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That’s your new kx i ran up a check i might do it again enemies closed had me thinking now friends ten toes down i’ll be freeing to the end crib outside the city i don’t feel sleep in my ass took so many years i’m just waiting for the wins i’m in debt to know him but the one who took my sins oh almost dropped are you guys clean yo b squi yo what is up guys

How you guys doing today i hope everybody’s having a fantastic day guys yo listen yes the title and thumbnail of this video is correct we’re driving 17 hours to buy this dirt bike and you’re gonna see why in just a little bit so um guys i am selfie vlogging right now because randy is staying here in orlando and fatty and i are hitting the road in jordan but yes

So people like having this in a long time which we gotta do we gotta do randy’s mom is actually visiting so he’s gonna be pissed at me seven in the morning right now guys randy i see you brother i’m out of here all right i’m out of here have fun be safe we’ll do the same thing i email you everything peace brother about having this long ass right guys what you

Got give me that right there brush yes thank you got that damn the demon was taking a poop yeah how was that it was amazing it’s like the greatest thing you could ever do as a man it’s poop all right fat white says the grazing you those man is poop guys like if you agree with him but let’s hop in the car and see what’s up with fatty let’s hit the road baby

Let’s go oh we fought nothing homie what’s up bruh what’s up dog what’s up hot dog listen guys for every 10 spent on my website paradigm is five entries to come chill with us guys but i’m sorry opposite so every five dollars spends 10 entries sorry guys i’m half asleep we had a long freaking road trip but yeah guys go to my website right now all the shirts are

Damn near sold out we have some on flower paradigm left we have some um shift the world paradigm left uh we got some new shorts coming out in like two weeks but yeah every five dollars bet is 10 entries so guys go buy a keychain keychain going your keys stickers anything you guys want five spent ten entries for you to come kicking with me and i’m i’m picking the

Winner in about a month and a half so let’s get it popping guys let’s make it work guys quick update uh we’re uh we have nine hours left nine hours of 21 minutes gone gone and gone i’m gonna roll out alone guys but nine hours left it’s not gonna park what are you doing girlfriend you laying down like a big girl squad another update we just put another fifty four

Dollars in we need gas we just pulled over because turning into the bathroom so we just put it up anyway like three hours doesn’t change away paris how you feeling girl on the road to get a dirt bike give me pound it boom girl daddy loves you say b squad oh my god guys 20 hours that’s what i thought like now 14 hours some change later and we made it to philly

Y’all what is the next day i went home went to sleep i got the kicks on the back guys so this is actually getting sold we got a lot of stuff that’s gonna be going on while we’re here but we have philly sega center you already know i made it and i had to come show love some family had to come you know see we’ll see what they got going on because i want a brand new

Bike guys the goal is to buy another bike and uh we’re gonna do a little shopping today i told you guys i’m gonna be getting back into bike life and i wasn’t lying um my little brother finally guys and i need y’all my little brother officially got okay from his school to be you know go 100 homeschool so i can’t wait i can’t wait for him to do that so that means

He’s going to be you know traveling back and forth but mainly being in florida i’m just super excited about that so let’s go inside see what philly cycle has see if they got any kicks like guys i think i want to catch for 50 or wasn’t 450 maybe a honda guys comment down below what do you think i should get so got a lot of stuff a lot of great news uh fatty got a

Cash flow for the brand new as well so we got a lot of stuff going on let’s go ahead come on guys oh guys don’t forget to shop what so coming here shopping for a new bike is definitely not going to happen guys since coldwood happened there’s like literally nothing in here at all like they already have like these little s srs pit things actually they

Look pretty freaking cool but you guys are tied to pit bikes and i cannot buy another bike but these look pretty cool not bad but that’s literally the only dirt bike session they have guys you really know we need something we need 250 450 maybe 125 who knows guys i want y’all to comment down below what bike y’all want to see me ride though come on what are

You doing bro see this will be in a rush that should be in a rush that’s for being in a rush where you going you supposed to leave it up there i’m supposed to be buying a new bike fatty over here trying to leave me you got to come with me bro you got yo don’t mess up my bed bro grab it grab it i’m going to mess up my truck right back don’t mess up my truck i’m

Going to slap you get it back the deal was angel and main man yo you matter of fact oh you got me dirty bro don’t wake up my shirt you got me dirty bro look at me i don’t like being dirty fatty bro that’s your new kx bro yep i lost them i lost them get my cocky for how long for like like a couple weeks a week make sure it’s not in here so what one

Let me know comment down below that bike just drives so good especially for the year you wait here is that bro 13 but i should drive like a 20 20. i swear hey let he lay on leaderblock let’s see what fat working with hey yo right right now as of right now fatty is better than me i’m not gonna lie guys here’s until until tomorrow’s vlog guys tomorrow’s vlog i’m

Getting a new dirt bike and it’s over it’s over me and fatty will be battling i can’t do all that cool stuff i’m gonna slide i ain’t trying to get slapped by my slides right into one of these cars i’m good guys i’ll wait come on let’s go yo what are we waiting for yo what you gotta say though what are these these orlando hitters bro they bang with you bro huh

Bang bang ain’t ready for you bro they ain’t ready bro i’m gonna come turn our land up come turn it up guys we bout to we we about to have orlando on fire i’m not gonna lie i’m getting a new bike tomorrow fatty on this uh fresh 450 kx bro i don’t know bro fat we’re gonna be kegs bros or what case bros fatty should we be eggs yo you missed my question bro what

We’re gonna be exposing of course i don’t know you need a little bit more time though

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