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I Bought This Apollo RFZ Dirt Bike For 00!!

Video Title: I Bought This Apollo RFZ Dirt Bike For $100!!

Yo what’s going on youtube is you brought much and bring you guys in other videos you guys can tell from our voice i am sick and though it’s not what you guys think it is it’s just like a strep throat not really a strep though because i went to the doctors they said there was no strength though there’s no infection no virus nothing like that he just said my throat

Is very irritated or something like that so i’ve been coughing a lot and because of that it’s kind of damaged my throat so that’s why my voice is dead and i’ve been coughing but i don’t have like flu-like symptoms or anything like that i don’t get hot i don’t get cold i don’t feel exhausted it’s just literally just a cough but i know that’s not why you guys are

Here you guys are here for the title of the video yes in rfz for $100 and this isn’t just any ordinary rfz you guys have seen it on the channel this this that i’m looking at right now this is my boys rfc he sold it to me for $100 at first before i tell you why i sold him this bike this this piece moto sold him this bike we kind of made a trade so he could get a

Discount on this bike this bike is perfectly brand new everything about it is is good the tires still have the tracks on it as you can see it still has the line which means it shows that i haven’t rode this bike as much as i should have i got it towards the very end of the season i think we replaced the carburetor on it so that’s the only thing we’ve done and then

Again of course the oil change but he loves red bikes and this bike it’s it’s a sexy bike it’s good working bike probably one of the most reliable bikes that we’ve had no problems with it the apollo double-oh-seven as you guys can see this thing is just torn apart this is also my bike as well this was my first bike i had i sold it to my roommate and now i actually

Bought it back from my roommate so this will be a project bike or i can use it for parts and then we have this bike right here the tomahto this one i gotta get put it back together this is my baby 140 cc right here just a little bit a little bit more kick than the peace moto 125 the apollo double-oh-seven 125 and the rfz 125 so i’m gonna get this baby working in the

Next video but for now i gotta show you guys the new bike so yeah you guys it does suck letting the piece motor go just because of how good and reliable the bike has been to me it just sucks it was a good bike man there was no problems with it it actually ran every time perfectly fine and it was always nice to have a bike like that so now that i have a broken bike

It’s gonna take some time there’s gonna be surprise x we’re gonna have to do to get this bike running i’ll show you guys the bike looks like in a second so stay tuned we’re also gonna do videos on this bike see if we could get it to and then this one i think i’m gonna change the valve springs on its make it a little bit more jumpy and faster that way hopefully we

Could try to do wheelies on and stuff like that but besides those bikes time for the moment of truth you you guys have it the hundred dollar rfc and as you guys can see he ended up putting a protaper bar pad on it got custom stickers on it still has the rfc logo and it also does have apollo on it somewhere i believe i believe has the apollo art logo on it maybe it

Doesn’t but it does have the rfc logo it has a nice red bull sticker which is sick man it looks like it’s a actual sponsored bike fox 100% and then this is the company that makes the lowe’s oh he got his favorite number on it 23 some more sponsors back here which is pretty cool fly racing the company that makes these logos or the graphics fox 100% in red bull down

Low tires rfz you can see the engine has rfc racing the bike is a little dirty which is what we’re doing today is cleaning it up you can see protaper down there this is theirs i’m going to show you guys what’s all broken with this we can talk about that he also put these cheap little plastic hand guards on it it looks nice they are cheap plastic ones i’ll probably

Keep them on just because i don’t know depends depends if i’ll keep it or not let me know in the comments if you think i shed the custom number 23 more red bull sponsors as well and that’s pretty much it he also switched this out which this is broken as well so let me show you guys everything that’s broken on this thing starting off with the throttle cable you

Guys could see it’s missing a grip throttle cables not they’re non-existent this we’re gonna have to take that out completely it looks like these are bent they’re not placed straight oh i don’t even notice this but this is broken which looks like it’s the brake the brake lever that holds on to the handlebars is broken this is good this needs a new screw so we’re

Gonna have to get another screw for that what else do we need on this bike the rim down here i saw that this rim was bent somewhere right here big big bet denso might have to replace that what else do we have this is just hanging loosely we’ll fix that these stickers are gonna feel like they’re gonna come off soon this is broken as well as you can see completely

Broken needs a none of screw to hold it or bolt whatever you guys want to call it what else is broken on this thing i think other than that that’s it the carburetor that he got on this one is way too big in my opinion i think it’s too big so i ordered a new one and a throttle line so i can go ahead and get those installed onto this whenever they come in i’m going

To install those but for now we got to get this bike cleaned up so that way it’s ready to work on but for now the two things that i ordered was a new carburetor this one’s way too big i got the carburetor that i always go on every single bike that i have and then we also got a throttle line throttle cables so that way we can try and see if we can get this thing

To work we’re gonna take this thing apart maybe and clean it up right now so you guys gonna see that process of what it looks like to clean your chinese dirt bikes how you do it now i’m not gonna clean i’m not gonna plug up this exhaust a lot of people probably gonna come back put a plug on the exhaust so what it does it get in it i’m not gonna actually i might do

It just for to show you guys what it’s supposed to look like but normally i don’t do it because i’d be a little bit careful when i’m doing it i’m not just shooting water straight down into it if anything i’ll just touch like the sides of it but this bike needs a deep cleaning so let’s work on that so now first thing we’re gonna want to do is i’m gonna power wash

It rinse it down a little bit and then hit it with a nice high or of whatever rpm whatever these things are called and then after that we can go ahead and spray some soap stuff i have this bio stuff but i think we ran out so we might just use something like this which is spray on car wash we just let it sit on it for a little bit let it eat all the dirt and then

After that we’ll scrub it away with this and maybe a toothbrush to scrub away all the dirt and then rinse it off one more time and then i’ll show you guys like chain lube and stuff like that i actually ordered a new set of those right here when i clean it we have chain cleaner multi-purpose penetration lube and chain lube as well i use em ppl which is the yellow

One on other moving parts that are metal so it doesn’t rust up and then i use the blue and the brown one or gold whatever color you want to call that on the chain that’s some good stuff right there but yeah so let’s get started with just rinsing it off you know she got a hit taking shots off the rebound as you guys can see already just just by spraying it

Off the bike is just already clean that’s why having a power washer makes things so much easier when it comes to cleaning a bike so now you can see the bike is way cleaner man holy crap this actually looks so good geez this isn’t clean rfz so now what we’ll do is we’ll lay it on its side and then we’ll get the underside of it and start spraying that down it looks

Like the chain is very loose too so that’s another thing you can see how low it hangs that’s another thing we’re gonna have to fix on the bike so we’re have to pull the tire back and tighten that up all right since we have the bike tilt over already i’m not gonna lay it up i’m just gonna start from the bottom just spray this on it get it nice and soapy not sure

How good this works compared to the bio truth that stuff that i used to use on this was actually really good stuff this smells better though i did order the other stuff so once that comes in the mail show you guys what that looks like yeah i got a spray these out these need to be sprayed a little bit better other than that i mean we should be good let it sit for

A little bit and then take this brush get this brush wet and then we could spray the brush as well i don’t think this is supposed to be for their bikes and stuff car spray but i think it should get the job done i wish i had my other stuffs like show you guys how good that stuff works and then now we just scrub which sucks but it is what it is so now i’m going to

Spray it down show you guys what this looks like so while i finish cleaning this bike up i’m gonna pick it up and finish cleaning it and then dry it off i’ll show you guys the final product what it looks like we’ve done cleaning videos before in the past i didn’t want to break it down as much as we used to and then we’ll do the chain cleaning and stuff next

Actually we can weight off on that we can clean it and then put the multi penetration lube all over the bike but other than that we don’t need to lube up the chain yet because we still got things we have to do before we can ride it but then i want to get this bike out here the dirtiest double-oh-seven you’ve seen on the internet you probably can’t tell unless i

Bring it out but this bike is just filthy man the rims are supposed to be black you can’t even tell they look brown it’s just very very dirty suede never clean that bike so i want to clean that up after we clean this bike all right now that we got this out in the sunlight you guys can definitely probably tell how dirty the bike is compared to the arsy very clean

Rfz runs very dirty apollo double-oh-seven this bike is trash we’re gonna use it for parts and stuff like this rim probably take this rim off and use it on this part because you can see up here in the corner you see where the rims bent as so that’s not gonna work the tires gonna end up going flat eventually so we’re gonna have to replace that rim and we can use

This one maybe we could use this actually no i don’t want to use that carburetor suede treated this bike so bad that i don’t know what parts are good on it and what’s not but we’re gonna try to get it to run but first we got to clean it but i’m gonna do it from a first-person view so you guys can see how satisfying it is to use a pressure washer so first let’s see

See how dirty this is so now let me finish cleaning this bike up and then i will show you guys the finished product it’s already looking good but you guys can see how easy it is using a power washer this thing helps out so much there’s only like 150 – whoa all right guys starting off with the apollo rfz this bike is dude i can’t get over how nice this bike

Looks with the stickers this bike is a it’s a sexy bike man i can’t lie it’s very clean now there’s a little bit of like stay and dirts and stuff but i can try to probably scrub that out we clean this up completely look how white that is that looks so good and just wow this bike this is a this is a beautiful bike man oh my goodness moving on to the other side i

Don’t think i showed that much of this side these these actually don’t really look that bad on it honestly moving on to the other side really really clean again we got this cleaned up cleaned up underneath it this is like stained can’t really get that out and i’m moving on to the apollo the the skeleton the double-oh-seven as you guys can see we clean this bike up

As well it looks it looks pretty good man i mean the bike now that we cleaned it up in the dirts not all on it the bike still looks pretty good but the bike is just completely trashed i’d noticed when i was cleaning it you can see here this is ripped off the tank is very very loose i forgot that that part happened the chain fell off this thing fell off right here

The chain guard other things as well so we’re gonna try to just see if we can get this bike to turn on that’s the only product i’ll work on with this bike other than that this will literally be a parts only bike we’ll put some of these parts onto this door fz right here and then next time we’ll work on the towel towel start getting this thing ready to go for the

Streets and stuff like that but i do want this rfc to be running working first because i kind of want to do the valve springs on this which means this bikes gonna be a project bike for a little bit it’s gonna be not drivable just for a little bit though and then so i want to use this one for now while that one’s out of service so hopefully we can get that one up

And running but i mean geez the bikes look good man i’m glad with the bike collection i have so far i know the chinese bikes but you guys do love these videos so if you guys are new to the channel we have literally i checked the stats we have like 90 something percent of people that watch these videos aren’t subscribe so guys if you’re not subscribed and you want

To see more content on chinese dirt bikes and stuff like that please subscribe stay tuned for the channel we’re gonna be covering it all season long so if you guys want to see videos maybe we will end up buying some more so you we can review other ones for you guys who knows but i see a lot of questions that people asking am i gonna get a real bike this summer

Honestly i want to if i can find one that pops up i might but other than that i mean i’ll probably have fun with these chinese bikes for one more season i want to be able to learn how to wheelie these bikes perfectly and then hold the wheelie not just pop it up but to hold it and then i’ll feel like feel like i am ready for a real bike it’s just i don’t want to

Waste the money just because everything that’s going on right now everything is just crazy so we’ll do that in a little bit we’ll see we’ll see what happens this season alright guys so if you guys enjoyed this video please give this video a thumbs up and i’ll see you guys in the next one sorry for my energy again my throat the cough sucks but i’ll see you guys in the next one peace

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