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Segway Dirt eBike X160 available at

Show casing the new x160 Segway fully electric

Hello guys welcome to 360 powersports today we’ll be showing you a segway uh electric bike this is a x160 so let’s start off by uh letting you know how much this weighs so with the battery on it and all that total weight is 105 pounds you also have disc brakes in the front and then disc brakes in the rear you can see the front and the rear suspension is

Adjustable so you can basically adjust the preload the battery is swappable so if you have a backup battery you can uh just easily change this one out run out of charge on that battery and you have a backup it’s so easy to swap out all you got to do is insert your keys to the left this pops open and uh you just disconnect this one right here and this

One like that and just lift it up and then insert your new battery then we hook it up and that’s it so if you’re interested in a backup battery we do have them available on our website you can purchase a backup which is really uh convenient and i recommend it if you’re going to be using this daily so the first thing you’ll see is this little window

Once you get on the bike and that’ll just read out your battery life now just showing like that on camera but um on here it’s saying 39 so you have around 40 battery life this is a usb for uh your charger and then uh your ignition obviously on the left side of the angle on the left side of the handlebars you have a sport mode and a regular mode you also

Have a horn and then um you also have another digital window over here that’ll read out your uh speed and your mileage once you click on this red button it swaps out to uh how many uh miles range you have left and uh your trip and then this is your handbrake and your other hand brake so you got front and rear brakes um this is your throttle so you just

Twist it and these batteries are lithium charging times around four to five hours for you to receive a 100 fully charged battery uh the material of this frame is a forged aluminum alloy so as you can see it’s well built on the right side you can locate your bin you see your horn you got nice off-road tires wheels are 17 inches see this is a high-speed

Brushless dc motor seat heights around 30 inches from the ground the range so on a full charge you do get around 40 miles on a full charge which is pretty good you also get a max speed of 31 miles per hour and you can reach top speeds within four seconds so the max weight you can put on this is 176 pounds if you’re interested in this model you make

Sure you go to 360 this is going to be the segway x160 we also have a 260. if you want to find out differences you can go on our website and compare the two models this is going to be the black color they do come in white blue and red so if you do want to purchase this item make sure you go to you can also give us a

Call at 469-217-7070 you have any questions you can leave them down below in the comments section if you like this video make sure you like it you subscribe to our youtube channel uh we will be uploading more videos of our future products so you can go ahead and subscribe now and check those videos out in the near future alright guys so if you have any

Other questions just make sure you leave us a comment down below and i hope you like this video thank you guys for watching

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Segway Dirt eBike X160 available at By 360 Power Sports