say but like and this is this is a two stroke so it was the power bank the power bank so how is

It is it different hitting the break though learning that method is it different from this bike in that bike no no guys this method is the right method this is the right way for anybody whether it’s a street bike you know scooter whatever if you got a foot brake or hand brake bring it up bring it down bring it up bring it down repetition is key so now part three is

Drop back bro coming back to that drop back i know you’re still learning how to do a drop back right so this is a this is a perfect example of your learning so you know you got the balance right someone got the balance you got to break 100 right so now it’s time for you to drop back dropping back is key why is the key coming to a stop turning all that stuff has

To do with being at balance point so you ready bro after you learn the break please do not skip step by step because last step is very very very important come on bro show us how to drop back so while randy’s doing the drop back guys remember i need you to do this i need i need you guys to remember he is still a beginner he is still learning how to drop back

He’s used to a 450 so every time you see him coming up coming back before i come back he’s still learning guys i brought you somebody who’s in a learning process so watch what he’s doing and learn by example and yeah do exactly what he’s doing because he’s doing the right way all right guys randy showed you his drop back now i’m gonna show you what a drop back

From a you know a guy who’s been riding for years and years and years so let me show you exactly how to do it let me grab my helmet i’ll be right back how did it feel bro scary scary yeah it’s different drop back on the touch right way different but you’re getting there it’s just like and even when you’re not like fully dropped back it still coasts a little bit it

Does it does so now guys i told them i’m gonna show them how to really drop back on um something that you’re i’m comfortable on and stuff like that and right after this part guys it’s swag we’re gonna get to swag in just a minute but drop back is very important and i’m gonna show you why all right guys now it’s my turn safety first i know my bike i know the brake

Now it’s time to drop back let’s get it god coming to a stop slowing down coming to your point slowing down very very very important why watch this look watch that see the turn guys you need to learn how to drop back it’s all drop back method just like that guys dropping back is very very very important as you can see i was turning you know you got to be at

A drop back to learn how to do circles you got to be at a drop back to come to a light you got to be at a dr everything focus is on drop back literally a lot of tricks a lot of things happen on that so last part guys is swag i want you guys to follow me i’m gonna show you a little bit of swag this is the last part i want you guys to go through every freaking stage

Of you learning how to willy learning your bike one step two break step three drop back step four is swag so haley jump in the car follow me let me show you a little swag guys swag very very important swag um swag is important guys it gives you like even if you’re not the best rider it still shows definition of your of what you’re doing it makes the ride guys

Watch swag guys it makes the wheelie it makes the way look cool if you’re willing dope but you got to have definition have that definition go ahead bro go go not too fast you’re going to kill haley alrighty guys just like that there’s literally only four steps to learning how to willy and learn how to willie the right way guys anybody around

You knows that the four steps or around me round you they’re gonna know them four steps are the correct steps and if they say no i think they’re a little crazy guys those are the steps that i um i taught randy thought of the steps i learned myself those are the stuff some other people taught me guys so i’m just you know sharing my knowledge sharing that with you

Guys and i hope you guys you know have a fantastic day um wear a helmet please do it in a secluded area like we are right now um do not go go crazy and hurt yourself this is you know this this is performed by yours truly not a professional but been doing a very very very very long time and yeah guys so safe environment i want you guys to do the same way you know

Uh i feel like we can we we gotta do it the right way guys before we do this hayley hit one of the montages of all of us right let’s get it that game so so you

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